What Is The War Room: A New Affiliates Guide Plan For Action

Welcome To The War Room!

I am proud that you have decided to report yourself for duty! You were not obligated to sign up for this is not a military draft. You are still not going to be obligated to sign up and you probably never will be obligated to do so… Yet! The War Room is a collection of top recommended affiliate programs, tools,  and digital products that compliment each other and are the sole reasons in which why you will witness in time, the incredible amount of success of my new affiliates guide website!

This is just an introductory post where i will be talking about my own experiences as I steadily progress throughout my journey, while looking forward to me putting a plan in order to gather ideas that will allow me to further improve the credibility of my website!

In the War Room you will also find tips and resources that is gonna make the war room, your favorite source for quality information where you can gather your freshest ideas and put them together to prepare you to become the best affiliate marketers I have ever trained thus far!

Before I continue to develop the following content in real time as I’m writing this page, I would like to address the general public, that I am giving the people that are not ready for a rigorous discipline, that requires a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work, the opportunity to go back and go about their usual lives.

The guidance contained within this ever developing War Room Page is not going to work effectively for those that aren’t ready to be willing to be putting some major work on creating and building, and yes, managing your own online business!

You’re gonna have to come to grips that you’re going to have to remain focused and committed to put lots of long hours into the improvement of your own online business even if it meant waking up 3 and a half hours later at 6AM to continue on about finishing your task of creating  the necessary content that you feel will live up to your personal expectations.

I personally happen to know this because it’s a true story about my current reality at this very moment! I’m currently adding more content on top of that which was already written that is already a part of this developing page at 9:44am of July 10!

The War Room at NewAffiliatesGuide.Com is a place where potential candidates will be allowed to be as serious about creating their online business as they want, for it is encouraged as well as appreciated! THE WAR ROOM IS CURRENTLY BEING DEVELOPED AND YOU ARE MERELY BEING NOTIFIED OF WHAT IS TO BE EXPECTED OF THE FUTURE OF MY NEW AFFILIATES GUIDE WEBSITE!

what you should expect before proceeding to go further within the War Rooms navigation menus: Consider this a liability agreement between me and you, you agree to be liable for any action that you decide to take as well as not take as a result of the subconscious limitations that you impose on, or free yourself of. You agree and accept that in order for you to own a successful online business, you’re gonna have to put a substantial amount of effort in your part if what you want is to achieve all that you will set yourself out to do!

You Will Not Get Rich Overnight!

I can attest to the statement above! I know this to be true because at this very moment I’m refusing to sleep soundly at 2:30 am of July 10th!)  I’m working extra hard so that I can propel my progress at a faster rate than what I would have expected because I had spent much of the past two weeks celebrating birthdays, a wedding anniversary, and a 4th of July 5 day weekend that I spent carousing with close friends and family!

The more time you spend working on increasing your websites visibility on search engines and social media platforms, the more you’re gonna be able to relax a little more knowing that at least you busted your ass off!

So without further ado, let’s read below a preview description of the drop down menu tabs that may be found in the War Room’s navigation menu and it’s subcategories at a later date!

You are at the beginning of a long and exciting journey with New Affiliates Guide.

You are currently witnessing my live progress as well  as the increase and growth of traffic and value of my website content. Let this be a reminder for those that are thinking about starting their own online business that this, is far from easy!

My name is Jose Reyes, and welcome to the new affiliates guide introduction of the war room! An ever developingTraining Boot Camp that is gonna make THE WAR ROOM a priceless feature page that will be a gold mine of abundant wealth in my new affiliates guide website’s near future.

NAG’s About The War Room: a new affiliates guide introduction

In this widget menu subcategory,  you will get directed to the page that will introduce my visitors to the war room, a page that will be  very inclusively attributed to  my extended efforts into making my website, a driving force behind a thriving business, my new affiliates guide website!

This Page is going to be a network of affiliate newbies and innovative website businesses that have a strong desire to begin a revolutionary strategy minded community that would increase the value of our personal online websites while also becoming aware of the least talked about global problems that are currently affecting us as human beings in ways that which we are being kept in the dark about.

Get ready to be given the necessary tips and tools to further enchance the the state and the improvement of  our world, one affiliate marketer at a time! I know that what I’m seeking to accomplish may be a daunting task, but I am positive that at least there’s that grand opportunity that I will succeed in some form due to my passion for unique expression, that allows me to creatively express my intention to accomplish my goal of becoming a dominating Authority presence within affiliate marketing guide niches.

