How to get free traffic to your website- a Leadsleap review!


How to get free traffic to your website- a Leadsleap Review

Are you looking to learn more about how to get free traffic to your website? My name is Jose Reyes- Founder and creator of NewAffiliatesGuide.Com:

I wanted to hook you up with a much more cleaner-looking, more updated post for those of you who may have reasons to fill in on why you chose to visit this blog post after having typed the following phrase in the search engine.

I want this blog post to be as helpful, and as resourceful for someone who is a newbie in affiliate marketing- or are already currently an experienced internet marketer, or an owner of a an affiliate marketing blog site like me!

This is a Leadsleap Review that you are going to want to read if your plan and goal is to learn how you too- could be doing the same thing for free by using their webtools and services that I use in order to promote the affiliate marketing programs that I’m already using and promoting their affiliate programs for their awesome services!

Leadsleap 3.0- A Lead Generation System That Works!Leadsleap 3.0: A Real Traffic Generation System That Works!

Ok- so LeadsLeap 3.0 is a free proven traffic system that I was shocked to discover has been around since 2008 because I just became aware of its existence almost a few months ago- I believe.

And what I have gathered so far about this website is that it has created the first and only tracking system that can track visitor surfing duration for affiliate, and/or third-party links. They also offer free web tools and services to help you build your business like a guru.

( at least that’s what they boast on their LeadsLeap website!)

Here’s a screenshot of the Welcome Email I received to my personal Google account:

I am sharing this screenshot as proof that I am a member of Leadsleap and that I’m also taking part of its affiliate program.

I am also sharing this screenshot to serve as a personal reminder and point of mark of when I first joined Leadsleap3.0. And as you can see-

I joined LeadsLeap 3.0 on

 Nov 30,20019.

Why This System Isn't Your Typical Traffic Exchange Network

Why This System Isn’t Your Typical Traffic Exchange Network

Leadsleap 3.0’s main source of income is made from  traffic generation:

Which is how they earn the money to maintain multiple servers to power the free tools that they offer.

And as I mentioned earlier- Leadsleap has been providing advertising solutions to internet marketers since 2008; They reward affiliate marketers and website owners who bring traffic and website visitors- to their website!

A great thing about LeadsLeap is that it has found a way to weed out fake traffic or “visits” from the real ones by creating the first and only tracking system that can track visitor surfing duration of real visitors that visit their partnering advertisers’ websites.

This free webtool is called the Real Tracker.

Overcoming The Hurdle And Solving A PPC Flaw

Overcoming The Hurdle And Solving A PPC Flaw!

Leadsleap 3.0 knew that there were members that were greedy and was trying to cheat their link tracking system by using bots that could disguise themselves as real humans to visit their advertisers’ websites.

The people at Leadsleap admitted that they had tried using bot detectors in the past in order to be able to know which sites were cheating and using bots to create fake website visits.

These bot detectors didn’t work because they could only detect simple bots. At one point they were having a continuing battle against people that were using advanced bots that could disguise themselves as real humans!

They grew to understand that they needed to find a better way to make sure that the traffic that they were sending to their advertisers were real website visits coming from real human visitors.

Fighting Back At The Fake EntrepreBots!

As they learned about these advanced bots- They discovered that although these bots could visit a site with all the traces of a ‘human’, as they were not surf a website like a human is able to.

The reason why these bots could not surf like a human its because these bots aren’t smart enough to surf like one. So it was not economical for these bots to spend time surfing because it would take up time and server resources-  so instead, what these bots would do was to simply create hundreds of human-looking clicks per second!

So Leadsleap knew that they needed to create a system that could be able to measure human activities on a site-

Which is kind of like Google Analytics, but Google Analytics only works on sites that are owned by the sole owners of these websites- not on 3rd party sites!… And since Leadsleap can’t access their advertisers’ websites- they can’t add Google Analytics to these sites.

Creating The First And Only Surf Tracking System Of It’s Kind: The Real Tracker!

