How To Use Social Media To Promote A Business

Hello Everyone, Welcome to this article on “How to use social media to promote a business!

I am excited for the outcome of this website and the potential influence that this post could have on my audience. The reason why I’m excited not just for me and this website, but also for all current, experienced, as well as beginner affiliate marketers, dropshippers, influencers, etc; is because at this moment I feel like I know some things that I had gotten to discover in regards to the future of social media, certain trends that have yet to gain popularity. This is because it seems like not many websites are talking about this new app that I’m going to be talking about, because I feel that this information that is important that should be shared with the public!

as I lie in bed writing this article from my smartphone, I can’t help but to express how fortunate and thankful I am that New Affiliates Guide would be among the first websites that will be providing you with the knowledge about an up and coming social media app that must be on your “must-watch” list! 

Considering that I had decided to come up with an experimental marketing strategy, I’m excited to know that I may have the prime opportunity to be among the first affiliate marketing guides that are assuring that they can be at the forefront of this evolutionary stage of what we know as social media.

As is stated in the title of this article, this article was created so that I can  show you how to use social media to promote a business, and as I continue to carry on and conduct my research, I will be constantly working to add the necessary information that you need in order to effectively increase your social media presence!

So get ready to get your mind blown, you’re in for an exciting announcement later on in this post!

Why Knowing Your Target Audience Is Important- Why Are You Here?

If you had to ask yourself why are you reading this article, then chances are that I didn’t know you well enough to have made the mistake in sharing knowledge with an audience that could give a rat’s ass about learning how to use social media to promote a business!

The same rule of thumb applies in social media when it comes to knowing how to connect with your audience. 

When determining the kind of content that you want to share with your target audience, you have to keep in mind that whenever you target a specific target audience, that within that target audience, you may have people that fall within an array of demographics that further help us understand a little bit more about who we are communicating with.

This allows us to take a step back so that we can ask ourselves: “how can we further help our clients better?”

The reason why knowing your target audience is important it’s because it allows you to establish the necessary connections needed in order to express that you have a mutual interest in common. Not only does it allow you to build a rapport with your audience, it encourages them to want to continue to engage with your content!

it’s not just about creating a profile page, or starting a group that focuses on the interests or needs of your audience. It’s about creating lasting relationships or engagements that are sure to build you a following while increasing your social media presence!

What Are You Most Passionate About?- Building Your Audience!

One of the most important things that makes a business successful- particularly in the case of affiliate marketers (what I am in respect to what I do  so that I can live financially free.) Is one’s ability to identify with their audience. I’m going to use myself as an example so that I can give you an idea of how, or where I get my inspiration from:

One of the ways in which I came to the conclusion that I wanted to create was that I understood that there is always someone that wants to learn how to make money online, so they may do some research  on the many ways that they can do it- and in short: I ended up naturally connecting with my audience because I learned to look at my business from their point of view because I too have social media accounts that I use to like, and follow other social media pages across various platforms which includes favorite YouTube channels that have content that I also engage with because I either like them, agree with them, or I identify with them. 

Some of these pages/channels tend to be among the kind that fall along the following categories: 

  • Self Development Inspirational Pages
  • Millionaire Motivation Pages
  • Affiliate Marketers, Dropshippers, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs across a variety of different business models, etc.
  • people that I had seen become successful when at first they were just making videos to help others

I could go on, but for the sake of keeping transparency and consistency of this blog post, simply put, I got to understand the process in which one goes about discovering that people just like me and you, are being successful and making money online and living the lives of their dreams-

Heck, I still have awesome people that I still follow, that I have found when they were just starting out in whatever hustle they were in so I know they are legit because there have been times where I would stop viewing content from somebody altogether for an extended period of time, only to be excited and actually glad to see that they have found out a way to monetize their content, and they are absolutely killing it out there!

Well, the way I see it is that if these people have proven that living a financial freedom lifestyle can be achievable, that it was for damn certain that I could do the same! I have been working on trying to fill and produce as much content as possible for the past year since I first created this website because even though I  would much rather focus my time on building up my siterank for, there are other priorities in my life that take up most of the time-

But I digress; Knowing your audience can help you understand how to best connect with them.

REMEMBER: You Are Dealing With Real People And They Deserve To Feel The Passion In Your Content!

You Have To Start Somewhere: Increasing Your Social Media Presence!

Alright, so you probably already know what kind of content you want to publish on your Facebook’s business page, or group, as well as the countless of other business profile accounts that you can open on other social media apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Etc. So now we’re going to get into the fun part of things and I’m going to be talking to you about how you can use social media to promote a business, so pay attention here because in the next bit I’m going to be introducing to you guys this awesome app that I have somehow discovered, and it’s pretty awesome and from what I have seen for myself-

IT JUST MIGHT BE THE FUTURE OF Social Media- A platform especially designed for entrepreneurs!

But how do you go by increasing your social media presence while working on your online business at the same time? You can try to come up with a schedule to incorporate into your daily  routine and work on building a following just like a favorite page or channel that you probably already follow, probably is already doing-

But, if we’re going to be keeping it real here, we’re going to need to put a lot of factors into perspective on why this issue seems to shut down potentially great businesses before they even get to actually flourish:

  • The people that are barely getting started on their business want their social media pages to get more likes and followers by the numbers as quickly as possible so they can easily get distracted from their business!

