Starting Your Own Business With A Website: Why It’s A Great Idea!

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For those of you who may be following me, and are back to read another post of mine, thank you for being continuously supportive of my website.

For those of you who are new and are just barely getting to know my website: My name is Jose, and I welcome you to New Affiliates Guide:

A site dedicated on providing you the most beneficial information that you deserve to have if you want to know the proper way to start your own business online!

As a founder of 2 websites in different niches, I  have to say that it still feels surreal for me to find myself writing content for people that I know will be grateful for the valuable information that I provide on my website.

I say this because at one point, before May 27th of 2018, I too, found myself in a similar situation like the one you you’re in right now:

Where I had found myself reading someone else’s article or review about how to make money online; and believe it or not, it was because of one specific review on another service that I was looking into from a website that I visited after performing a Google search, that I could had sworn, led me to accidentally discover what I now know as my all in one solution to getting a quality education that we wouldn’t receive anywhere else!

I’m excited that you’re here, because you’re gonna be learning about some things that you may or may not be familar with when it comes to starting your business with a website!

We’re going to be touching on the why it’s highly recommended that you should consider doing just that, then later on in this post, I will also be sharing with you my #1 recommendation of an online entrepreneur university that I’m blessed to know exists!

It was because of the amazing quality of the training that they provide in their courses,and the site’s community, platforms, and tools that can be found inside the University,  is the reason why New Affiliates Guide exists!

If I Could Be Thankful About One Thing Right Now…

I want to paint a picture in your mind as I narrate to you a little story about why I’m thankful for having given myself the opportunity to embark on a journey where I now find myself helping people that I know that one day they will be glad that they had found this article and this website for that matter.

For when and if you do, I hope and pray that you never give up on your hopes and dreams, no matter how amazing and impossible they may seem!

I’ll tell you right now, that what you have here, is a great example of a unique opportunity that you’re really gonna have to make a serious commitment to.

Should you choose to give yourself that opportunity: It is very important that you should allow yourself ample time to prepare to read a lengthy article on the subject on why starting your own online business with a website is a great idea!

I suggest you get ready to schooled on what may change your life!

Why Having Your Own Website Is Crucial For Your Business

It’s more than just crucial: it’s a necessary must if you want to have a foundation for your business where you get to have control of how you work, and what kind of work you would love to be doing when you feel like it!

See, now that’s another thing that I’m going to talking about, perhaps in a future post!

So here’s the thing about  websites: What most people don’t know about websites is that apart from them being URL addresses varying in the kinds of domains with their respective websites are registered under (Be it a .com, .co, .org, .edu, or .net.) That their website is like a piece of digital real estate that you can choose to buy a domain for a whole year (usually between $3 and as high as $15.)

Depending on the domain hosting service website that you are most comfortable using, some are more costly and tend to also charge an arm and a leg to customers that are interested in receiving the quality training that they deserve to know that they could receive for a lot less with more value. (Yes, I’m looking at you Clickbank’s “Clickbank University 2.0, sorry!)

having the rights to a dot com name of your choice for your websites is about the best thing that you could feel proud of just by being able to say that you own them!

Your website is your piece of internet real estate that can increase in value as your website matures over time as long as, and if you continue to remain consistently focused on adding as much value to your content,; both, in your blogs and your images, because brand new websites have a much harder time to be trusted by search engine companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.!

That means that you’re going to need to take your business as serious as it is important for you to achieve those goals you had set in life because it’s one thing treating your website like it’s a hobby, and a whole ‘nother thing treating your business like the business that it is!

It’s that motivation factor that will determine if you’re just gonna be another website talking about what it looks like its about, and probably is, or a website that will die off and fade into the background thus making it that much more difficult for your website to come back and even pass up all those other websites that was once over you!

slowly becoming an authority in your niche or what it’s usually known to be: your field of expertise in an interest or topic on a subject that serves a wider audience from the ones you’re targeting from in these search engines.

I know an excellent website builder and website hosting service platform that allowed this website to be possible, which is why this is like a proud moment for me to share this interactive plugin below from Siterubix:

More About Siterubix: The Website Builder That Built This Site!