After many trials and errors- Leadsleap was successful in creating a system that can measure human activities on 3rd-party sites. And with that- They were able to measure the surfing duration of  real visitors that where actually visiting their advertisers’ websites… Allowing them to finally be able to expose the fake traffic (being able to tell which traffic was actually real, and human visits for the first time!) that was suddenly revealed to them using The Real Link Tracker system that they have created in order to be able to track the surfing duration of the visitors of their advertisers’ websites-

Members who are using the free tools and services that are provided by Leadsleap3.0 Including myself!

Leadsleap was so satisfied and pleased with their surfing tracking system that they thought: Why should they limit the usage for themselves? They understood that other affiliate marketers around the world are facing the same problem, because even I at one point had purchased traffic from a supposed seo and digital marketing company called Winterplay Studios, who’s campaign in bringing this supposed traffic to New Affiliates Guide, was supposed to last for 30 days: didn’t even earn me a single commission! Which makes me feel grateful that I had found Leadsleap because I know that it’s visitor surfing tracking system would have been able to help me:

1.) Assure myself that I was genuinely getting actual human clicks and visits from real humans– and not some advanced bots that generate and mimic REAL HUMAN hits And clicks!

2.) Track the amounts of credits that I have earned based on my personal surfing duration of the other partnering, advertising, and affiliate websites, or any website that I may visit for that matter- that are also active members and users of the free tools and services offered by the amazing people at Leadsleap 3.0! 

**Meaning that I can also get paid for every affiliate marketer that signs up today so that they (or you) can start earning, and getting paid in credits to visit and surf featured ads posted by partnering advertising sites that have earned their credits so that they could use them towards posting their own ads in other partnering sites- or within other traffic exchange networks!**


The 4 Ways That You Can Get Traffic And Leads To Your Site By Using Leadsleap 3.0

The 4 Ways That You Can Get Traffic And Leads To Your Site By Using Leadsleap3.0

As I mentioned earlier: Leadsleap 3.0’s main source of income comes from lead generation- which is how they earn enough money to maintain multiple servers to power the free tools and services that they offer to affiliate marketers, bloggers, website owners/and individuals that want to know about ways to get traffic and leads to their website, and well- assuming that the website is theirs, unless they find other ways to make money! Since Traffic Generation is their bread and butter- best believe that they are always working on doing everything possible to make Leadsleap3.0 even better than ever, as it is already an old established website that has been around since 2008!

So here are the 4 ways that Leadsleap 3.0 can bring you leads and traffic- You can decide which ones work for you:

1.) Advertise To Leadsleap Members!

The first way that you could bring traffic and leads to your website is to post an ad like the ones shown in the screenshot of the ads that were being displayed in the mobile-friendly version of my New Affiliates Guide website below:

Screenshot of Leadsleap Ads

Then these ads are shown to other Leadsleap Members- who are incentivized to view your ads.

The reason why Leadsleap 3.0 is unlike any other Traffic Exchange PTC Program– It’s because Leadsleap has gone beyond offering an amazing service with their visitor surfing tracking system that helps them make sure that they-

and their members know:

That the visits that they receive from the traffic sources that these visitors have clicked from, may have come from the Leadsleap widget that they have installed on their websites. Like I said: We get paid based on our surfing duration, or how long we are browsing, learning, and surfing other Leadsleap member sites without needing to worry about a flawed 10-20 second countdown payment system that won’t surely work because you would have left it assuming that such an excessive waste of time to rely on getting any kind of transparency with such a flawed system too!

With the Leadsleap visitor surfing tracking system: You get to measure the surfing duration of visitors using this proprietary system for 3rd-party links that you can see how many credits you have earned, and had been payed in cash based on the amount of time that Leadsleap members spend clicking on, and visiting the site links that are in the featured ads and promoted links, either inside your emails, within the Leadsleap system dashboard- and even the websites of other fellow Leadsleap3.0 members!

Meaning that they are really able to identify who are real human visitors because they see that you’re on a website, reading, and engaging with the content, and most importantly: Actually scrolling!

