What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work?

As we begin the year 2020 with new goals and ideas that we are looking to bring to life as well as accomplishing- There are even more people than ever that are starting to wake up to the realization that there are people that have successfully started their own online business and making a full-time income doing so.

There are numerous ways in which you can start an online business, and not all business models are the same. But for the sake and relevancy of this blog post, I want to help ease the minds of those who are still researching on ways to make money online by providing you guys with a definite answer to the following question that aspiring entrepreneurs ask themselves:

“What is affiliate marketing and does it work?” 

Are you ready to get a real newbie-friendly crash course style guide on affiliate marketing?


Affiliate Marketing In a Nutshell: The Basics

Affiliate Marketing is the act of promoting a product- or service, for a company or brand that pays you a handsome commission of their sales from the purchases and subscriptions made by the customers that you have personally referred to their website.

Affiliate marketing is the most popular choice for people who are seeking to start an online business of their own, considering that it is the most inexpensive way  to begin their journey as online entrepreneurs.

Affiliate marketing is also a great way to earn an exciting income as a blogger if you are someone who enjoys writing or blogging about things that you are passionate about. 

Affiliate marketing is also great for someone who already spends most of their time online as it is: Whether they may be on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media networking app that you’d most prefer to spend your time online!

You could be earning as much income as you’d like just as long you are willing to put in the necessary hard work that is required to build, grow, and elevate your business so that you can then accomplish what you may consider to be your definition success…

Which is the celebrated achievement of any personal life, or financial goals that you had set for yourself!

Affiliate marketing is in essence: an essential way towards achieving financial freedom. A great way to earn money on your own time and at your own pace:

Writing and creating content that you love, that addresses the needs of your audience… Creating an exchange of value in which it helps make everyone’s lives become easier- It’s for this sole reason why affiliate marketing continues to work!

The Role  of an Affiliate Marketer- The Middleman 

Remember earlier when I said that affiliate marketing is the act of promoting a product, or service, for brands and companies who pay the affiliate marketer,  a commission from the sales made from the customers that the affiliate marketer brings over to their merchant websites?

Well, if you know of a product, or service- or even a list of products and services that you love, trust, and respect- or know that it’s of excellent value and quality:

You would be more than excited to recommend them to other people, right?

Well, there has been an understanding that helped me change the way I viewed affiliate marketing, online marketing- heck even the way I saw the internet for that matter!-

It has been starting to become more clear to me as of recently as I continued on with my research even while I was  already set and running, or working on progressing and building one of my two websites that I personally have created- with New Affiliates Guide being one of them:

 That as an owner of a business that does business online, not just in affiliate marketing:

If you have a website, you may also be likely to have some other form of online presence which may include social media pages, YouTube channels, a Google My Business account, LinkedIn, ECT.

You should be someone that is already either running a successful business, or working hard on building their brand if you have managed to get this far in the growth and development of your business.

At this point, you may be someone that probably is steady working on creating more content whenever you can. The more valuable and relevant the content quality of your blog posts are- the more that search engines begin to trust your website: giving you more authority over other websites with similar content; and will start to rank your blog posts on the first page of any search engine that has your website, and any blog post that you publish, indexed in their vast library of resourceful information.

Why would you want your blog posts to rank on the first pages of Google, Bing, or Yahoo?

Because having a post, or article rank on the first page of a search engine, means that the search engine trusts the content quality of your website, and its relevancy to the searches being made by visitors looking for the product, service, and information that you already have.

When you win the trust of Google or any other search engine- it means that they are putting your content, over the content of other websites.

Then what these search engines do, they put your blog posts or articles on the first page because your content is much more relevant for the search terms that they are being indexed under; compared to other websites competing for traffic with the very same keyword search terms and phrases!

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to help audiences get connected with the right information about whatever it is that they are most likely already searching for, and with the definite possibility of you having that whatever that which they seek?-

You can help your audience by informing them about the product or service and why they would benefit from getting it: Providing them with a solution to a problem that they were already searching for to begin with!

Not only have you might made their day… You have helped your audience see the value of the product or service in order to help them come to an informed decision on why they should buy the product or service-

Gaining your merchant partners even more customers, clients, and subscribers!

What You Will Need in Order To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer

New Affiliates Guide exists for the following reasons for which I’m grateful to  help you learn how to get started in affiliate marketing as well…

The Proper Way!

1.)A True Sense of Adventure- someone in my family, once had found a review article on a product or service scam that I was trying at the time; And later in that post- that affiliate marketer referred me to their #1 recommendation for making money online:

My decision to click on a banner like the one above- (or was it a link text?), led me to visit the website of an online entrepreneur university that can train anybody how to start their own online business and making an income by doing what is still considered one of the most rewarding ways to make money online: affiliate marketing!