Begin A New WAR Room Campaign: a New Affiliates Guide Roadmap to Affiliate Success

In this subcategory menu I will provide my customers the opportunity to put into practice, the step by step processes that outline the founding blocks of your creatively crafted website content! Upon learning about the objective task lists of goals that you will need to complete, that by the end of each training lesson you will have already gained some more valuable insight into knowing the inner workings of your Online business, that you can later use to your advantage, multiple times in different ways, that will help boost the credibility of your website in search engines!

You will be able to decide the kind of direction that you want your online business to take just as long as you remember to also choose a topic that you know it will make you an undeniable presence because you love resolving other people’s issues by addressing the needs of both your website, and your visitors reliability of the content contained within the War Room’s subcategories!

When beginning a new campaign that is most suitable for you, you will also have to be absolutely certain that it’s a path that makes you pleased to resonate with at the the core of your being. Which is why it’s necessary that you most importantly remember to make sure it’s something that you would love to talk about.

The PlayBook- (NAG’s route plays)

This subcategory section menu within the War Room’s navigation menu will detail a thorough story on my online business background and as well as document my journey in the continuing evolution of my presence as an affiliate marketer following my mission to become a trusted authority that will be in a class of it’s own among most affiliate marketing training blogs!

I will be talking about how I began my journey as an affiliate marketer, who I am and what I’m about, and how the ideal concept of THE WAR ROOM was born. In the PlayBook-introduction I will be displaying a list of featured of carefully selected products that will have been personally tested and approved personally by me, to be of great benefit for those that would like to duplicate my kind of online successful conversion and sales!

Each of the featured products will have a thorough description of every important detail that is important to mention for the why it has allowed me to succeed at seeing the kind accumulated profits that I may one day, also be able to provide screenshots of.

Along with the product description of the featured products in the NAG Playbook, it will also be accompanied by a list of effective strategies that you could implement into your Affiliate marketing campaigns that will maximize their peaking effectiveness into making these products do much more for you in your favor of using them.


The Motivational Corner – A New Affiliates Guide Stash of Inspirational Posts

I mean why not? Who said that any pages and or all posts had to be pumped with a vast amount of affiliate links to be spread all throughout this website? Although it’s important to treat your business with the serious respect and dedication as you would with any other kind of business that you ended up starting with the extended professional approach in your work ethic.

The Motivational Corner, in time will become a list of original works of inspiring posts made to boost the morale of my visitors where during a set period I will add one post or two into the Motivational Corner post/page. It’s going to be ideal for clients needing help to get out of writers block or overcome many of the obstacles that I too had to overcome to be where I would be in any future present moment.

I love what I do which is why I can always continue to always give you quality content even if it meant that not all posts were targeted towards the intention of monetizing them!

I am here for you in every step of the way so it is my job to make sure that you work your best at becoming much more than you thought you would become. Not only will you too be successful, you are also going to be a passionate affiliate marketer with a whole depth of a richer you that is gonna make you shine much brighter than you thought you would.

We Are All Destined To Rise! (We All Rise!)

Why did I decide to call this page The WAR Room? Let me clarify the mystery that may have been festering in the back of your mind for a good while for quite some time since you first came across on my subsection of my New Affiliates Guide.

The WAR room is an abbreviated word that is directed towards my message for all future aspiring entrepreneurs, that we all CAN and WILL RISE above all the challenges that we will be facing, thus why I chose to call it the WAR Room. (We All Rise)

I’m looking forward to all the great things that are yet to arrive and will make my website a valuable asset for all new affiliate marketers that will have reliable source of quality information as well as being able to witness first hand the kind of commitment that is required if you want to take your online business to a credible reputation that will be respected as an Authority on quality information for whatever niche that you will specialize in.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above mentioned fundamental aspects of The War Room and it’s drop down menu categories, or have edit suggestions that I may consider that can make this site better please do not hesitate to run them all by me! I would love to be of help in any question or concerns that you may have.

Let’s Vow To Make A Difference In Each Other’s Lives!

Jose Reyes, Founder






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  1. Funny – in my old all day, every day job we used to have a meeting called War Room where everyone hashed out their thoughts with one another on whatever was being discussed that day. It was based off the War Room scene in Dr. Strangelove. It could get pretty ugly in there – your War Room seems much more constructive and useful. 🙂

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