Because the longer you stay on on these ads “websites” the more credits that you could be earning from those visits!

The more interesting that your post, article, or offer is on your website- the more that Leadsleap members become ‘incentivized’ to learn more about what you are offering- And at New Affiliates Guide: I’m offering you free tips and lessons, even recommendations on affiliate marketing programs that will help you achieve whatever business goals that you are trying to accomplish: wether you are someone that is trying to start your own online business, or someone that is researching on ways, and how to get free traffic to your website, get leads- maybe you’re someone that is looking to revamp an old website, or maybe you just need a guiding hand: I can help you get to the best training and resource links and even afiiliate programs that will help you succeed- and even boost your income by adding the affiliate programs into your website that can become additional streams of income!

2.) Advertise To The Rest Of The World!

Ok- This may be over-exaggerated when they say that you can/ or will be advertising to the world: What happens to be the case is that they (Leadsleap) happens to run a PPC Program.

They reward publishers and marketers (like me) to show your ads on their websites and tracking links.

Let’s look at some stats provided by the site.

Their ad impressions are more than 400K a day. (Clicks)

Their ad widgets are shown in over 4,000 websites and blogs PLUS 30,000 trackers that are shown in the most popular traffic exchange networks, safelists, and forums.

Think that this is the kind of industry that you would like to target?

If your answer is YES then Leadsleap offers you a shortcut to reach out to an entire industry!

3.) Get Search Engine Traffic

One of the proven ways in which you can get quality leads to your website is by writing product reviews and getting traffic from the Search Engines.

Leadsleap operates a search engine optimized Social Review Directory- Which that in itself, is an awesome thing to know because upon having checked out the Social Review Directory myself- I have discovered that this directory is very neat and organized as this directory was created by Leadsleap3.0, which is an aged authority site that has been around since 2008: It is a consolidated directory where Leadsleap can write a social review and post it according to the category or “niche market” that they’re in.

Apart from being a place where real users get to write and share reviews about whatever product or service that they are sharing with other publishers and marketers (you know- find and read about the affiliate programs that work!)- It is a great resource for people looking for fresh and unique, real social reviews from real users!

Search Engines love Leadsleap’ Social Review Directory because apart from being a part of an age old authority site, with fresh and unique reviews being added there daily by users- it provides great value for their (Leadsleap) members who are mostly publishers and marketers!

4.) Multiply a Few Leads Into Thousands!

So one thing that I have yet to confirm for myself- and probably very soon-

 And this being the fact that:

  • The Tools
  • The Services
  • The Surf Tracking System

Simply Everything that Leadsleap 3.0 offers is FREE!

The one thing that I have yet to see and verify for myself as both a publisher and a marketer: is that the Leadsleap 3.0 system comes with a 10-level network builder.

So imagine that you were to refer 10 people to Leadsleap, and those 10 people (referrals) ended up doing the same: You would have an extra 100 followers at Level 2. Then a 1,000 followers at Level 3; 10,000 at Level 4… and then 10 Billion followers at Level 10!

Well that’s in theory according to the people at Leadsleap- realistically the number of followers are much lower than that- But still… it’s pretty explosive!

You may be wondering if this is “MLM“?

No, they are not.

Their 10 Level Network is just for lead building purposes. Their program is free to join. Their affiliate program is a one-level affiliate program- also free for anyone interested in joining the program.

“Is this Social Review Directory a safelist? Will you be flooded with a bunch of unwanted emails?”

They are NOT a safelist or mailer system- So members are not able to email other members.

“Then how do we contact our 10-levels of followers?”

Leadsleap 3.0 has an annoyance-free communication system that allows you to reach out to 10 levels of your followers unobtrusively.

This Downline Text-Messaging System is more effective and more sustainable than member-to-member email or private messages!

Conclusion: My Final Thoughts!

One of the things that I appreciate most as an affiliate marketer, and one who enjoys learning about affiliate programs that not will help you grow your business, get leads- and ways to just keep adding to your current source of income.