Siterubix is a website builder and webhosting platform created by the great minds that are also the founders behind Wealthy Affiliate: An Online University that trains future entrepreneurs how to become excellent affiliate marketers!

They come from over 15 years of combined experience in the online marketing scene, and they understand how difficult it may be for someone who is interested in, or has always dreamed of having their own business, to even know how to build one from the ground up


It is their entrepreneur university that I will remain a lifetime member of, because it taught me all that I currently know! (And still learning from by the way.)

It allowed me to sign up for a free membership without asking for a credit or debit card, and my shock to discover that their Starter Membership was to remain free even after if I chose to stay after the 7-day promotion ended that I was  participating at the time.

During that promo, I remember signing up on May 27 of 2018, that’s over 6 months by now, I was given access to the 1st level of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course(OECC for short) which was part of a series of 5 levels in the course that have all you need to know how to start your own online business and how to manage it for when it’s successful. (I’m on the third level As a starter member I was only allowed access to the first 10 lessons, well that being all of the 1st level in the course, which was all I needed to get me started!

This was what I had learned:

Level 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Get Rolling

in this lesson you get a brief welcome to Wealthy Affiliate University by two Co-Founders: Kyle & Carson, the two expert affiliate marketers mentioned earlier in this section of this article. they have combined their experience and knowledge to create a platform with a community that is always highly enthusiastic to help one another because it was set up to be like that! I myself am a Premium Member for the past 6 months, and I’m still working my best in trying to make an income, because it does require a lot of effort if you want to see those monthly commissions continuously soar!

During the next few days and weeks you will be learning how you will be running your business and going through all these lessons to which will result in you understanding how it works and all the necessary steps to take so by the time you are done with this course, you should already have a fully functioning website and a continuing knowledge on how to make any website a successful one!

Anyway, after reading an awesome welcome, your only tasks for this lesson is to:

TASK 1: Watch The Walk-Through Video Of Wealthy Affiliate on how to find your way around WA, how to ask for help and then lastly they will show you how this valuable online community of learning entrepreneurs will help you achieve online success in the online world.

TASK 2: Watch The Account Set-Up Video Of Wealthy Affiliate on how to finish your account set up process which will only include 2 things: uploading a profile picture, and adding a personal description of yourself.

Sure, it may be just like signing up for a membership to a popular social media platform, but they have definite reasons that I will explain to you why they say its important that you should complete the account set-up process:

  • Leads to better networking within the community
  • Your followers within the community will go up at least 5× (in some cases) : also known as your network
  • People are more willing to help you if you have a Wealthy Affiliate profile
  • Adds a level of credibility within the community
  • Show’s to ohers that you are serious about success!

TASK 3: Complete The Account Set-Up Process

Ultimately, the last task for this lesson is to to understand your membership. As stated earlier in this lesson of the first level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, that if you joined for FREE, then you currently have a Starter membership; which is the starting point of your online success. But of course it also states that there is so much more to be discovered in WA.

To find out what else Wealthy Affiliate offers of value as far as benefits go, you can clink on my personal link below so that you can do the research for yourself and find out what other benefits and features you could get my going Premium when you’re ready:

Lesson 2: Understanding How To Make Money

In this lesson you will be learning one of the most fundamental, yet proven, and most powerful processes on how to make money online. It is the one that the founders use, that I use, along with 100,000’s of other Wealthy Affiliate members are also using.

It is stated inside this lesson that it is also the ultimate money making process that has worked for the past 5 years and will also be working even 5 years from now. A process, and again I quote: “a process that will reveal as much opportunity in the massive online world as you are willing to work for!”

The money making part of your business won’t be happening just yet at this stage, but rather in this lesson you will be focusing on creating your niche website which will you will be going over in the next 2 lessons while working on trying to get traffic to your website. Because without a website, without the content that you will be needing to create  to get that traffic (your audience, your visitors) to your website, the money part just won’t happen without your worthwhile effort!

But before you go off to build that empire of a business that you’re going to be envisioning, you will need a foundation to build it on. So when you get to this lesson, you will be working on your blueprint for your business. You are your own architect, so only you know what you will be planning to achieve as far as personal and financial goals.