The truth is you don’t have to be making and posting content on your preferred social media profiles just to see how many likes and followers you can get as you post more motivating quotes: what I had learned is that there are people that had managed to build a large following, or have aquired the number of members in their brands profile or group, doing just that; But they have must have been doing this for a quite some time. These are the kind of people that have nothing but time, and  they’d rather be spending it posting stuff on Facebook or Instagram, heck I know of one guy who would upload videos to YouTube just for the heck of it!

Luckily for YouTube guy, he figured out that he could monetize his content in the self development niche shortly afterwards!

So how did some of these people figure out how to use social media to promote their business?

Getting Down To The Brass Tacks: 

In order for you to understand the way you come up with a social media strategy unique to your campaign, you’re going to have to look at the content in terms of how you can target certain words that don’t have to be just keywords, to use them to expand the audience reach of your business Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever social media app just as long as you follow these simple tricks that you can use to try to extend your reach:

Using Hashtags: Using hashtags in a post not only allows you to highlight a word, phrase, or quote, to suggest what the post is about; but it also allows you to use the Hashtags so that you can be found in searches under that specific keyword or phrase. Examples of a hashtag can be #NewAffiliatesGuide and #LearnAffiliateMarketing.

Engaging With Other Brands: Engaging with other brands and entrepreneurs allow you to establish yourself and let others see you. In time, people will start to catch on and will want to partner up with you, and they will know that they can count on you on providing quality content as well as advice, where at the same time they will also grow to trust whatever products or services that you promote. There are times were I leave comments on some posts or videos, I would even ask questions or add my own two cents as my way of saying: “hey I’m here to help you because I know that you can help me come up with a solution that is mutually beneficial for the both of us.” And that my friends, is networking on social media in a nutshell!

About Holonis App- A Platform For Entrepreneurs!

Thank you guys for having read this far into this article on how to use social media to promote a business! 

I am finally able to fulfill my promise that I had made to you guys when I said that I was going to be sharing with you guys about an app that I had found out about through a Facebook ad; and from what I have seen for myself this app is going to be our new, best surefire way to further establish ourselves, and our businesses within the online/social media world! 

Let’s Get Started!

What Is Holonis Exactly?

According to their Play Store’s about me section: Holonis is quoted to greet their visitors to what they call The Internet Of You. It is a social platform that has been released on March 7, 2017 with a download count of 100,00+, it is quickly becoming the fastest growing community of content creators online! 

It is pretty much for anyone that has to work within the online/social media space. 

Perfect for anyone looking to grow their brands or businesses!

What Can You Do With The Holonis App?

What I really love about Holonis is that its a place where you can build a personal brand, and people are always looking for fresh content, they want to open up to new products, support their personal causes, and put themselves out there!

And that’s not all what’s awesome about this social platform, Holonis was made with you in mind to celebrate your own creativity. In fact, it can literally be anything that you want it to be- after all, it is all about what moves you right?

Wether you want to find unique products and services, get shoutouts from personalities that you love-

as a matter of fact, when I first saw the video ad for Holonis on Facebook, The person that was inviting targeted users to follow him on his Holospace, happened to be none other than the world famous multi-platinum r&b superstar, Akon!

I remember when I first joined then looked at his holospace, which is basically his profile, he only had about 75 followers at the time, and that was before I realized that this app was actually around for a year already. So that kind of helped me get an idea of just how new this app was still was!

So moving back to where I was explaining to you what gives this social platform the potential to be the future of social media it is because it is more than a place where you can connect with the people and things you care about; It is a place where you can learn how to create your personal brand, leverage your digital platform, and better yet- CREATE INCOME!

Holonis ls more than just your social platform: It is your ecommerce store; It is music, poetry, stories, atheletes, visionaries, icons… Holonis is and I quote: “Holonis Is You.” 

and I’m going to finish this section off by sharing what they said so confidently:

“Even more, Holonis is opportunity. The opportunity to see, be seen; find, be found; listen, be heard. So become part of the fastest growing community of creators on the internet… The Internet of You.

Want To Check Holonis Out For Yourself? Visit My Holospace! 


Thank You, Thank You, Thank you so much for having beared with me this far- I just want you to know that you are awesome if you really had read this far, after all I believe that you deserve to be up to speed on any new developments that may be coming around, heck, even if I see some more cool products and services, and if they have affiliate links? You know I got your back! 

My name is Jose and I truly hope that you enjoyed this article because ultimately my goal is to help you become more aware of what’s available out there and if anything, my goal is to make you the best affiliate marketer that you could be, among the many things that I wish for you in your future success;

if you have any questions regarding how to use social media to promote a business, I’m all for pointing you to the right direction. So feel free to visit other articles within this site, hopefully you might find something that can help you gain the necessary knowledge to become the succesful entrepreneurs that you guys were meant to be! 

Thank You!

Wish You All the Love and Success!  

Jose Reyes, Founder

About the Author

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is the founder of New Affiliates Guide.Com

He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

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