How to Rank On Search Engines

Hello everyone, and welcome back to New Affiliates Guide!

In this post, I’m going to be talking about how you can create content that is going to make your website rank on Google, and  other search engines.

Not only am I going to be teaching you how you can get your websites ranked, I’m also going to tell you how you can end up having your posts indexed faster!

I will also be discussing about my most recent findings in relation to the topic of this post to which I’m really excited about, because I have done the necessary research and will be utilizing the strategies that I had learned that is gonna make my website blow up and become a respected, and hopefully, a trusted authority on affiliate marketing in the near future!


Creating Captivating Posts that Are Meant To Draw Traffic: Targeting Keywords

The single most important thing that you could always do for your website is to continuously add keyword rich content!


Adding valuable, original content that you, yourself had created, can allow you to primarily gain more trust from these search engines that can become powerful tools that not only will  they provide you with all the other resources that allow you to utilize these search engine’s services as the very tools you use to tap into the very same network of the most powerful companies of these digital information highways. (SEO)

As fancy and as complicated as it may seem when you’re first starting out as an affiliate marketer, you may lead yourself to believe that you have to  have some serious technical computer skills or the knowledge of algorithm data or hacking skills in order to be ahead of your competition. I’m here to clarify to my audience that this is far from the truth!

I want to show you that you can leave the programming and software engineering to the experts, because WE on the other hand, will be focusing on the front end of things like the visual aspects of our business!

So how did a regular guy like myself manage to get your attention and offer you the solutions that you  need in order to build a successful online business?

There are various ways in which I may have made that possible, but for the sake of the consistency of this post, in this case, I had focused on an area that is very important to my visitors! But how?

Doing research and focusing on a subject that I noticed not many websites are doing a great job of properly informing their audience about how to rank on search engines! See what I did there?

If you would like to learn further about how I’m going about finding keywords that I make sure have little to no competition, please click here to learn more about my not so secret weapon that is an amazing keyword and competition research tool!


Leverage Social Media To Boost Traffic: Advertising Your Business!

Yep. That’s exactly what I’m getting at! And you’re about to learn why social media is an affiliate marketer’s best friend.

So, Social Media… The majority of people who have Facebook accounts, profiles on dating and chat apps,  are most likely also subscribers to their favorite channels on popular video and music apps,  have one thing in common: That most of them have to get up to go to work in order to pay for their phone, and home internet Wi-Fi!

Not only that, if they even want to continue to have the means to buy products or services that they may need, they have to come back to media sources to which also include, but may not be limited to, online merchant and affiliate websites!

What does that mean for us as affiliate marketers? It’s all in our ability to influence, or even better, encourage people to head towards the right direction.

Our goal is to have these people want to visit our websites again, and how we can achieve this is by not just consistently adding helpful content to our websites, but by creating an engaging presence on as many social media outlets as possible for all of our followers!

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I’m not saying you have to bombard forum or discussion groups with endless unsolicited posts using your personal profile, I mean, you can write an informative comment on a popular thread related to your niche.

That’s actually the hard way though, although you would be taking a good step in bringing awareness of your business and putting it in front of a set of eyes, doing anything else may be considered spamming!

The last thing you want is having someone report you and you end up getting kicked out, or banned from using an app and have your account terminated.

I’m telling you this because I know: I have had posts from Google+ taken down on occasion when I was sure I was doing the right thing!

So what’s the best way you can get your website in front of hundreds, if not, thousands of people?

Doesn’t matter if it’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, the second best way you can get massive amount of traffic is by paying for advertising.

Don’t worry, there’s payment options for any kind of budget that you may have, depending on how long you want to have your paid ads running, and also the ideal number of people you would want to be able to see your featured websites.  

Make sure you create a page that you can still use even if you have it linked to a personal account. In order for that page to be effective in bringing you traffic, it must be the same name as your online business.

If you have a website with your own domain, linking it to your social media pages can do an awesome job of gaining the traffic that you need if you want to become an authority in your niche market.

But of course you’re gonna have to be managing these pages as well, because you’re dealing with real people and they need to see that you’re an active presence!

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side note: If you add posts to your my story on Facebook and Instagram, it can help immensely to bring even more traffic to your pages and  do it for free! I must also note to my visitors that you can make this possible by  continuosly being active on your social media pages.


Using  Webmaster Tools From Search Engines: A Free Service For Website Owners

I want to extend a thank you for all of my visitors, both  new and continuing  audience members, for being consistently hungry to learn what even I’m currently learning at the moment!

I may not be sure as to how much any of you awesome people may know about learning your way up into knowing how to start a business from scratch, but I’m going to try to make your learning experience as simple and as fun as possible!