This lesson will further clarify on how exactly you will be building your foundation with a video walk-through explaining the process on how making money works.

TASK 1: Understanding The Making Money Process

There are many ways in which you can make money online as well as many ways in which you could be able to build an entire business. The video walk-through in this lesson will explain to you how in the coming lessons this process will be broken down. SO WATCH IT!

TASK 2: Create (Write Down) Your Financial Goals

In this task you will be asked to join in on a money goals discussion inside Wealthy Affiliate, with other members currently going through the same lesson. You will be going on what are your goals that from then on forward, Wealthy Affiliate will be helping you in achieving those very goals!

Questions You Will Expect To Answer

Question #1: How Much Money Will You Be Happy Earning?

Question #2: How Much Money Will You Be Ecstatic (excited) Earning?

Question #3: How Much Time Are You Willing To Invest Into Achieving These Goals?

TASK 3: Join In On The What Are Your Money Goals Discussion

TASK 4: Comment On At Least 2 people

Lesson 3: Choose A Niche

In this lesson you are going to be learning on what is a nicheA niche basically is a distinct segment of a market, your audience. When deciding on what your niche will be, you are practically targeting people that you know or understand, because an ideal niche should generally be a hobby, or interest, something that you’re passionate about.

Heck, you don’t even have to be an expert on something that you don’t even know about! You become an expert by learning something that you may have developed a newfound interest in, just like I have found my interest in the learning of making money online and affiliate marketing: see how I got my work cut out for me?

I personally have many other interests that I could start a website about right now, (this is not the only website I will be working on!) But my point that I’m trying to drive without having to copy and give my own rendition on the research that I’m doing in piecing this monster of an article:

It has to be something that you’re gonna enjoy writing about. Because what you will be doing is communicating with your audience and who would understand your audience more than you? Think of it this way, talk to your audience like you would talk to yourself if it was you looking for the information that you have. You have the solutions to their problems and it is your only job to help them get what they need!

If you can find products to sell then you shouldn’t have a problem finding in identifying more than just ONE niche. There is no such thing as a wrong niche, just a lack of desire to be willing! And any niche can become a full time business!

TASK 1: Watch The “Choosing Your Direction” video

TASK 2: Choose Your Niche

The fun stuff comes up in the upcoming lessons!

Lesson 4: Building Your Own Niche Website

At this point during your training, you should already have a chosen niche that will be the cornerstone, of what your business is going to be about. It’s going to have to be something that you’re going to have to enjoy working on, and hopefully for the long term!

In this lesson you will be introduced to Siterubix: a website builder and webhosting service platform that’s unlike any other website building and webhosting website out there. Literally, I’m not kidding you guys! Why would I be wasting my valuable time writing this content instead of settling on getting a “normal job” if I want to expect to make money just to get by? Because I know I’m definitely not wasting my time! I know my effort will one day soon start to pay off for the long run!

so after reading the introduction to this lesson, you will expect to watch an exciting video walk-through hosted by Kyle, one of the founders I had mentioned earlier in this article. He will be giving you a more precise description on what is Siterubix, and what it can do for you as he guides you, and helps you navigate through the platform and its submenus as he then gives you a tutorial on how easy it is to make a website in 30 seconds.

I know that this is a definite fact because anything that I do in regards to my business I have been doing it from my phone because I don’t care to have to zoom in and out, or scroll up and down to complete certain actions and that’s what makes it exciting for me because that means I can do this anywhere!

**remember that with your free starter membership you get to create up to 2 free websites!**

TASK 1: Watch The “Building Your Website In Under 30 Seconds” Video

TASK 2: Build Your First Website In Your Respective Niche (chosen from last lesson)

Lesson 5: Setting Up Your Website

It sure is exciting for me that you’re here because you could see for yourself that I’ve really been busting my balls off for this post! If you had managed to have gotten this far within the first level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, you would have almost completed the first half of this level, to which patting yourself in the back will have to come to order for when you do!

By this lesson you should already have your website to which after Kyle’s introduction of this lesson, he’s going to be walking you through the initial website set-up, as well as giving you a tour of your back office of your website. He will show you how to log in to your back office and how to remove any default “dummy” content that may be already found in your website.

