How Covid-19 Affects Employment

We are going  through some hard times aren’t we? Well after having been away for a good while- I wanted to talk to my audience about a number of additional topics that I will be certainly discussing with  you below that will definitely be more than just about How Covid-19 Affects Employment.

Before I begin this blog post- I would like to first say that I truly hope that you  and your family are finding yourselves safe and doing the best that you can so that we can help ourselves, and each other- find ways to help each other find the best new, and current ways to thrive….

Even through all this turmoil and chaos of the riots and the pandemic that has struck our communities across the nation!

We are currently going through hard times right now as we all are trying to best figure out  ways to help each other cope, and hopefully even mitigate our learning experience along the way-

as well as progress in what can be done in workload!

Coming To Grips With Our New And Current Reality

Now that I have gotten your attention- I feel good that I’m doing my part in helping others as well  as seeing the world’s economy improve that much more each and  everyday, as I am most likely will be helping an “x” amount of people as possible, and as more people will come to find this post everyday- even months from now- will come to have recalled that day when they ended up reading and checking what these awesome opportunities are about, and they were glad that they did!

People eventually become aware that they could be creating solutions that will allow them to adapt and even survive all of this- including this pandemic crisis!

I don’t have to show you any numbers in order to paint the picture of the graveness and the severity of the situation overall that is striking our cities that is probably already sitting in the back of most people’s minds all around the world- not just here in america:

We have to start innovating and find or create ways to keep sustaining our businesses in order to be able to adapt to the current economic changes that are currently underway.

Notice that I didn’t the word “jobs?

I will be explaining the reason why shortly!

Depiction of how covid 19 affects employment
(image: Storefront Closed- This is how covid 19 affects employment.)

Let’s take a minute to be honest with ourselves and ask the following questions:

How many of you have jobs that you are likely not going to have with the way that things are going?

What about some of you who have not been getting paid because you couldn’t go to work?

Think about all the businesses that are currently losing money as we speak-

They have no way to receive, or have customers to their physical locations- even if they wanted to… One of them may happen to be your best friend’s boss!

Now what if your best friend could be having an easier time dealing being in quarantine and making money while your best friend’s boss wonders what is he going to do in order to pay for the lease of his/her business?

What if you could help your best friend look like a hero to his boss by helping your best friend save their bosses’ ass?

The Real Danger In This Pandemic Crisis… An Economic Crisis?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus has impacted the world across cities that used to allow society to thrive across so many industries and markets…

It has even impacted the way we were most normally accustomed to socialize and date!

Primarily the real danger isn’t so much just about a health crisis

I’ll say that the real crisis which is the true enemy with the utilization of what is otherwise a global pandemic coronavirus outbreak- is an economic one.

Think about all the places and businesses that we are used to frequent and do any kind of social activity amongst- as well as with each other:

  • Movie Theaters 
  • Concert Venues
  • Restaurants And Bars
  • Night Life
  • Casinos
  • Businesses that count on having to need a large number of employeess under their establishments

The reality that we currently have is one where we can’t even go to visit other family’s houses and friends just so that we can do our best to combat and win this battle against the deadly coronavirus!

Just Take A look At The Headlines!

Now I personally try not to watch the news- I tend to do a little bit of my own research so that I can come to my own conclusions about whatever that is, or may be going on in relation to anything that I am keeping myself updated in respect to anything that is going on so that I can be mindfully aware and conscious from within my heart, and soul-

about anything that is certainly not happening; Even if something’s about a grander scheme of things were to be true- I would certainly most advise the citizens of the world that it would be best to begin to consider other new- alternate possibilities-

and to think about sitting still and quiet or minds while we are stuck in our homes so that we can start to focusing on replenishing and cultivating our inner energy so that we can all as individuals unite together to connect our hearts, minds, and souls at the same time so that we can all start to work towards creating an alternative reality for ourselves away from all the madness that so far we are doing a great job about becoming more aware about the truth and lies that have been hidden,  and even as well as told to us for as long as since the beginning of recorded human history!

Now What?… Preparing For What Is To Possibly Come.

I wrote this blog post with the intent to help bring about awareness, and to serve as a sign of hope and possibility, for anyone who may be going through a hard time and maybe even help people confirm some things with themselves about the coronavirus-

But most importantly- I wrote this blog so that people can share valuable life-changing, life-saving, priceless information with their friends and loved ones!

If your current concern right now is being informed on how covid-19 affects employment because maybe you are starting to see the devastating economic effects that the coronavirus is already having on your local community-

Or maybe you are a smart person that is trying to get ahead of the curve because you know or feel deep down that things are changing and that it’s time to learn to adapt to these changes, so if you would like to stay up-to-date so that you can help do your part in helping those we care about get educated on ways that we can actually thrive in a real life scenario such as this one:

You are very much in luck my friend!

You have already read everything that I have needed to say so far-

But here’s where this post gets real for some of you:

Some of you are someone’s employee, with a job that isn’t stable and that it can’t make you an income because you have to follow the stay at home order and even wear a mask and gloves if you do.

Some of you already lost jobs, or are on the verge of losing them because their bosses (business owners) can’t afford to have you on their payroll anymore.

