What Is A Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Program?

Hello, my name is Jose Reyes, And Welcome to my New Affiliates Guide website!

I got to tell you guys, that not too recently, I thought about how I could best help people learn how they can make money online.

What’s not a better way to do it than to write about my own personal learning experiences of how I came to be where I’m at now, with you reading this article?

You’re here because you probably  found my website in social media, or maybe you even talked to me briefly in person,  if not, you definitely were searching for  “what is a legitimate affiliate marketing program?”

Well my friends, I’m going to give you a definite answer to that question because I know that I  expect to be chatting it up with you soon!

as the founder of this website, I vow to keep my promise to my visitors that you receive only information to resources or product services as well as affiliate programs that are all legitimate and that I have had tested and have been working with.

I will also be straightforward with my failures and disappointments, if I been through setbacks, I will make sure to tell you about the lessons that I have learned throughout my journey, that way, I can hopefully get you closer to achieving your online business goals!

But wouldn’t you want to know why I decided to help you?

Who am I and what do I get out of helping you?

So as you know by now, my name is Jose Reyes, and not only am I the founder of New Affiliates Guide:

I’m also the content writer as well as someone who can say that I’m still in the learning process of how to run a successful online business!

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I want to have the pleasure of knowing that I get up every day to do something that I have a passion for.

I want to inspire you, I want to motivate you to want more out of life and know that you do have the opportunity to change the course of your life for the better!

For those of you who are just barely getting started in learning about affiliate marketing and have no clue what is an affiliate program, click on this link to find out more!

So in layman’s terms, an affiliate program is a program  made by merchant sites for publishers like you and I, so that we can get paid for bringing them customers (also known as traffic) to their websites.

I’m here to talk to you about a legitimate affiliate marketing program that I’m truly confident that you will love. I wouldn’t be writing this article if I didn’t believe in the value of this great affiliate marketing program…

I know that you will quickly discover that even if you are an experienced affiliate marketer, that you can definitely benefit by joining this exciting referral program that can help you earn a passive income!

About The Affiliate Program: The Best Online Entrepreneur University!

Welcome to a New Affiliates’ Guide exciting, and honest review of the best affiliate training in the world.

It is an online entrepreneur university, and in fact, it’s the only one of its kind in the industry!

Meet Wealthy Affiliate- What Is It?

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate training platform created by the founders, Kyle and Carson, two awesome affiliate marketers that understood the challenges that most people looking to start their own online business faced.

They understood the ins and outs of creating a website, how to manage it, and producing quality content for it.

They also know how to optimize keywords that would reel you in organic traffic that your content would help solidify the relationship between you as the publisher, and search engines like Google.

Wealthy Affiliate was created for both, beginners that are looking to learn how to start an online business, as well as for experienced affiliate marketers, that already have succesful profitable businesses, but are looking for a means to add another stream of income.

Being a member at Wealthy Affiliate also allows you to have  Jaaxy and Siterubix at your service: two amazing tools that will help you have an edge over the competition; I’ll be touching on these two tools later on in this post.

Why We Can Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate: The Perks Of Being A Member

So this is what makes this online community so compelling: Upon signing up for your free account with this training platform, you are walked through a brief tutorial of the easy to navigate user interface and it’s icons.

It will explain what each one means and where do you go when you want to perform a certain action or complete tasks, and you will be able to complete this tutorial in about twelve clicks!

After completing the tutorial of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you are then encouraged to complete your profile by allowing you to select a default image among the various already provided avatars.

It is understandable that there may be people that would be uncomfortable with uploading personal pictures, so if you are fine with uploading one of your own personal pictures, you have a much more higher chance of having other Wealthy Affiliate Members want to interact with your profile, your comments, your blogs, and even questions!

This allows you to rise up in ambassadorship rank, thus also increasing your presence within Wealthy Affiliate as well help your website to become an authority in your niche!

What truly makes this community unique is that it’s very close-knit.

Its members strive within the community by remaining true to a pay it forward system, so that no matter what you choose to do within the sites platform, you will always get rewarded with something that will improve your sites authenticity.

The more keyword related content that you write for your website, the higher your chances of it ranking in the first page of a search engine.

Wealthy Affiliate is the only online community of entrepreneurs where it’s members have an awesome opportunity to learn the proper skills that will allow them to always know how to start and build their own online business. For this reason alone, members can have a peace of mind knowing that they will always have quality training that will give them value.

Now that we established a little bit about how the entrepreneur training platform works, we are now gonna get to the “meat” part of what to expect from the wealthy affiliate referral program:

THE STARTER MEMBERSHIP (for newbies to get started quickly)

Cost For The Starter Membership: $0/month

Your Payout Per Referral: starters earn $4 per special offer referral, then $11.75 monthly recurring and $87.50 yearly commissions


Live Help: First 7 Days

Private Messaging: Available Only To Premium Members

Website Security Package: Available Only To Premium Members

Websites Allowed To Make: 2 (you can create one in 30 seconds!)

Website Backup

Beginner Training Course: 1st Level Only,( Upgrade To Premium To Unlock All 5!)

Personal Affiliate Blog

Affiliate Boot Camp Training (for promoting Wealthy Affiliate): Phase 1 Only, (Upgrade To Premium To Unlock All 7!)

