You have just recently made plans to meet up with a group of friends that you have not seen in a  while. It was the birthday weekend that you were anticipating and have been fantasizing about for the past two months because after all, it was your very own birthday that was gonna be celebrated the next night!

You go home in a very great mood because you’re excited about what may possibly happen tomorrow. You had spent the last 4 hours trying to plan how the course of the day was gonna be like, you might have been thinking up new ideas this whole time like maybe finishing the blog that you had set aside because you had other obligations to attend to.

You know that if you want to succeed, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and then some changes in the way you lived and viewed life, because deep down you also knew that what you were willing to sacrifice was not as great as your desire to achieve your dreams!

Not only were you feeling weighted down by your needing to be present in the lives of those you call your family, you were also neglecting the attention of the people that loved you!

Despite of the little guilt feeling that would take over sometimes, your excitement would overpower your deepest worries. “One day-” you say, “One day I’ll be looking back on this night and I’m gonna remember to thank myself for giving myself an opportunity of a lifetime!”

“I’ve made it this far to quit now!”- Balancing out your wants and needs

You wouldn’t want to live life regretting the choices that you made so far; because the moment that you do, it would be the moment that you made the mistake of regretting another mistake that you already made!  As funny as it may appear, it’s not so funny when you are fooling with your own destiny!

Allow me to offer a little more clarity: if you had chosen to pass up on the opportunity to learn something new, break a habit, or look for ways to improve your knowledge, or your talents, or  even turn down a position in a job that was less than desirable; it’s because you had reasons that were nothing more than excuses for why you would rather be doing something else, right?

You always had strong convictions for most of the decisions that you had made in your life!

So you definitely know what you don’t want in your life. What YOU DO NEED is to expand your mind!

At this very moment, you have the time to read this article, then you definitely have the time to do yourself a really small favor. Think of all the things that you are needing right now. Every single person that’s reading this right now has a unique story that is unfolding before their very eyes as we’re all here looking for solutions that we will be eventually come up with on our own.

You might think “well if I’m going to eventually find the solutions for the challenges that I want to overcome, then why would I need some guy to tell me what I should be doing with my own time?” my answer to you my friend, is to just follow your heart and trust your instincts!

You had made it this far in your life to be accepting anything less than you deserve!

I know that you are someone’s reason to look forward to a better tomorrow…

I chose to write this article because I wanted to be a reminder for others that are in need of guidance, to take a long look around yourselves and bring out to the surface, all the things that had been making you feel like they’re holding you back from ever doing your best at crushing those limitations that are not real.

That’s right! I did say that those limitations that you claim are YOURS are not really yours to begin with!

Why? Because you are the sum of the faith in your capabilities to which you were already imposing a nonexistent barrier that would cause you to doubt and worry on your ability to overcome your personal challenges.

You are not the things that happened in your life- the road least taken

I am also here to remind myself that I made a promise to you to always remain truthful to you, as well showing you that you are the reason why I look forward to a better tomorrow. I want my heart to reflect my desire in helping you reach a higher understanding that you are here because you obviously were meant for greater things!

New Affiliates Guide is nothing short of amazing, and if I’m to be honest with myself, I am sure that I was meant to create this website to be something much more than a simple guide to help people that don’t know what affiliate marketing is.

New Affiliates Guide was also created for people who are in need of a voice that understands that you may be struggling right now.

At the development stage of this website, I have the opportunity to show my audience that I too am just an average individual that is currently working hard so that I can reach more people that may be in need of a supportive mentor.

I would love for one day I may be appreciated for having been an inspiration for some of you because my dream is to turn people into self made success stories!

Just promise me that no matter how hard life may get, that we are always gonna work hard together in building the life that we all know we deserve.

Right now you may be looking for anything that will solve all your problems in an instant. For sure you may have even asked those closest to you to have faith and patience in you.

I know what it’s like to have people that make you feel like all you do is give them empty promises in regards of what you were going to do with your life.

You are much more talented than you realize- The awakening

How could I be able to know that I couldn’t create a website and maintain it, while creating content that will only increase it’s value as time goes on? Better yet, how was I going to know that I couldn’t do something that I never tried to learn?