As you continue the video walk-through he’s going to be showing you how you go about activating some pre installed plugins and their benefits, (also known as feature extensions) that already come with your website.

TASK 1: Watch The Setting Up Your Website Video

TASK 2: Log Into Your Website’s WordPress ADMIN Area

TASK 3: Activate Your ALL-IN-ONE SEO & EWWW Image Optimizer Plugins

TASK 4: Delete The Default Post, Page, And Comment (if they exist)

Lesson 6: Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines

You may have already had your website by now. You may have at this point learned how to login into your back office of your website, and had removed the default, sample content that may have existed with the pre selected theme that you had chosen for your website 2 lessons ago.

Once you gotten to this lesson, you’re about to immerse yourself with the fun part of getting your website SEO ready so that search engines can find it. Your primary focus would be working on getting ranked on Google, seeing that they own over 65% of all searched traffic, and over 95% of mobile searches, your goal should be to rank on ALL the big search engines so that includes Bing & Yahoo.

The reason why you even want to rank in the first place is because rankings equals targeted traffic, and targeted traffic equals REVENUE!

In this lesson you will be walked through a set up process of a WordPress plugin called ALL IN ONE SEO, that would be doing most of the behind the scenes work for you, as well as taking care of the optimization of all your website pages/posts, meta tags, and all the other stuff that search engines look for in a website to determine its rank: (like word count, number of backlinks,  engagement stats, etc.).

SEO, typically known as Search Engine Optimization is a highly important factor in any website’s success. Luckily for you, Kyle has created a video walkthrough of this training, so please do make sure you pay extra close attention to it for its going to help you understand what exactly is SEO and why this plugin will make your website code simpler, thus also making it friendlier and easier for search engines to index and rank your website’s posts/pages properly.

This is something that you will get to understand as you watch the training on how to setup your All In One plugin and that’s the only thing that will be left for you to do: put what you’ve learned, to practice!

TASK 1: Watch The Setting Up Your All In One SEO Video Walkthrough Training

TASK 2: Setup Your All In One SEO Settings

Lesson 7: Creating Your Initial Website Content

The one thing that all major search engines have in common is that they all look for high quality, valuable, and relevant content for people looking to know about whatever their interest is, and they always only give the better rankings to websites that have a better quality content than other websites.

In this lesson you will expect to be introduced to the fact that you don’t have to be a writer to be successful online. You’re going to want to have something that will help you communicate with your audience like you would with someone that you consider part of your family.

You will be getting to know an awesome Writer’s Platform called SiteContent that is accessible to both, Starter/Premium Memberships that you could access by clicking on the Websites Menu tab inside Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteContent is going to be your best friend and wont leave you hanging when it comes to creating quality readable content that is checked for authenticity so that you’re not posting duplicate content that has been pre-written, or otherwise, published in other websites (plagiarism, scary stuff!). It is also checked for grammar and spelling errors, and even keeps track of the word count, the number of paragraphs, including the number of headings that is in the content that you will be publishing with speed, precision, and accuracy from this moment forward!

Other good benefits of having SiteContent at your service, not only is it already integrated and ready to publish directly to any website that you may create in or import into Wealthy Affiliate, it also does SEO checks and analysis, gives you vocabulary enhancement suggestions. The SiteContent platform also runs content structure analysis, as well as giving you the ability to template content, making your job as a writer much more easier!

With writing goals set in some premade templates and an achievement tracker that keeps track of all your progress with a percentage meter that measures your all time words written vs the number of those inside the WA community! SiteContent truly is the ultimate writing platform for any affiliate marketer/blogger and you have it waiting for you to give it a test run!

TASK 1: Watch the “Creating Your Initial Website Framework” Walk-through Video

TASK 2: Create & Publish Your “About Me” Post

TASK 3: Create & Publish your PRIVACY POLICY Page

Lesson 8: Creating Custom Menus On Your Website

This lesson will be dedicated to introducing you guys on the proper organization of your websites. Kyle continues to emphasizes and stress that you are creating a web for your audience/visitors and that the way that visitors view your website is similar to seeing a storefront and walking into a digital establishment.