Live Video Classes: Available Only To Premium Members

Video Walk-Throughs

Keyword Research Tool(Jaaxy): 30 Searches

2 Training Classrooms

Affiliate Program

Earn While You Learn

1-1 Coaching: First 7 Days


Cost To Upgrade To Premium Membership: Special 1st Month Offer: $19 (61% OFF)

Original Cost For Premium Membership: $49/ Month

Your Payout Per Referral: Premium Members earn $8 per special offer referral, then $23.50 monthly recurring, and $175 yearly commissions

Conversion Rate: 1 in 8 go premium (over 12%)

Earning Scenario Example 1: 5 referrals a day, 12% upgrade rate, 4 months average: $1,458

Earning Scenario Example 2: 50 referrals a day, 12% upgrade rate, 6 months average: $22,398

All  The Perks Of A Starter Member Plus:

Unlimited Live Help

Private Messaging

Website Security Package

Websites Allowed To Make: 50

Website Backup

Beginner Training Course: Access To All 5 Levels!

Personal Affiliate Blog

Affiliate Boot Camp Training: Access To All 7 Phases! (Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program Training)

Live Video Classes

Video Walk-Throughs

Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy): Unlimited Searches!

12 Training Classrooms

Affiliate Program: 2X Higher Payout Than Starter Members!!

Earn While You Learn

1-on-1 Coaching: Unlimited

Private Access To Owners

24/7/365 Website Support

Website Feedback Platform

Website Comment Platform

Website Analysis

The Tools You’ll Need To Dominate In Your Niche: Bringing Your “A” Game

We are now going to be touching on the two tools that make Wealthy Affiliate an affiliate marketer’s best friend. Not just that, I will be further discussing on why its affiliate program is one of the best ones to join.

So to bring you guys up to speed on all that we touched on so far on what is a legitimate affiliate marketing program, what you get with the training is the transparency of what makes Wealthy Affiliate an ideal online university for anyone looking for a great brand to promote.

So I hope that I am able to fulfill that need for you, for that’s what I think you came here for.

Wether you’re already making money, and want to add another stream of income, or you’re just barely becoming interested in affiliate marketing and don’t have a clue on where to start, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go!

Meet SiteRubix SiteRubix is a website building, as well as a website hosting platform  powered by Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteRubix serves as a prime solution for people that are looking to be able to start their own online business. Perhaps you may not be sure of what kind of relationship you want to establish with your readers, but the most important kind are the ones that combine a passion, talent or skill for something that you have some knowledge of, and you share that value with them.

But for the most part, it might even be likely that you just want to test run the website builder! As a starter member you get to make up to two free websites that will be live in a matter of minutes.

The good news is that SiteRubix can handle all the technical stuff involved in maintaining a website!

You don’t have to learn how to code so that you can just focus on creating content and building the online presence of your business as time goes on! For more information on how to build a website with SiteRubix Click Here.

Meet Jaaxy

This is probably got to be one of my favorite things about having a community like Wealthy Affiliate to support you in your online business goals: Jaaxy is a keyword and competition research tool, that in all honesty, is probably the most powerful tool that you can have on your side!

Do you recall when I mentioned above that you can make up to 30 free searches as a starter member?

Well you would be able to see for yourself that by having a tool that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers, you will be glad to be able to save yourself hours of research on what keywords you could use in relation to your niche!

Say that you wanted to look up a phrase, and you wanted to know how many searches a month we’re made using that very phrase, or keyword or a set of keywords; the amount of expected traffic that your website could bring in, should you accomplish ranking on the first page of a search engine like Google; but not just that, what if you could be given a percentage of how likely possible you could be able to rank for that keyword phrase should you be able to outperform your competition?

Cause that’s exactly what some of the amazing services that Jaaxy, a powerful research tool, could provide you because it also can show you exactly how many websites are competing for traffic with that very phrase!

Think about it, what if you could spy on your competition? What if you knew of a successful website that was relevant to your niche, so you wanted to know how they made it happen?

With the help of Jaaxy’s unique research platform, you could practically reverse engineer their success by having insights into how many words they had written, how many meta tags they used, and what other keywords that you could use as well, that may have higher traffic potential, as well as show what rank do they have within the top search engines.

For more information on Jaaxy please read my previous article and you could go straight there by clicking here.

P.S- Jaaxy has it’s own affiliate program but I swear that you get a better value for using the tool by upgrading to premium membership on Wealthy Affiliate.

That way you get unlimited searches, but if you’re a total pro, which I’m not, you could upgrade your Jaaxy account to PRO, which gives you more perks like extra search results and faster download of them!

I assure you that you won’t be needing to do that just yet; but I may provide a more in depth review on Jaaxy’s affiliate program in a future article.

So if you’re going to be going full time as a hardcore affiliate marketer, that’s another one you can look into.

May You Choose To Follow Your Destiny: The Story Of The Rest Of Your Life Starts Now!

We’re now nearing the end of this monster of an article, thank you so much for reading this far!

You were looking for a legitimate affiliate program and I hope that this article has shed an awesome light on what I know you can find success in!

If anything, one things for sure… You’re going to have to want it!

It’s up to you to decide if you want to live life on your own terms, my only goal is to guide you towards the right direction!

I want you to continue to gain your trust, because in reality, why would anybody want to waste their valuable time writing about something that doesn’t work?

That’s why I’m here for you should you have any questions regarding Wealthy Affiliate, and I will definitely be more than glad to be of help!

My name is Jose Reyes, and thank you for visiting my New Affiliates Guide website!

my goal is to help people achieve their online business goals, and you, my friend, you deserve to give yourself another opportunity to create the bright future for yourself you know you deserve!

Just follow your course!

To Your Future,

Jose Reyes, Founder



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