Whose to say that any one of you can’t succeed as an affiliate marketer or whatever other career choice that you may choose to pursue in your life?

What is clearly evident is that we have been conditioned to believe that our full potential resided on our capacity to recognize how good we are at anything based on what had been accepted as normal expectations!

You may have always dreamed of writing that book that you never gotten around to begin with, because your only limitation was that intimidating thought of the grand task that was before you!

I say to you my friend, don’t sweat about something that you haven’t even gotten around to doing just yet because you haven’t gotten around to realizing that you just might end up enjoying it!

You are right about now in an important stage of your life where you are seriously considering the outcome of your current situation. What you decide to do today may affect how your life will play out tomorrow.

Don’t allow the obstacles in your life to be the sole reasons why you can’t achieve what you really want in this life. Fear and doubt is only a state of mind that you allow yourself to welcome into your life and they are definitely not what will define who you are; nor they are determining factors that will indicate how far you’ll go in your life.

Stop wondering about what if you was to fail because that is how you are already creating that possibility for your failure to become a reality.

You Are The Author Of Your Own Story- Write It With A Passion!

As I am the author, as well as the creator of my own story and destiny, I urge my audience to not be afraid to be different. Who is anyone to tell me that my website should only be about guiding my peers to learn how to be good affiliate marketers?

To me, being about my audience is just as important, if not, a much more important key into assuring that I will be successful at what I do.

I can’t ever stress this enough because if I was just creating content because I thought it’s what was best for you, I would have  to be the first to admit that I was severely mistaken. Because truth be told, I don’t know you, I don’t know what are your passions, I don’t know the kind of goals that you’re planning to crush.

But what I do know that what I’m doing is looking to connect with my audience. You may only know only a little bit about me, that I’m a complete beginner as an affiliate marketer and that I’m passionate about helping others.

my goal is simple apart from obvious: Not only did I create New Affiliates Guide for people who are barely looking to know about what is affiliate marketing and how can anyone become an affiliate marketer:

I created New Affiliates guide in the hopes of creating a team of like minded individuals who love to give back from the opportunities that have blessed us!

Of course there is always money involved for all the parties involved in any aspect, role, of their respective niche; both directly and indirectly. But what’s most important is that if you truly want to succeed in any business, give a piece of your heart in all that you do.

This is why I also created this website: to show you, my valuable audience, that I’m just like any of you. That if an average man that didn’t even graduated high school could do his best in becoming another online business success story, YOU CAN TOO!

The Grind Doesn’t End At A Finish Line- Become Your Own Champion

If I truly want to stand apart as a leader, mentor, guide, I obviously want to be genuine from the very beginning. That is why I let my audience know about what are my goals and my intentions in achieving them.

I originally had created another website which was going to be targeted towards gentlemen who have a thing for colognes, and who needed a source that would recommend them nothing but quality products with reviews and all that.

This is why I created this post, to be more than just an independent salesman. Because if you think about it, that’s exactly what an affiliate marketer is!

I wanted to create a website where I can connect with an audience on a much more personal level and I did. I’m glad that you are reading this because you are the reason why I have been doing my best to provide you with a service that you can count on as well as trust.

My plan to expand your mind was always a predetermined expectation!

My goal is to one day have created as many websites in a variety of niches that will only expand my reach as well as my influence in the lives of people who are only going to improve their lives eventually.

I want to be a living testimony that for those who will and have seen the evolution of this website since it’s humble beginning, to be witnesses of the kind of ambition you need if you want to be far from average.

My name is Jose Reyes, tomorrow, the 22nd of June, I will be celebrating my 30th Birthday. It still has been less than a month since I started my journey as an affiliate marketer.

I could have quit on my dreams so that others in my life could be happy that I’m around, and that I haven’t gotten to relieve myself on needing to rely on them. But I’m a man on a mission!

I am proud to say that I also just exceeded my personal goal in writing twice the amount of content on a single post!

If you’re ready to start your mission on creating a better life for you like I am: you won’t regret on making that decision, and I want you to know that I applaud you!

Jose Reyes, Founder


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