So much as to say that the way PEOPLE look at the content and the navigation of our websites is the way they see how we dictate the way we present ourselves to them!

You don’t want to have a website that is hard for your audience to navigate around in, because if that’s the case, THEY simply WON’T! They may choose to just read your posts and go to another website.

By understanding proper navigation you can increase page views and website revenue which is why Kyle is going to guide you through your website’s WordPress back office by a video walk-through and show you how you can customize your menu and tab settings, pretty much helping you know how to change the look of your websites navigational features and all that!

TASK 1: Watch the “Creating Custom Menus & Navigation” Video

TASK 2: Create A Custom Menu On Your Website

Lesson 9: Understanding Keywords: The Start Of Your Content

From my understanding of what Keyword Research is: in order to understand what it is, we must first focus on what a keyword is known to be: it is a worded phrase that one enters on a search engine, and that the blogger/writer may choose to decide if it’s relevant to a topic in their niche.

One could use to build a business revolving around that very keyword phrase in which they’re intending to gain that free organic traffic that they need if they’re going to make any kind of revenue from their websites.

Now, what Keyword Research is, basically is looking for keyword phrases that are relevant to your niche and that you can choose to compete for rankings with other websites (if there’s any competing websites) that are also trying to gain traffic from these very keywords.

Fortunately for most of us who don’t have the kind of time and patience to do keyword research for ourselves, which by the way, it CAN be time consuming, Wealthy Affiliate comes to the rescue with a keyword research & competition analysis tool named Jaaxy, that can make your keyword research experience a breeze.

as has been in every lesson of each level that makes this course and Wealthy Affiliate for that matter, the best online affiliate marketing entrepreneur training platform in the world, Kyle not only provides a visualistic and highly enjoyable and readable training like he has done with all the lessons,  he also has created a walk-through video on how to access and use Jaaxy, and what are the current type of keyword results to focus on as you are barely starting out with your new website.

after watching this exciting video walk-through,  you are expected to make up to at least 5 different searches using Jaaxy so that you continue to quickly put into practice what you are learning.

As far as these keyword research results that I was telling you that Kyle suggests you look out for, is more of a criteria that is something like a planned strategy so that you can have a higher chance at ranking better as you continue to post articles and slowly start to gain trust from these search engines thus leading you closer to becoming an Authority in your respective niche.

The idea is to find keywords that have more than 30 searches being made globally on a monthly basis, and less than a 100 QSR: Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites, a criteria recommended for newer websites that are looking to gain a search engines trust!

*I must add that if you’re a Starter Member, you get to make up to 30 searches with Jaaxy. Premium members are allowed unlimited searches with access to Jaaxy Lite, an exclusive membership option inside Jaaxy’s main dashboard in its website only available to Premium members and can be accessed directly from Wealthy Affiliate!

TASK 1: Watch The “Keyword Mastery” Video

TASK 2: Perform At Least 5 Searches Using Jaaxy (do as many as you want though)

TASK 3: Find 5 keywords That Meet The Keyword Criteria (relevant to niche, avg 30 searches, less than 100 competition)

Lesson 10: Congratulations, And Your Next Steps

To be honest, this lesson isn’t really a lesson, but more of a congratulations given by the Co-Founders on having completed the first of five levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (OECC). If you had gotten this far, then you should have already built your foundation for your website in whatever niche you choose to be in and take it to the next level.

You are going to go through a brief overview of what you had accomplished just like I had in the last 9 lessons of this level, and honestly, it felt amazing when I got here because not only was I inspired to revel at what I could be accomplishing at any given amount of time which would obviously be determined by the amount of effort I put into my business, and to be honest? NewAffiliatesGuide.Com isn’t the only website I’m working on!

So in this lesson ( after all, we’re always learning something, right?) after going through all that you would have possibly accomplished had you chosen to begin your personal journey towards financial success online, you are then briefed by Kyle on the membership options offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

There are 2 different memebership options in wealthy affiliate: if you sign up for a free account today you will be signing up to be a STARTER MEMBER. The Starter Membership is, and will always remain free.

