What Is A Good Job For Me?

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I don’t know about any of you, but if you think that you need a college degree to run your own business- I’m gonna break it down for you guys this way: you don’t!

Why? Because I didn’t even graduate high school and I identify myself as an aspiring entrepreneur!

Choosing to visit this website may be the smartest decision that you may have made thus far in your life at the moment, and I will be glad to tell you why! The second most smartest decision that you would make is taking action like I have by clicking on any of the affiliate links you may within this website and sign up for a free membership at the online entrepreneur university that taught me everything that I know so far, and with you being here is proof enough for me that this university lives up to its reputation!

I promise you that you will eventually find out that you have the unique opportunity that many people want to have… But they have yet to  find this post!

I’m talking about you finally looking to a brighter future, and I know that you wouldn’t pass up an opportunity of a lifetime because it is obvious that you were meant to be here right now!

So what is a good job for me? What comes to mind when you ask yourself that question?

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Link to the sign up page of the entrepreneur University found inside the link above!

Read on to find out how I discovered my dream job!

Meet The Founder: He’s No Guru!

Hi, my name is Jose Reyes, founder of newaffiliatesguide.com!

I want to give you a quick story about who I am and how I came to start and run my own online business. So here’s how it all started: It was nearing the end of May of this year, being 2018, and at that time I was going through some serious soul searching since my 30th birthday was coming up and I was fortunate to have a friend that found a review for a financial investment advisors company called The Midas Legacy.

I wish I could recall the name of the website and the owner of that website, but the important part of this story is that if it wasn’t because of that review, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article with me telling you this story.

So what exactly was that review about?

Come along and join me in this journey, and let’s create our own opportunities!

Here’s My Take On It: The Pros and Cons!

You can take it from me: I’m just an average guy that is currently building his business and the beautiful part about it is: I don’t have to answer to anybody! I was fortunately blessed to have been made aware of that review.

Here’s Why: When I was reading that review about THE MIDAS LEGACY, I had no idea that I was going to discover an amazing online entrepreneur university, all thanks to that guy who also happened to be a member of that community of fellow affiliate marketers!

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So here’s the deal: Before we start focusing on the things that would make us happy when looking for a job that we would love, let’s identify some job concerns that most people tend to have and seek answers to on a daily basis. Here are some of the most concerning factors that the average job seeker has to go against when deciding what kind of job they are looking for, where, and who they wanna work for and even the kind of people they want to work with:

The things that suck about a regular job

  • Having to meet certain qualifying requirements in order to be considered for employment
  • Being at the mercy of the employer and having to feel grateful for being given a chance to work
  • Having to fight traffic and most of the time, just to go to a job you put up with because it pays the bills!
  • Fear of losing it
  • Not being able to advance and branch off on your own!
  • Not being able to have as much time to do what you love
  • Finding a company who will appreciate your creative talents
  • Must have some kind of degree to earn a high salary
  • You live on a set yearly wage with some small raises here and there

-Now I know that some, if not, most of these issues may apply to some of you in some form or other. But what I’m truly pointing out to you is that these are issues that you deserve to know, do have solutions that would soon make all these problems a thing of the past!

What IS a good job:  We are now at that part of this article where we get to touch on all the good things that we love to expect of a good job. Although to some of you, these perks and benefits may seem out of reach and idealistic, but I can assure you that you can do so much more if you’re willing to make the effort so that you can make it a reality!

To the readers who have been reading this article so far: I want you to know that I’m proud of you! I know you’re hungry for achieving your goals and that you’re also an action taker.

If you have a passion for learning skills that will allow you to access tools to help you achieve your business goals, then I have something special for you to check out further into this post: Because I know what it’s like to need career guidance in a field that was mostly focused in having a job that was confined in a company owned physical location!

But you have been warned: you’re going to have to make some serious effort in your part if you want to be making a decent income! The money you will make will depend on the level of dedication that you put forth in your business!

Choose When, Where, And How Much Effort You’re Willing To Put In!

What are some benefits and perks that we desire to find in a job that we would love to have or come up with? Consider the following ones for example:

  • The liberty to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and even however you want!
  • Time to spend with friends and loved ones,
  • Live a financially free lifestyle where you can always pay your tabs with ease and without needing to worry about what you spend
  • Work for yourself whenever and for as long as you want for yourself where ever you may be, as long as you have internet access 
  • To receive recurring commissions so that even as time goes on, those commissions stay consistent when you have a happy loyal customer!
  • Having the knowledge and experience to repeatedly succeed in any business that you decide to start

You have probably asked yourself where could you find a job or position where you can spend your days however you choose, choosing to work as hard as you want so that your efforts will one day pay off?  These are questions that I will be happy to provide a solution for you below!

When Opportunity Knocks, Answer!

Remember when I was telling you guys earlier a little bit about how I came to create my New Affiliates Guide website? Well you didn’t get the full story! So now that you know a little bit about how I found my opportunity  with this online entrepreneur university, I want to give you a proper introduction to the most valuable training you will ever find on the internet,that even I, am still taking advantage of!

Wealthy Affiliate

It is an online website platform that is a community of online affiliate marketers. It has been around for over 12 years, and created by seasoned affiliate marketers and co creators of this amazing training school: Kyle and Carson, with a combining 15 years of experience, they have developed it, understanding the biggest pitfalls and challenges that most people faced when it came to starting their own online business.

They knew that they could provide the solutions to those problems, and they did!

With high quality walk through videos containing how-to’s on how to complete each of all the tasks found within each lesson of all the levels found in two different kinds of training courses, the ones you’re going to be reading about below!

Keep in mind that signing up for the Starter Membership is always free. You wont ever be asked for a credit or debit card unless you are happy with what you see and choose to upgrade to the Premium Membership!

Access to the first phases of both the Online Entrepreneur Certification and the Affiliate Bootcamp Training available to Starter members!

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (OEC)

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is a general training series of courses contained in 5 levels, with each level containing 10 lessons that in almost all the lessons, also have a video walk through on how to complete each lesson; Each with their own set number of tasks for you to do so that you’re getting hands on experience on everything that you have been learning so far in these lessons!

This course is great for both new, as well as experienced affiliate marketers that are looking to start their own business by creating a website in literally any niche!

If you’re completely new and have no idea how to start in a niche that is related to the promotion of wealthy affiliate then read on below!

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The Affiliate Bootcamp Training is a series of courses that are contained within 7 phases, each also containing 10 lessons. The affiliate bootcamp training is a course designed to train you to create and establish a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. Think of me creating my own unique content on this website that has been made with you in mind!

To Sum Things Up!

I want to kindly thank all of you who have read this post because it was made for you to find! I wanted to provide an alternative for my peers who are looking for a whole different kind of education, training or even a job opportunity that only they can give themselves!

You’ve read about what would be a good job and my number one recommendation that can provide all of those perks we’ve covered above, so that if you’re truly serious about doing big things in your life, I welcome you to read further by clicking here!

I do not know of any kind of career where even average people make money from wherever they may be, I’m currently writing this article within this amazing platform, and I do all of my work directly from my smartphone!

My name is Jose and I am happy to answer any questions that you may have in regards to anything found within this post and thorough my entire website! I’m excited for what you may choose to do next because if you’re anything like me, a regular job just won’t do it!

I also welcome you to leave a comment and tell me what you think how I can improve and make my website better!

I’m open to suggestions and hopefully I get to personally welcome my newbies inside!

Wish you guys all the best!

See you on the inside!

Jose Reyes, CEO & FOUNDER



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