What Is An Affiliate Program And How It Benefits You

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In this post, we will be going through on what is an affiliate program and how it benefits you in running and scaling your business.

Hopefully by now you may have something that you will love to talk about with your target audience. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of affiliate programs that you can get into if any, or all of them appeal to you.

Coming up later in this post, are the types of affiliate programs that are available for you to be able to monetize your website.

An affiliate program, is in layman’s terms, a business proposition, an agreement that you can have with brands and companies that offer these programs.

These companies, also known as merchants in the online world,  pay their independent associates that are more commonly known as affiliate marketers, a commission for leading, or referring customers (also known as traffic) to their websites.

You may be wondering: “How can I go by getting this traffic, and where would I be getting it from”?

You can learn about website traffic strategies in a future post that I will be writing about.

Learn About Affiliate Programs- Following The Money Trail

Affiliate Programs have a mutual benefit for companies and affiliate marketers alike. Companies rely on affiliate marketers to provide them with a cheap, low cost, effective marketing alternative that leave them to only making those sales from the visitors that are brought to their online merchant sites.

The reason why these online merchants are happy to pay you a percentage of their sales is because they count on you to make the majority of the marketing for them.

Let’s say you have a website that doesn’t deal with the more practical aspects of a traditional e-commerce website, that being the selling of products or services online, the second best thing that you can do with your website is running it as an affiliate website that can still make you money by promoting products or services from these online merchants!

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As I mentioned before, by joining an affiliate program, you are giving yourself a major opportunity to live a self sufficient lifestyle with your website: one where you call your own shots on how dedicated you want to be in becoming an affiliate marketer.

If you treat your passion, or area of knowledgeable expertise, like the business that it is, you are guaranteed to expect to have a generous monthly income month after month! Most important factor in all of this is MAKE SURE YOU LOVE DOING WHAT YOU DO.

You won’t have to take orders of products or services from customers; you wouldn’t need to collect payments from them and you definitely wouldn’t have to do deal with shipping whatsoever, leave that to the people that love to pay you to bring them traffic!

Now that we covered what is an affiliate program and what it means for you, you are now ready to learn about the most common kind of affiliate payment arrangements  that are available to you out there.

There are literally thousands of products and services to promote on your website from out of hundreds of affiliate programs, so choose the kind of niche that most resonates with you.

Most importantly, these affiliate programs are free to join!

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Cost-Per-Click: Posting web links (Pay per click)

In the Cost-Per-Click affiliate  payment arrangement, independent associates get paid for bringing traffic to the merchant’s website based on the number of visitors that click on the merchant’s web link that was posted in their affiliate websites.

Merchants pay their affiliates based on the number of clicks a visitor makes on the merchant’s website regardless if the potential customer buys from their site or not.

You can benefit from this kind of payment arrangement, because as you build up the value of your website by continuing to create keyword  rich content, you could end up having a more updated website that would enrich the customer experience by adding other merchant web link ads onto your affiliate site.

Cost-Per-Lead: Referring a visitor to a merchant website (Pay Per Lead)

In this affiliate payment program agreement, an affiliate gets paid by the number of referrals they bring to a merchant’s website only when the potential lead decides to sign up to the merchant’s website.

Once a customer who has signed up makes a purchase of a product or sale, the affiliate gets paid a lovely commission from that sale.

The good thing about this kind of program is that, for every sale that the merchant makes, and the customer remains an active member on a monthly or yearly basis, the affiliate would continue to get paid a commission for those continuing memberships as well.

Any individual sales that their merchant makes apart from the membership fee for a service that any new affiliate partner that signed up for it (and usually for free), the affiliate that refered the new sign ups to the online company’s website, would get a commission from all of those sales too.

Also, some of these pay-per lead programs require a potential lead to perform some other kind of action rather than just having  them visiting a company’s website, like signing up or giving specific personal information so that the online merchant may pay an affiliate marketer.

Among these actions that the potential lead must do in order for the affiliate marketer to get paid in this program may include:

-entering their zip code.

-signing up for a free trial

-downloading a file or software

-signing up to be a part of a mailing list

As long as anyone that comes along within your targeted audience for your chosen niche, you can get paid regardless if these qualifying leads don’t buy anything from these merchant sites that pay you to promote their products and services.

Not all PPL programs are ran by companies under this business model: some offer programs that are similar to PPC programs, but these kind affiliate programs can make you good money because the companies that offer these kinds of programs will pay you for any traffic that you generate to their websites, in addition to a bonus based from a percentage of that generated traffic that end up becoming qualifying leads.

Pay- Per- Sale: (cost per sale) The Man In The Middle

In this type of affiliate payment arrangement, depending on the company, an affiliate can get paid a percentage of every sale that the merchant makes; while other merchants may only may pay a fixed amount from each sale.

This program could almost be considered a primitive way to make money online as an affiliate marketer. But it is one of the most soundest, and most sure ways to earn a handsome commission from a sale if the content from your website is good enough.

You can entice your visitors to click on any of the plugged in web links that you post in your affiliate site that woul redirect those visitors to the merchant website.


The Kind Of Affiliate Program Structures To Consider

Concluding my post on the various affiliate programs that are available for you to be able to make money from your website, are the kind of affiliate program structures that you should further learn about and  seriously consider if you want to achieve whatever monetary goals you may have as an up and coming affiliate marketer.

Residual Programs: In these programs, as an affiliate you are able to keep making money from the visitors you have referred to a merchant’s website, if they continue to make purchases of products or services on that site. Online companies that collect regular payments from their customers from monthly fees for a service that they provide, are the kinds that would run these residual programs.

Two-tier Programs: The affiliate programs under this category have a structure similar to a multi-level company that engages in network marketing. In a two-tier program, an affiliate can make commissions not just by recruiting new members to the affiliate network that its likely also a member of, but also for the sales in which they have won for the network company.

That is of course, apart from the ability to earn commissions from the clicks, the leads, and the sales that they drive over to the merchant sites, affiliates can also earn a commission based on the activity of the affiliate sites that refer the customers to a merchant website.

NewAffiliatesGuide.com would love to leave you a friendly reminder that you should update new content regularly on your affiliate site in order to have your readers immersed and active within your website, not just because you want to make money; but because your visitors deserve to know that you care to bring quality into their lives.

I believe that a true affiliate marketer would always be thinking about how can they make their future clients, customers, and affiliate partners happy.

And finally, never the last nor the least: if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, never, under any circumstance, lie to your visitors, or ever withold valuable information that they deserve to have.

If you love what you do, doing a great job at providing the world a service that they believe in as well as trust? You will always open doors due to the integrity that you possess and the commitment to your audience that they would be grateful for.

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