However, if you want to get the most out Wealthy Affiliate and their unmatched quality training by unlocking all of their content, tools, platforms, and unlimited expert help? I would recommend that you upgrade to the Premium Membership!

Just look at the Membership Comparison Chart and the benefits that you can expect out of either membership options below:

I hope that you understand why I chose to go Premium!

After having going through and learning what you get out of Wealthy Affiliate’s either membership options, Kyle goes on to let you know on what to expect on the next level which is only accessible to Premium members only. If you want to know how you can get a 61% off discount from the original cost of the Premium Membership for the first month? Click on the link below where you will find that discount:

The Premium Membership Promo

Course Benefits & Learning Outcomes
l learned how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome community inside of WA(short for Wealthy Affiliate)
discovered the process of earning revenue online at my own pace
I created and started working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals (still trying to achieve these!)
Gained instant access to over 590,000 niches (technically I only have two interests but the knowledge helps!)
Got to choose my starting point NICHE for my business
I built my very OWN niche website in about 30 seconds using the Siterubix website builder for free
Learned how to optimize my website using WordPress
Found a simple and free way of making my site search engine-friendly
How to create quality website content (that gets ranked)
Understanding the keyword research process
Quick and easy creation of my very own low competition keyword lists

Other Things That You Deserve To Know

You got to learn in this post why starting your business with a website is a great idea. Not only that, you also got to learn about a website building and hosting platform that is part of an online entrepreneur university that trains people like you and I how to become affiliate marketers. (This website is an example of an affiliate marketing website.)

Now that you know that you finally have that opportunity to start your own business, and even where to send someone you know that would benefit from the information found inside NewAffiliatesGuide.Com, Please do be so kind to share this page with everyone you know, including in your social media pages!

Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back and show people how you found my website!(you know, for SEO purposes!)

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, here are some things that you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate that I haven’t touched on this article:

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course: With 5 levels: each with 10 lessons, the 1st level is available to new members! It is not the only kind of training course they provide for people that are eager to learn how to be successful online entrepreneurs:

I personally am on the 6th lesson of the 3rd level on this course!

The other training course that they provide is called The Affiliate Bootcamp.

The Affiliate Bootcamp is an ideal course for students that are looking to learn how to start a website that would be in a niche that is relevant to the promotion of the affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate. So if you think that this sounds like your kind of niche, I highly recommend this course for you guys!

The Affiliate Bootcamp is a course that is separated into 7 phases that have a total of 70 lessons separated into groups of 10 lessons for each phase.

The 1st Phase of the Bootcamp is also available to Starter Members. Although I personally see no difference in these two courses, generally the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is great for people looking to create websites that promote other kind of products or services that is not just in relation to the “making money online” or “affiliate marketing”niche.

*Premium Members get paid 2X’s more recurring commissions from their referrals than Starter Members

*Jaaxy has it’s own affiliate program on it’s website!

Your Journey To Financial Freedom: Will You Begin It?

I want to close off this monster of an article by thanking you for your valuable time, my dedicated reader.

I know that this was alot of reading for most people, but if you had gotten this far, you should be proud to be a rarity because nowadays not many are willing to put in the necessary effort in achieving anything unless they find something that makes it easier for them to do so.

I know how hard it can be when you’re faced with a challenge because even I didn’t know how difficult it was going to be to complete this article because I honestly feel like I overdelivered myself with this content.

I now can proudly say that I feel like I accomplished something major, because this is a record high of amount of words. I’ve ever written in a posted article. Although it’s not the only thing I accomplished with this post, but hey, at least I’m not a quitter, right?

I truly hope that I have been of immense help and that I had delivered on my end in providing you with all the information you needed to know on why starting your business with a website is an excellent idea and more!

My name is Jose and I am here to help you in anything that I can be of help, so do not hesitate to ask for help or leave your opinions on this article in a comment! Just know that you have an entire community of entrepreneurs willing to help you every step of  the way, and I? Will be looking forward to sending you a personal welcome inside Wealthy Affiliate!

To Your Success,

Jose Reyes, Founder



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