So this particular section is for those who may already have a website. If you don’t, I would be more than happy than to redirect you to another post you can find right here on new affiliates guide: Best Work At Home Opportunity: The Discovery I Wished I Made Years Ago! 

clicking on the link above will get you to learn all you need to know about an amazing online university that taught me how to create two free websites in minutes and more, including how you can accomplish what I’m already doing right now!

Want to go straight to see if you can create a free website right away? Just click on the banner below! (I recommend to not skimp through your learning though.)

So what are Webmaster tools? They are a free service provided by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) that allow website owners to check their indexing status as well as allow them to optimize website visibility for all their pages.

The only way you are going to be able to access these tools is by proving that indeed you own a website. You can do this by copying a special link found in the webmaster tools platform and posting it into your website after logging into your administrator account in WordPress, or whatever website customizing service you use. then go back to, say, Google Search Console, and confirm that you did it so that they can verify if it’s true.

Using a webmaster tool can allow you to quickly have your website or a specific page to get indexed faster than by having to simply use your built in SEO tool in your website manager for your website. It’s like tapping on a search engine’s shoulder and telling them that you have a website or page that you would like for them to check out.

** I will be providing you with a forwarded link to a webinar training in a personal blog that I will write within the online university after publishing this post!
Sign Up for free to receive the best online business entrepreneur training in the world by clicking here!

If after you do choose to sign up, once inside, I suggest that you take the tour of the amazing platform and interact with an entire awesome community that is very supportive of it’s fellow members! Once you complete your profile and write a brief introduction about yourself, you will have a personal welcome from the founder and myself, I will be more than happy to be your mentor within, and trust you will have much more than a set of hands holding on to yours, every step of the way!

Create Helpful Informative Videos: Giving Your Brand A Face Or Voice

This strategy perhaps has to be one of the most surefire ways in which you will guarantee your website to attract much wanted publicity, attention, traffic to your website!

Think of all the YouTube searches you may have made regarding learning how to make money online. The paid advertisements that would pop up in intervals in it, the suggested recommendations that YouTube or even Facebook, or Instagram and Snapchat would give you.

What is it about those pesky interruptions that you would get in between videos, or featured suggested viewings on your news feed?

The truth is, with 7+ billion people in the world with about 3.5 billion of those people having internet access, there’s always people looking for something that could improve the quality of something in their lives, and that’s where we come in! You wouldn’t had been fortunate to have found my website if you hadn’t been wanting to find it by asking the right questions!

So here’s the real deal about why these videos and advertisements work, if you’re reading this be ready to shake your head in obvious agreement: Because not everyone enjoys a good old reading session!

Nowadays, people are always on the go, looking for new trends and interests, that they hardly give themselves the time to look beyond their own interests! People long to be entertained so that they have such a short attention span that one could be lucky to have someone watch an entire video before they move on to the next one before they might even decide to go back to the one they just saw so that they can go where they needed to be all along!

I myself, have yet to create a single video to post to my social media pages, but I guarantee that it won’t be long before I have a booming online business!

My point was that the majority of successful online business campaigns are rightly so because of their effective use of visual strategy, that being the use of originally created images and video content! So if you’re a charismatic individual with an outgoing personality this might come natural because you probably wouldn’t be camera shy! But all good talents worth improving are always given a lot of time, effort, and persistent perseverance!

Go Out There And Make Your Brand One To Be Loved!

So there you have it folks!

You have just read a descriptive summary of the many ways you can get and boost traffic on to your website so that not only will it get your posts ranked higher, but also indexed faster! I truly hope I have been of great help in providing you with the quality information that you need and deserve if all that you are is truly serious and passionate about creating and building a brighter future by running your online business!

Thank you so much for visiting New Affiliates Guide, where affiliates that learn here succeed!

My name is Jose Reyes, just a passionate entrepreneur that is grateful to be able to have the opportunity to give you the very same tools that I am using, and will discover, that is gonna allow me to create a financially free lifestyle in the future!

I want you to see for yourself why you’re so close to changing the course of your life. Just imagine what you might be able to accomplish in a year from now! I mean seriously, mark your calendar then keep track of your progress if you want, but I guarantee that you’re going to be excited as I would be once you realize the kind of earning potential that you can draw from the quality training that you will find here!

So sign up for your free membership today, create and update your profile and Bio information so that our supportive community of entrepreneurs can know a little more about you other than just your name. And expect to receive a warm welcome from me once I log into my account and see that you made the smartest decision in your life! Just remember to follow me back and be part of my network of 100+ community followers!

Let’s create amazing things!

Your friend,

Jose Reyes, Founder






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He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

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  1. Thanks for such an informative article! I’m already using Webmaster Tools, but so far I haven’t done the video thing. I’m not too sure how to go about it, maybe you have some suggestions? Am I okay to embed youtube videos from other people into my posts too?

    Looking forward to your next article.