Indeed life can be an adventure! and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to learning how to be successful in affiliate marketing.

From the moment that I first landed on Wealthy Affiliate’s website: I was quickly in awe of how user-friendly and interactive- the website, and it’s training platform was, even on my cell phone!

It was- and is, still cool to see that I could greet my visitors, with a custom message- Thanking them for visiting i.e: this website, and seeing my profile pic fit nicely over my profile name in the same color schemes fitting nicely with the look of that website-

Just the same way as it was for me when I first visited my mentor/sponsor’s website  when I got started back on May 27, 2018!

I gotta tell you- I could not contain my excitement! I could not shake that feeling that I had probably  found the answer that I may have been looking for, as I recall going through a research phase when I was suffering heavily from shiny object syndrome- Because at that time, I was looking to learn at the best ways to make money online!

And if you’re anything like me: You would probably scroll up and down- clicking on every page, as you read and absorb every word so that you can fully understand how effective and how good a product or service is before actually deciding to make a purchase or subscription: 

Because that’s what I did!

Your search to find the cheapest, most affordable way to start your own online business: stops here… GET READY FOR THE REAL JOURNEY!

2.) Guidance, Training, and Support From Expert Affiliate Marketers And Fellow Students- There really are people in the world who want to see others win and succeed…  and I’m one of them!

The Wealthy Affiliate University consists of a big community of affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs: Students ranging from complete newbies to experts in affiliate marketing. We come from different backgrounds, different parts of the world, each progressing, building and working towards establishing our brands- if we are not already being successful with our businesses!

Wealthy Affiliate was created by two expert affiliate marketers: Kyle and Carson.

With over 12 years of being in the industry: They had created a online training platform because they understood from personal experience that learning affiliate marketing was no easy feat.

It is clear that a lot has changed since they began their own journey in affiliate marketing- But thanks to their commitment and their vision, along with their highly talented team of developers and tech guys: they have created a much more pleasant learning experience for their students so that they can accomplish their own affiliate marketing goals much more easier!     

 Success stories are being shared every day from people who have taken action- even while they were still working on completing their training! 

3.) State-of-The-Art Tool,s And Training To Have The Leading Edge Over The Competition- No matter the sub market, niche- or industry that you choose to begin your career in affiliate marketing; You could be having access to some of the most robust tools in the affiliate marketing industry which are the same ones I use to help me make my job easier so that I can focus on creating more content! 

The 4 Step Success Building Process To Expect in Advance

When you submit your email and complete the sign up process which includes completing some profile details inside Wealthy Affiliate- You are then finally granted access to the free Starter Membership.

With the Starter Membership- You get access to the first level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course: which is a 10-lesson course that will be enough to walk you through what I already kind of walked you through in this blog post. 

There are 5 levels in the OEC Course. 

for the first 7 days that you sign up, you get to have premium member access to all the tools, platforms and support so that you can see how valuable this university is.

By the time that you are done with the first level: You would already have learned about- what is affiliate marketing, chosen your niche, created and have a live website, and then optimize it so that its ready and easy for Google and other search engines to find- and index your website so that you are then finally able to start monetizing it!

(You get to have 2 websites with the Starter Membership. 50 with the Premium Membership: 25 on a free sub domain hosted website, and 25 on a paid domain!)

Step 1: Choose an Interest: This could be literally anything you want: a passion, interest, a hobby, even something that you have had no prior experience with!

Step 2: Build a Website: Your website is going to be the foundation of your business. It is also going to be a piece of your own digital real estate that which in time can grow in value as you continue to further develop your website as you add great content.

I will be introducing you to the most sophisticated, and feature rich website building and hosting platform in the industry. and they have it right here inside Wealthy Affiliate!

Step 3: Attract Visitors: By the time that you have reached this step in another level of this course- You would be learning about the importance of having traffic on your website: in this case, learning about how you can get lots of free organic traffic by learning about the importance of keywords and other ranking factors that will help you be good at ranking on the first page of Google!

Step 4: Earn Revenue: At this point- once you you have people and traffic coming into your website; You can start earning revenue. isn’t this the part that we all wish that we could just jump straight to? they say that there are over 50 ways to monetize your website.

Anyway-  once you have gone through the training, you would have gone through each and every process in detail as everything that you need to succeed in your online business, is right there to be  readily available for your benefit and convenience!

Will You Leave The Rat Race?

Let’s get some truths and myths about what affiliate marketing is:

-It is not a get rich scheme:

A.) Your success is measured by the kind of work ethic that you demonstrate in your work time/space. (respect it!)