For someone out there who is probably currently waiting to- or can’t qualify to receive the government stimulus checks that the government is offering-

Or are probably already receiving it along with any other additional kind of government assistance like Social Security Disability Benefits, and what not?

That if you fall within, or identify within any of the descriptions described above:

Then you needed to wait until you had read the majority of this post so that you can be relieved to know that you have a real, regular guy (that’s me!) that can completely relate to you because what I was saying was that you have already read everything that I had to say to you up to this point…

But little did you knew until now:

(Unless you have been  browsing through and surfing the rest of the New Affiliates Guide website and taking a quick glance at my other blogs-)

That I am just one of the few million people in a world with a global population of 7+ Billion in the world that is still living in the United States that has been continuously learning to enjoy and expand in my skill set and knowledge that I have acquired since I started my journey as an online affiliate marketing blogger-entrepreneur in May 27, 2018!

I’m actually still a recipient of Social Security Disability Benefits, and I have already have seen the stimulus checks that they (people in general) have been talking about or receiving since the beginning of April-

My point is that I have found an awesome solution for those of you looking for a good way to start to create an income for yourself that may replace the income that you already have or going (or not) to receive in a while!

I have provided a link to a couple of blog posts that I have previously written to help you understand what it is that I do, and how I came about to start doing it for free just to test the value of the training that I have taken before becoming fully invested in my education by paying the best tuition fee that I would have paid in any kind of university-

Wether online or not!

Here are your links:

-How To Start Your Own Online Business From Home

What Do You Need To Start An Online Business?

Take Back Your Destiny!

So now that you know how covid 19 affects employment, and all the economic damage that is causing leaving businesses and employees without an income or revenue to keep continue to work or even run a business- most of you are probably going to be brought down economically to the level I’m currently temporarily on- I’m proud of myself for having written this content for you because I will feel like I could sleep much better knowing that I probably am going to make a difference and probably give someone a smile and a glow hope in their face for their day (or night) having been made!

How else do you think did the Covid-19, Coronavirus affect the employment rate and the economy?

Better yet- how can I best answer the questions that you are still needing answers to related to the economy, online marketing, and the possible future that awaits us depending on what we choose to do today?

Feel free to leave your questions, suggestions, as well as your open opinion in the comments section below!

Wishing You All The Best in Success, health, and prosperity!

Jose Reyes, Founder


About the Author

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is the founder of New Affiliates Guide.Com

He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

8 thoughts on “How Covid-19 Affects Employment

  1. The impart of covid-19 on social economic perspectives of our life’s cannot be over emphasis as it relates to the general well being of the survival of the world. A lot of business has fold up due to these pandemic. Investors lost largely to it. These diseases as caused more harm to everyone. But I know we will over come it

    1. Hello Peter, thank you for having dropped by to discuss on what can’t be overemphasized because after all- 

      there is some good coming of it: more people are starting- or have been forced to look beyond their current knowledge as far as job hunting goes- to learning that they can be starting their own online businesses!

      There are people thaat are starting to learn about cryptocurrency and bitcoin,

      all this shows me that the times and the econmy is changing.

      we have to be prepared for this digital age economy in an era of information and artificial intelligence technology.

  2. Hello there,  This pandemic has affected the world in ways that if we are not careful may lead to downsizing of companies as well as cause inflation to take place in various parts of the world. During the lockdown a lot of companies dropped some workers as a result of social distancing measure, which allow the few retained ones to work extra. Now most organization believe that they can do better with fewer staff thereby leading to unemployment in our country.

    thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. hello there- absolutely I am completely 100% with you on that recognizable fact, in fact it may more than likely start soon again like on 2024 so stay updated ahead with and through your sources for whatever it is that may come forth and present itself fora real win for sure!

      these companies and organizations won’t last the uprising of people who made smart decisions and choices in a financial scale.

  3. Great website!  It is showing so much hope in a environment that for many people feel hopeless.  You are shining a light for so many people out there that need the support and guidance to expand out of their comfort zone and finally be in control of their future.  Kudos for caring so much about your fellow man and share what you love.  I’ll be checking out your links!  thanks so much.

    1. Hello Jamie- Thank you for your kind input, and I hope that this is the goal that becomes the one that becomes most true out of all the ones- to become a shining light for those that are looking their way towards financial independence and freedom! You think about How Covid-19 Affects Employment, how badly it has affected work for so many people but times and the economy is changing-

      but you can clearly see that that there are other means to learn to get by,

      so clearly we’re not entirely screwed!

  4. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. There is no doubt that the negative effect that the Covid- 19 has caused a diversity in the nation’s economy and cannot be overemphasized. In effort to curtail the spread, businesses have been in closure and this has really caused financial hardship to many. However, despite this negative effects, I have learnt a lesson, which is good to build an extra source of income online.

    1. Hello there- thank you for your kind words! indeed it has created a time of uncertainty and hopelessness for most of the millions of Americans sitting at home because they are out of work and feel affected because of that. If you are one of the few that is currently making and using the best of their time and energy from the quarantine order and doing things to improve yourself- then congratulations- you keep on doing those deeds and habits- and you’ll be on your way at being one of those that found a way to make it work and succeed because you were hungry about starting an extra source of income!

      Better yet- you’ll have something that you will be able to leave to someone you love and care about if they also took the training, you know they will thank themselves later!

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