At some point while someone is doing research on how to make money online, they are bound to wonder to themselves:

“What is affiliate marketing and does it work?”

 Welcome to NewAffiliatesGuide.Com:

With over a year experience learning and applying what I have learned so far-

I am here to let you know that you are not alone as you advance forward in what is known in the industry as the “research phase”.

You couldn’t have a better mentor than someone who is still an active member inside the online entrepreneur university that made it possible for me to create NewAffiliatesGuide.Com!

Let’s go ahead and get the ball rolling!

What is affiliate marketing? – The monster that won’t go away!

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting a product or service for a company or brand that pays you a handsome commission of their sales for attracting customers to their website.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an exciting profit that generates a monthly passive income consistently.

But if you work hard at turning your visions into reality, if you’re passionate about delivering quality content to your audiences, while opening their minds and entertaining their hearts?

Your audience wouldn’t be able to have enough of your engaging presence!

Ultimately, it’s the positive influence that you have over your peers that allow them to recognize that your words are valuable!

What you offer is something that they have to need because they need to have it!

They need you to help them see that value.

REMEMBER: You Always have something to offer that your target audience needs: that could be the knowledge of a product, a skill set, or experience in a focused area of a broader market. That area of focus is what you call your niche.

In my case, I love writing about how to become an efficient affiliate marketer. My niche is guiding people to become a great one; just as long as they have an idea of what their website will be about.

The role of an affiliate marketer- The voice of reason

Remember earlier when I said that affiliate marketing is the act of promoting a product or service for brands and companies who pay an affiliate, a commission of their sales for directing prospective clients to their websites?

here’s my unique perception on that:

If you find a company or list of companies that you trust, and believe in the products and services that they offer: You would be more than excited to promote them!

Here’s why: when you combine a passion that you have (not a hobby), with the kind of audience that just may have something in common with you, you are guaranteed to create something amazing!

  • Not only are you selling a brand, you are in all respect, your own brand!
  • I believe that my business is minding yours!
  • I believe I can inspire you to amaze yourself because forget what anybody else in your life says, I know that deep down you feel that you were meant for greatness, and I believe in you!

You ought to know that there are still people that care about your success… New Affiliates Guide wouldn’t have been created if I wasn’t passionate about seeing my efforts pay off! because without you, and the successful people who have motivated me to create this website, this article wouldn’t even have existed whatsoever!

You are now at a point in which you might make the decision on taking on a role that I must warn you in advance, it’s not for everyone!

But the role you will take from now on, anyone with the right determination, the focus and the desire to put into practice, the concepts that they are going to be receiving during their training, is a role that will make you a winner if you work for it.

Let’s get some truths and myths about what affiliate marketing is:

-It is not a get rich scheme!:

a.Your success is measured by the kind of work ethic that you demonstrate in your work space (respect it!) b. It’s how you want to make a living so you can’t half ass anything, including doing what 95% of people that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs, just won’t do!

-It is a lucrative way to achieve financial freedom: It is possible for you to make up to the thousands in commissions month to month when, and only, if you have put in the work that you would know in the end, it sure wasn’t easy!

-THIS ONE IS MY OWN PERSONAL TRUTH: Affiliate marketing is a career path that you take to test your own limits. You have to love what you do. What you have to love is connecting with people just like you, that have a mutual interest in whatever it is that you chose to connect with them in the first place!

Remember, if someone was looking for someone just like you to talk about your love about lawn gnomes, it’s because it’s good to know that people within the home and garden community understand the importance of bringing cheer and joy to your garden to reflect the happy humor that your personality has. And not all gardening aficionados have a gnome in their yards, right?

Your audience-The sole reason why you’re even here

If I asked you that if you’re ready to make a difference, would you be excited and inspired to jump up and go out of your way to try to figure out how you could go about making that difference? Deep, ain’t it?

Now, if I asked you that if you were prepared to allow yourself to quit or fail, you would look at me like I’m crazy, right?

People are going to miss 100% of the shots that they don’t take- That’s a cold hard truth!

Now stay with me on this one because it’s the most crucial pillar that will keep your entire foundation remain intact even when people within your audience expand to new horizons: that which you had left for those that believe in what you’re about, will always find their way back to you.

Because what you have left them with, is a lasting impression of what they will always recognize you for: being genuinely sincere about caring to fulfill their needs.

That is what it ultimately boils down to, the very reason why you were meant to be where you are.

And the reason why I chose to create this website to begin with: to be there for those who been looking for someone like me to guide them and explain what is affiliate marketing and how it works.

That is how you will succeed and be where you always wanted to be.