With Leadsleap 3.0: I have been fortunate to discover that there exists a surf tracking system that allows publishers and marketers tap into a system where only real users are able to make the best of all the lead generation services, the tools, and even the Downline Text-Messaging System readily available for free- I have provided the link below for your satisfaction and convenience!

I personally believe that it’s great to know that something like what has been accomplished by Leadsleap exists because I as an affiliate marketer- it is extremely important that I find, and only use- and reccomend: the affiliate programs, tools, services, and even the best training readily available to you and for anyone looking to learn, start- then even add to your current successful online business! (website)

if you have any questions regarding Leadsleap- or iff you would like for me to post an update review on how I’m doing using all the free tools and services provided by Leadsleap 3.0: Please do feel welcome to leave your opinion and questions below!

With Love, Wishing you and your business- a prosperous 2020 and decade!

Jose Reyes, Founder



Note: I have already earned a couple of credits just from having clicked on an ad, surfed the advertising member’s website- and nothing else! I will be giving an update to all my followers as soon as I start seeing stats that I feel would be worth it enough for me to share as proof that Leadsleap is a definite winner at New Affiliates Guide!

My #1 Reccomendation: I have been an affiliate marketer for over a year, and the high quality training that I have and continue to receive, along with the website builder and keyword research and competition analysis tools that I have as all that I will ever need in order to have a life-long successful business- and it’s all thanks to the people at Wealthy Affiliate!

About the Author

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is the founder of New Affiliates Guide.Com

He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

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  1. Hi, I think the revolution in the Internet business now is all about affiliate marketing and a lot of people both young and old are investing their resources on a daily basis.
    I had already come across the Leadsleap 3.0 and in must confess the platform is a very encouraging business brand.
    A lot of affiliate marketers have improved their own blogs through ads and traffics on the leadsleap 3.0 website which in turn has provide them with the opportunity to reach a large audience online.

  2. Hi, I think the revolution in the Internet business now is all about affiliate marketing and a lot of people both young and old are investing their resources on a daily basis.
    I had already come across the Leadsleap 3.0 and I must confess that the platform is a very encouraging business brand.
    A lot of affiliate marketers have improved their own blogs through ads and traffics on the leadsleap 3.0 website which in turn, has provided them with the opportunity to reach a large audience online.

    1. Hello Carol- I couldn’t have agreed more with you when it comes to recognizing that there seems to be an internet marketing revolution that is starting to seemingly sprout up and spread slowly like a trend and a culture all on it’s own that is only available and ready to be discovered by people that actually want to make things happen!

      Well what a small world!- I seem to be enjoying Leadsleap 3.0 as it is always very tempting to just look how much I have earned in credits and all the awesome stats that can be shown based on the surfing and the hard work that one puts into growing and putting their brand out there!

      Its nice to know that another fellow Leadsleap member has been able to show up and comment on this post just minutes after being published, so thank you for giving your opinion which is greatly valued because it only adds to the emphasis on the importance of having a lead generation, website surfing tracking giant like Leadsleap on your affiliate marketing arsenal as it helps us to put our ads across thousands of sites and all!

  3. This sounds like a real breakthrough for affiliate marketers. I’m always open to tools that help me achieve my goals quicker and I don’t even mind if it’s a paid tool. If it simplifies my tasks as an affiliate, I’ll use it. Now I have to say, I’m equally surprised that leadsleap has been around for more than 10 years. That being said, I’m just glad you shared this. At least, we no longer need to worry about getting bots instead of human traffic. 

    Thanks for sharing 

    1. Hello Rhain-I

       most certainly agree with you on that opinion when it comes to recognizing the simple, yet highly effective system that is starting to give affiliate marketers the hope and the idea of being able to see a bigger picture in so much simplicity when it is something that I myself am starting to discover how cool it is so I’m glad that I’m able to pass on this information to my peers, followers, and visitors!

      Let me know if you end up enjoying the services and tools provided by Leadsleap!

      To A Prosperous 2020!

