How To Create A Website For Free And Easy

What’s up future entrepreneurs, and welcome to my new affiliates guide website!

In this article, I’m going to be talking to you about how you can create a website for free!

I got to tell you guys that I’m truly excited for the outcome of this post once it gets published and indexed on Google and other search engines!

Why? Because I wanted to step my game up and go beyond just writing informative articles for you, I actually want to provide more value to my content and I finally found a way to do it!

The reason why I’m excited about making this article, is because I will finally be going from just talking to you about how you can create your website in 30 seconds (yes, literally!) I will also soon, after updating and revising my previous articles, will be able to show you how easy it could be done!

Now, how do you like them apples?

Why I created this website  and why I believe I can help you

My name is Jose Reyes, thank you for going with your gut and choosing to visit my website!

I want you to know that it means a lot to me that you are here right now because if you’re brand new to starting your own online business, you couldn’t be under the guidance of a much more passionate mentor than me right now! Because what you’ll  be getting for your time is valuable knowledge in a way that you wouldn’t find on other websites.

Sounds like an outrageous claim, right?

But I can assure you that I can stand by what I mean when I say it!

Here is why: I created this website with the intention of evolving it into a reliable, valuable resource for  people that are gaining interest in learning about how they can start their own online business today.

You might be thinking, “well big deal, nothing special there!”

But before you think about clicking on that back button, let me tell you why I can back up my exceedingly outrageous claim:

It’s because I identify myself with most of you currently visiting my website!

I consider myself to be a beginner… I know! Shocking, right?

No offense to the experts out there that may possibly be prospect scouting and are also currently visiting  my new affiliates guide website, you are welcome to make an exceptional proposal if you feel like you see something of protege like potential;

If you think you could invest in me to  become your next success story, I’m sure that you would agree that the key to building a successful long term business would be to enjoy helping others to discover their passion through affiliate marketing!

I want to thank you guys for being here as well, I would love for you to validate the quality and authenticity of my website as a trusted source of valuable information about online marketing contained within  the new affiliates guide website!

Why do you even care to build a website anyway?

Seriously, did you actually gave that question some time to fester in your mind? Because that is exactly why I explained why I created this website in the previous subtopic in the first place.

I understand that there are people out in the world right now that at 4:33 PM  the current world population was at 7,643,608,688 people.

Then a minute later that same population rose to 7,643,608,849!

That’s a 161 population increase, that in an hour, that population grew to 40,431 people…

That means that within a time span of an entire day, that’s there’s 989,871 more people in the world that at some point, will be needing some kind of help in some form or other, that there’s no way that we would ever run out of opportunities that are far greater than the proportion of our excuses about why we couldn’t achieve our goals!

So wether you already have an idea of the kind website you want to make for your ideal audience , or you’re just somebody wanting to have a point of reference to come back to for when you feel ready to start your own online business, this article is for you.

Ok Jose! I’m ready to create my first website, show me how!

so now  you may probably have an idea of what you’re website is gonna be about, did think of some cool, captivating domain name ideas for your website?

Since you had been so good and engaging with my website, and for you to still be here, reading this article, it shows me that you are one of those willing to take action and I hope that you do allow yourself to challenge your own limitations!

And since I know that you are already invested in making your dreams of becoming your own brand a reality, I’m going to let you in on an awesome fact that you are going to love, but you were gonna eventually find out anyway.

Click on my screenshot to go to Siterubix!

Had you chosen to click on any of the affiliate links found throughout this site to create your free website by choosing a domain for it,after entering your email and other details like your name, your email, and the password that you would like to have for your free membership, that you would know that:

You didn’t come here by accident!

You took a chance and clicked on my link after searching for how you could know how to create a website for free and easy! Just as the title of this article suggests, you will know how to create a website for free and I guarantee that it’s gonna be much easier than learning how to use chopsticks!

By the time you are done reading this article and viewing my walk through by means of screenshots on how fast, and easy it is, you will be well on your way to be learning many more awesome things like that!

You will thank yourself later!

Just by you being here, you’re in for a treat that I’m sure you will appreciate, because you aren’t going to be allowed to only create just one website, you will have the unique opportunity to be able to create up to 2 free websites!

So let’s go ahead and get started with the walk through on how to create a website for free and easy! So let’s continue to scroll down as we read  and view the images below.


Let’s build a partnership on trust: I only benefit from helping you!

My goal is to make it clear for you that you can achieve your online business goals, as long as you are willing to invest the necessary time to put into all the training that you will need to apply the real skills that are gonna stick with you for the long run from this moment on.

You just came from  going through the step by step instructions on how easy you can create your website, so you would be able to understand that inside these links that you are going to be clicking, is every aspiring entrepreneur’s unique  opportunity to actually succeed in starting your own online business!

by having a website that you can work with, you will have a fully functional and succesful online business from all of the high quality training that you could be receiving from the best online university in the industry!

We all can benefit from one that has been helping and training affiliate marketers, from the most inexperienced beginner, to the most seasoned professional!

What I’m ultimately expressing to you, is that  right here, you have the opportunity to create a better situation for your life:

One that will cause you in  time, to be able to give yourself a rewarding lifestyle!

Inside you will find a community of expert affiliate marketers  and students that come together to create a community of what it truly is: an online university for internet entrepreneurs!

This community believes in encouraging a pay it forward system  to all our members so that you can always be rewarded with a little extra love with every lesson that you complete as you check off  all the tasks that are found within the lessons!

Any other thing that you decide to do is just optional, but as the more you remain active within the community you will rise up the ambassadorship ranks that they too can also give you some sweet perks if you remain consistently engaged with other members!

Take the pledge to make every day a better day than yesterday!

Let’s go through a quick recap of all that you had learned of so far:

-You learned how to create a website in 30 seconds.

-You learned about the online university that you can sign up for  free for a starter membership! (and it’s not a free trial!)

-Free access to the first of 5 levels in the online entrepreneur certification training: (10 lessons/ 28 tasks)

-Free access to the first phase of the Affiliate Boot camp!

-Access to the affiliate program!

-Learn about the 30 free keyword searches that you can make using an amazing keyword research and competition analysis tool that can give you an edge in finding keywords that you can use, that will allow you to outrank the competition! 

optimizing these keywords will help you gain more organic traffic for free from search engines! (SEO) click the highlited link above to learn more!

I truly hope that you are satisfied with the information that I had provided inside this article.

I had been as transparent as possible with my ability to give you the knowledge on how to create a website for free and easy.

All I ask is that you feel free to ask me any questions regarding anything about the online university, or if you need help with ideas for the kind of business you want to run.

Please leave your feedback below in the comments section and tell me how I can best improve my website.

What kind of topics would you love to learn about next?

Let me know in the comments below!


May Your Success Be Inevitable!

Jose Reyes, Founder





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