We need each other to win- the cycle of supply and demand

By now you’re probably pointing out the obvious upon realization: A brand couldn’t be successful if the products that they are promoting isn’t relevant to the needs of the consumer. In a world with 7.2 billion people living in it, it’s hard to not find the proper audience that has already been trying to find you at some point!

I sell what I realize I already had all along; and what I sell is confidence.

I’m confident that I can promote myself in order to guide you to where you need to go and how you can do it.

A business is going to pay me to promote their products because I’m In the business of making a living by helping clients understand how they too, can be in the business of running a business!

For what it’s worth- Only you can find out what you’re made of

 You have made it this far because you have proved to yourself that you have the ambition to achieve what 95% of new starting affiliates wouldn’t even have the patience and persistence to finish what they hardly ever get around to start.

I am happy that you have read this post because you have given me a piece of your valuable time because in all honesty, hat is something that I will always be happy to invest for as long as you are in need of a guide that will happily point you in the right direction.

Just promise me this:  When you look back on the day that you see that comission from your first sale, that you would come back to submit a success story. wants you to feel that you had a partner that you could always count on.

Jose Reyes, Founder


Jose Soar With Jose

6 Replies

  1. Hello José.
    This is a fantastic post, you have nailed the most important factors of the business of Affiliate Marketing. You made it easy to understand and that is very important because beginners don’t need difficult or complicated. They need easy to understand, even for the most difficult tasks, making the learning enjoyable keeps people focused plus help them learn more and quicker.
    Truly loved your post, and definitely took some of your advice. I am sure many others will too!

    1. Hey Pablo!

      I am grateful for your humbling opinion on this post. I woke to only be eager to continue doing what I do in this website. My goal was to give a different kind of approach to my audience because they deserve to have proper information that not only further educates complete beginners, but to stress the importance of why you should always do something that they are most passionate about!

      I hope that whatever you had learned from this post that you will always take those and apply them to all things that you do! Thank you Pablo, I am here if you ever need help on how to bring the right people in your life, and of course, Affiliate Marketing!

      Have a great day!

      Jose Reyes

  2. Jose,

    Affiliate Marketing is a growing business most people do not realize this!  But then again people do not know how to begin in the business and without training and someone to guide them along the path success is not coming.  People need to stay connected in this field keeping them inspired to keep going but once you do start seeing the commissions rolling in that does not mean to stop it means to keep going more is yet to come. Thank you for starting a place where people can find the information required to get training on the business.


    1. Susan,

      Your words are definitely encouraging and It’s visitors like you why I even created this website.

      6 months ago this website wouldn’t have been possible had I chose not to trust my instinct and joined the best Affiliate Marketing Training- Entrepreneur University in perhaps the world, it’s because of the training that I’m still receiving is why you guys are reading the content that I made with you in mind.

      I was blessed to be given the opportunity to give myself a chance and build a career and a future for myself, which is why I am giving back to others who need this information because I know what it’s like to feel hopeless like as if the cards were stacked against you, because they’re really not and never were! 

      If you could be so kind to share this website with your friends and loved ones it would definitely be a blessing that I am grateful for!

      Thank you for having left a comment and visiting!

  3. Let me quote you Jose: “NewAffiliatesGuide com wants you to feel that you had a partner that you could always count on.” I do Jose, I REALLY do feel like I can count on you. Your article on affiliate marketing was precise, descriptive and informative, so thank-you so much for setting everything out in such a clear and concise easily to follow fashion. I have some questions. Can you please explain to me exactly what affiliate programs are best to sign-up to that make you the most profits? Can you link to an other blog post for me of your favourite affiliate program? In terms of “niches” which niche/s do you think are the best and easiest to compete in for newer affiliate marketers? Okay that is all my questions for today, thank-you Jose for inviting in to your blog and uncovering such good information for all of us. cya.

    1. Hello David, 

      Thank you for dropping a comment on this article, I am grateful for the motivation that you gave me to continue to do what I do as still, an up and coming affiliate marketer.

      I am happy to address any questions that you may have in regards to affiliate marketing the kind of affiliate programs you can join to suit a new affiliate marketer, and I will try to do so with the best of my ability.

      I’m starting small, so far my favorite affiliate program to join is this one which is going to be my number one recommendation as my website and business matures in time, above any other affiliate programs that I will join in the future:

      In regards to your question about niches, it all depends on your interests and what you’re most passionate about. Because there are niches for everyone but not every niche is for everyone!

      But the health and beauty niche as well as something in electronics like laptops may always have lots of competition but not like the make money online niche, that one is the one with the most competition and require more work for you to become a trusted authority in that niche!

      Other websites that offer affiliate programs are:

      · Clickbank

      . Commission Junction

      . Amazon Affiliates

      Once again thank you for visiting!

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