  4. Many thanks to you for giving us such a beautiful article and I couldn’t figure out how to get traffic to my website very quickly for free through your article .I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a long time, and getting traffic for my website through SEO was becoming very difficult because I couldn’t find a website to help me do that  like the one you gave me- 

    that could easily bring in a lot of free traffic for my business. I was incredibly surprised when I found that I could easily get traffic to my own website through a website and I thank you again for giving me such beautiful information and I hope I can share my experience with you soon.

    1. Hello Shanta-

      Thank you for having been so awesome as you have by having left such an awesome comment to an article I swore that it wasn’t as great as it looked- but you just have now confirm that so far that my audience seems to think otherwise!

      This is pretty much my goal here: to help other people wether they are new to affiliate marketing or just looking for another awesome affiliate program- I simply intend to brighten someone’s day even if it means writing to my audience on what we can do if we want to learn “how to get free traffic to your website”!

      Please do come back and share your experience with us! Let me know if you would like to be featured in a future post for case studies!

      With Much Love,


  5. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about “How to get free traffic to your website- A Leadsleap Review”. Earlier I opened a website for affiliate marketing- But I couldn’t bring traffic to my website. 

    You have put here: some very helpful steps that can be useful for anyone who wants to create traffic through a website. I will certainly try this system. A very good article with useful information- One of the best I have read! 

    If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

    1. Hello Sabrina- You are most welcome in being able to enjoy what I know was hard work- but very much worth the long while since I know that I have done my part: and thanks to amazing people like you why I enjoy logging into my back-office and find a comment just as awesome as yours is!

      I certainly don’t mind at all! It’s readers like you that makes me feel like what I do matters and that it’s of big help to people out there no matter where they may find themselves in the world… Online!

      I will soon share my social media pages and accounts for New Affiliates Guide: Your Guide To Affiliate Marketing!

      Stay tuned and may you have a blessed and wonderful business success soon!

  6. Hello Jose, thank you for sharing this free traffic and lead generation system with us. I find this review of Leadsleap  very helpful because I have been thinking about different ways of getting leads and traffic to my website, although it’ has not been set up yet. So I am excited that it’s free- and the traffic that could be coming to my website are going to be from real humans that will actually engage with- and spend time in my website. I like the fact that we cannot buy Credits, nice one!

    I’d definitely give it a try when I launch!

    I wish you the very best.

    1. What’s up Mr. Biizy!

      that’s how you prefer to be called, right? You are most welcome, my friend! That’s kind of what I was aiming for when I was writing this review post on ‘how to get free traffic to your website- a Leadsleap review!’

      You should be excited to know that you have an awesome affiliate program that you can only benefit and gain from as it is all free and available to any publisher or marketer that is looking to explode in traffic and leads just from engaging and surfing with other fellow Leadsleap member sites!

      Let us know how it goes- and if you would like to be featured in a future Leadsleap case studies post.

      Thanks for dropping by and even leaving a comment!

      To a Prosperous 2020!

  7. Wow! Such a long article but was an interesting read. Honestly, this is a great way of getting genuine leads. I’ve not heard of this system until now. This is an awesome tool for affiliate marketers. The fact that I could earn credits and in turn use them to post ads on other partnering sites is superb. I’m an affiliate marketer and I think that this is what I want.

    The ads posted, are they all in the make money niche or it can be about anything? I just wanted to be clear with that. Thank you for this post.

    1. Hello Leon- I couldn’t have agreed more on the fact that this article is a long one! But you have to admit that this was an interesting read. (Imagine my reaction when I first read about Leadsleap!)

      It really is an awesome tool for both affiliate marketers and merchant sites- Simply A tool- and a service that I am equally fortunate to be aware of and know exists!

      The ads posted are not just in the make money online niche, although the majority of them are or are programs that you can sign up for and make money online from. There are 48 categories that you can look into or explore inside Leadsleap’ review directory- I personally counted!

      You’re welcome Leon- May your business grows and prospers this 2020 and decade!

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