B.) It’s how you want to make a living so you can’t half ass anything, including doing what 98% of people that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs- just won’t do!

-It is a lucrative way to achieve financial freedom:

It is possible for you to make up to the thousands in commissions, consistently on a month to month basis when, and if only  you have been putting in the work that you would know was- and continues to be worth it!

This one is my own personal truth: affiliate marketing is a career path that you can take so that you can test your own limits. You have to love what you do. What you have to love is connecting with people just like you, that have a mutual interest in whatever it is that you chose to connect with them in the first place!


Man, writing or sometimes even updating an older post can be a real pain in the ass, can’t it?

Well that is all for now as I don’t wan’t to overwhelm you with information overload, but I do recommend that you check out this amazing online university as I personally see people everyday sharing their personal successes and progress that they have attained and made as a result of the training!

Feel free to ask any questions, or add your opinion or personal experience learning and succeeding in affiliate marketing. I welcome and appreciate any and all participation on your part as I love making another persons day- or night (where ever you may be in the world)-

Best be sure that I would be more than excited to reply to you!

Because I would love nothing more than to see your comment be published on this article because this is how I’ll know that I reached out to the right people… and I know I did!

May Your Business Be Prosperous and Successful! 

Jose Reyes, Founder


Visit My Personal Profile in Wealthy Affiliate: THEADVISOR!

About the Author

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is the founder of New Affiliates Guide.Com

He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

14 thoughts on “What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work?

  1. Hello José.
    This is a fantastic post, you have nailed the most important factors of the business of Affiliate Marketing. You made it easy to understand and that is very important because beginners don’t need difficult or complicated. They need easy to understand, even for the most difficult tasks, making the learning enjoyable keeps people focused plus help them learn more and quicker.
    Truly loved your post, and definitely took some of your advice. I am sure many others will too!

    1. Hey Pablo!

      I am grateful for your humbling opinion on this post. I woke to only be eager to continue doing what I do in this website. My goal was to give a different kind of approach to my audience because they deserve to have proper information that not only further educates complete beginners, but to stress the importance of why you should always do something that they are most passionate about!

      I hope that whatever you had learned from this post that you will always take those and apply them to all things that you do! Thank you Pablo, I am here if you ever need help on how to bring the right people in your life, and of course, Affiliate Marketing!

      Have a great day!

      Jose Reyes

  2. Jose,

    Affiliate Marketing is a growing business most people do not realize this!  But then again people do not know how to begin in the business and without training and someone to guide them along the path success is not coming.  People need to stay connected in this field keeping them inspired to keep going but once you do start seeing the commissions rolling in that does not mean to stop it means to keep going more is yet to come. Thank you for starting a place where people can find the information required to get training on the business.


    1. Susan,

      Your words are definitely encouraging and It’s visitors like you why I even created this website.

      6 months ago this website wouldn’t have been possible had I chose not to trust my instinct and joined the best Affiliate Marketing Training- Entrepreneur University in perhaps the world, it’s because of the training that I’m still receiving is why you guys are reading the content that I made with you in mind.

      I was blessed to be given the opportunity to give myself a chance and build a career and a future for myself, which is why I am giving back to others who need this information because I know what it’s like to feel hopeless like as if the cards were stacked against you, because they’re really not and never were! 

      If you could be so kind to share this website with your friends and loved ones it would definitely be a blessing that I am grateful for!

      Thank you for having left a comment and visiting newaffiliatesguide.com!

  3. Let me quote you Jose: “NewAffiliatesGuide com wants you to feel that you had a partner that you could always count on.” I do Jose, I REALLY do feel like I can count on you. Your article on affiliate marketing was precise, descriptive and informative, so thank-you so much for setting everything out in such a clear and concise easily to follow fashion. I have some questions. Can you please explain to me exactly what affiliate programs are best to sign-up to that make you the most profits? Can you link to an other blog post for me of your favourite affiliate program? In terms of “niches” which niche/s do you think are the best and easiest to compete in for newer affiliate marketers? Okay that is all my questions for today, thank-you Jose for inviting in to your blog and uncovering such good information for all of us. cya.

    1. Hello David, 

      Thank you for dropping a comment on this article, I am grateful for the motivation that you gave me to continue to do what I do as still, an up and coming affiliate marketer.

      I am happy to address any questions that you may have in regards to affiliate marketing the kind of affiliate programs you can join to suit a new affiliate marketer, and I will try to do so with the best of my ability.

      I’m starting small, so far my favorite affiliate program to join is this one which is going to be my number one recommendation as my website and business matures in time, above any other affiliate programs that I will join in the future: https://newaffiliatesguide.com

      In regards to your question about niches, it all depends on your interests and what you’re most passionate about. Because there are niches for everyone but not every niche is for everyone!