  2. Very useful information. I love that you are so open with your own learning process. I will be looking forward to more from you. The website is beautiful by the way. Easy to navigate and read.

  3. Hi thanks for this great article! Being a content creator myself for my own site I have been looking at ways to increase my traffic, and this definitely helps. Jaaxy sounds great to me as its an all in one feature for keyword ranking especially, which is what I’m looking for so I will be looking at giving this a go!
    Many thanks, Louise

  4. Tons of great information here on how to rank on search engines.  I have just started a new website and I need ALL of this information.  I am currently in the mine field of social media, and just as you said managing your SM accounts can be a full time job in itself and yes I have already been banned by some outlets so this process can be very frustrating. I have been thinking about starting a pay ad campaign on Facebook but have been too afraid, but your page is giving me some confidence to try.  Thank you for this informative post, I am bookmarking it so I can use it as an ongoing resource.

  5. This is a great and well detailed information about how to rank on search engines. It will be of good help to your readers, most especially to me because I’m new to online business entreprenuer. This article will definitely help. I’ve heard of Jaaxy keyword as one of the best search for Seo success and will help rank our article in the top Google ranking and skyrocket our traffic.Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Mary, 

      Thank for appreciating this article! Just as long as the right people ask the right questions, they will eventually come around to finding articles like this if their intention is finding the best keyword research tool in its industry, which is kind of why I even wrote this article to begin with, get me?

      Thank You for your generous comment, Mary!

  6. Well, Jose, I have finally started creating video, as you mention in your article.  I have been doing some Wealthy Affiliate instructional videos using some free software that Kyle, the owner, actually trained on, and it’s working great!  It’s actually a lot of fun making videos, and as you say, they are a key component to search engine optimization!  Wealthy Affiliate has taught me so much, and you, too.  You offer some great information here on your site, and I appreciate you!

    1. Hello and congratulations on all your achievements that you have made so far in WA, Babsie!

      if that’s the case, I’m excited and glad that Kyle covers that training, I guess that comes along further on in my training. What level and. What level can I find that training?

      why, thank you! Aren’t you the sweetest?

      I hope you are starting to see big paydays already!

      see you at the Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas  one day!

  7. Thanks for this great post on how to get content ranked in search engines.  I like how made it so simple, because it can seem like you need to do a 100 things — but the main thing like you stated is find good keyword and write a lot of content. 

    I have noticed that the more often you write, the better your rankings get — and vice verssa.

    I’m your experience, about how old does a website need to be before it will start getting good rankings?

    1. Hello Michael-

      The ranking systems of search engine companies may differ, so in turn the way these search engines look at metrics to determine on which page a website’s post is going to be within their search results.

      so not only do your posts have to be indexed, they have to have helpful high quality content, an x amount of posts published so far and how frequently you do, the visitor engagement that you receive, and wether or not you’re the one to always have the last word when it comes to engaging with them.

      not everybody posts as often, or offer the same quality of posts; nor work at the same pace:

      but if you get complete site trust is when I’m sure that you’ll start to see the real magic!

  8. I think that branding yourself and creating informative innovative videos is one of the best things you can do to market. The biggest challenge I am trying to think of is how to brand myself. You need something catchy and cool to brand yourself. What are some ways that you can brand yourself and your videos?

    1. What’s up Jon, 

      You are absolutely right on being crazy about detail and quality when it comes to the content that your website, including your social media pages, will contain as far as when it comes to being innovative with your written or video content.  

      If you want to brand yourself, think about the kind of image you want to give to your audience. You are like your own personal business card; and funny that people say that your first impression is the one that you will give to the people who will then have a perception of you, unless you like to amaze your audience!

      I recommend that you study the psychology of color and the effects that it has on human beings regarding brands and advertising, and maybe that will definitely give you an idea of in which direction you will want to go with your branding!

  9. These tips are very helpful especially the one I know of very well among them is Jaaxy and it offers so much for a so little amount of money. Creating worthy content in line with perfect keywords will surely attract a lot of attention to your website from the search engines. Also, social media has become not just a place to post about oneself but a prospective market for an entrepreneur who can maximise it to the fullest. Though, I have never engaged in making use of webmaster tools but surely I’d try that out too. Thanks so much for this post.

    1. What’s up RoDarrick,

      Thank you so much for your opinion regarding this post, and as we speak I’m currently working on a brand new one that is in relation to what you need to know about about Jaaxy and it’s features and membership bundles that I’m going to be covering all in my upcoming post. 

      So many advancements are being made online and in the online marketing scene, overall, so there are now so many ways in which one can leverage their business! 

      It takes time and a lot desire to exceed your own expectation to do what is possible if you believe in your skills!

      using webmaster tools not only does it give you insights about your audience, it can also help your website by letting you to manually make sure that your posts get found and indexed on Google and other search engines!

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