      But the health and beauty niche as well as something in electronics like laptops may always have lots of competition but not like the make money online niche, that one is the one with the most competition and require more work for you to become a trusted authority in that niche!

      Other websites that offer affiliate programs are:

      · Clickbank

      . Commission Junction

      . Amazon Affiliates

      Once again thank you for visiting newaffiliatesguide.com!

  4. Hie, I am 20 years old and I’m currently working on building a website that I can make affoliate sales in. I do have one site that is already generating income for me but I use Adsense to monetize it and Adsense doesn’t pay as much as I would want. I hope I’m going to make it big in affiliate marketing and already I can feel the success, I’m on my way to greatness, I know it may take me a little bit of time to start making some sales as this is still a new website but I’m estimating by next year June I should be getting quite a number of sales per month.

    1. Hello Donny, 

      Where you meaning to say that you are currently working on creating a website to monetize that is in the affiliate marketing niche as well? 

      Or are you just working on building a website to make affiliate sales in general?

      I’ll tell you this much Donny, if you already have just one website that is already generating an income for you, even if it’s not paying as much as you would like- and already working on building another one? 

      hat’s off to you my friend- You’re already showing promise!

      So you are saying that your Adsense Campaign isn’t really making as much income on your new website: 

      Have you considered coming up with a strategy where you could focus more on targeting keywords that can may resonate with the ideal target that you are trying to reach?

      My best suggestion is that you look into Facebook Ads- you can find the right training for this- even Google Adsense; right here inside of Wealthy Affiliate!

      With that kind of mindset followed by that feeling that you’re having, if you keep it up and believe in what you already innately know? 

      Donny- You might as well start believing that you are already successful because you can feel it!

      You already have what it takes, and all you need is to program your subconscious mind and discover how powerful your thoughts are, and how they affect your reality and you’re good to go!

      May you enjoy a lifetime of success, prosperity, and abundance!  

  5. I dropped out of college for some health reasons and for the same reasons I have not been able to obtain a job, which has been really difficult. As you said, I went over online trying t find solutions until I came across an article about WA. At first I was skeptical, could this person actually be making over $7,000 on the Internet? It took me a few months after I decided to give it a try. I have no regrets! 

    1. Hello Stephanie- 

      Thank you for providing your personal testimony!  

      I certainly appreciate the time that you have taken to further add to the legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate-

      which in itself, is a standalone product- and a wonderful service for people just like us, who wants something more out of life, and making money how we were looking to do it all along: our way… on the internet! 

      Congratulations by the way- I’m a little jealous in a good way!

      See you at the Wealthy Affiliate- Super Affiliate Vegas Conference hopefully by next year!

  6. Overall, I thought it was a great post. It’s true that affiliate marketing works. Also true that it’s not a get rich quick opportunity.

    For those who are new to affiliate marketing, or just considering whether they should give it a try, your post will be very helpful.

    With all the different schools of thought that a person can find online- some worthwhile, most just out for your money- WA offers a clear path to success for those willing to put in the work.

    1. Thank you  Peter- I appreciate your kind compliment!

      it is definitely true that affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme, and the reason why any affiliate marketer can vouch for this, it’s because they will tell you that it requires that you gain site trust on a brand new website from search engines lke google- 

      and the only way that you can do this, is by creating even more content blogs and reviews so that you can start to rank on the first page of these search engines- and gain the traffic that will eventually lead to making an income online!

      thank you for submitting a comment with a clear, very powerful testimony because I know I ain’t the only one that knows that they are sitting on a goldmine!

      looking forward to seeing your success story!

  7. Thank you. I now have a better understanding as to what is affiliate marketing and does it really work for the average person. I have been thinking of getting into it as another way to make money online because I know that Amazon has an associates program. Currently I make money online doing drop shipping through eBay and Amazon.

    Now after reading your post I think I cannot only make more money with another form of online marketing but I may also be able to enhance my existing Amazon business. Perhaps I can create an affiliate marketing website based on the sports niche I already sell on Amazon and promote those products in my blog. Do you think that would work?

    1. What’s up, Robert?

      I only did my part on doing my best to present you with a detailed blog post into what is affiliate marketing, and frankly: IT TRULY DOES WORK!

      I love the fact that you presented me with a well thought question that shows me that you have been around the block and you’re expanding your skills and knowledge on the many ways that you can make money online.

      if you are already making money drop shipping through Ebay and Amazon and know that Amazon has an affiliates program?

      you are definitely going to crush it- and even boost your income in your sports niche!

      just follow the training and watch the magic happen within a few months!

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