Can I Earn Money While On Disability?

Welcome To New Affiliates Guide!

In this post, I want to talk about a topic that I take seriously because it’s something that I’m still currently facing- but hopefully not for long!

I know that some of the visitors within my target audience will understand where I’m coming from when it comes to this topic because this is a common problem that is currently affecting millions of americans right now!

If you landed in this article, it’s likely that:

  • You, or someone you know is already receiving benefits in the form of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and, or, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and are somebody that is looking for options and information on a possible career path that could put you back on your feet, as long as you commit to dedicating time and effort into building your own online business.
  • You are somebody that is thinking about applying for social security benefits, or maybe you have, but are still considering your options while waiting to see if your case gets approved, and in most cases the waiting period can last months!

Regardless for the reason that you may to need to know if you can earn money while on disability, or how:

“I have wrote this blog post help you acquire the necessary information that you are going to be needing if your goal is to learn how you can make money while on disability, I want to share with you how you can start receiving free training from the best online entrepreneur university in the world!”

If you’re someone that is serious about gaining back your independence-

I want to pay this blessing forward to you, because I believe that you deserve to give yourself a chance to create a better quality of life for you and the people that are most important in your life!

Meet A Disabled Entrepreneur

Just so you can have a glimpse of the man that is responsible for creating the content  found throughout this website,  I’m going to be revealing some more, real details about myself and what I’m doing to change my current situation.

When I was 7 years old I was diagnosed of being hard-of-hearing, with Scoliosis, and Bipolar Disorder.

I, until I reached my 21st Birthday, I had worked a variety of different positions in different types of jobs since I was 17. Those job positions included:

Working as a cafeteria server/ bus boy for the last private school that I had attended that would pay me $6.50 an hour until I emancipated. (Turned 18- I lived in a handful of foster homes and group homes as a youth.)

Working for only one day at a factory that would make and pack all the Amy’s Kitchen canned and frozen products.

This factory was going to pay me $10/ hour. I quit that day for some ridiculous reasons. That Amy’s Kitchen was in the same city as the school that I had emancipated from: Santa Rosa, Ca- USA.

Sometimes I used to do odd jobs like wash neighbors cars just to get some extra bucks!

other job positions that I had held in the past included: a Mover, a Cleaner, a Customer Service Representative for Albertsons, a Cashier and Presenter for McDonald’s, I even took a role as an unofficial personal assistant!

It was at 21 Years Old were I was pressured to apply for Social Security Benefits. I had waited 6 months before I was finally approved, and the wait was painful!

Even more so now that I think of it, believe me!

So fast forward to present day:

I am now 30 years old, I had been stuck in the learning phase for years without much action, and of course I have had my share of bad experiences with online business scams-

but I think it  kind of only made me smarter to look for the signs of  typical money making system business funnels and what not.

It wasn’t until the near end of May ’18 that I had finally found what felt like late:

It was the golden opportunity that I knew without a doubt was the one that was going to change my life- with good reason too!

How I Began My Blogging Career

This is why you’re even here to begin with:

You are reading this blog post on this website that was created with an awesome website builder-&-web hosting service tool that is part of a unique learning community.

This tool that I’m speaking of, is an awesome tool that is available to members that are part of an online entrepreneur university that I’m currently a premium member of.

Siterubix is one of the most powerful tools that any self respecting entrepreneur should have on their side-

Did I mention that these websites are powered by WordPress?

Siterubix can create a premium grade website for you in about 30 seconds!

SEO-friendly, and compatible on any device, this tool offers an excellent viewing quality no matter wether your readers are on their own computer, laptop, or smartphone!

In case you haven’t noticed, most website builders:

-provide value in how well their websites look and are powered. But they never really teach you anything!

-They just give you a guide inside your back office that serves as a manual that you can refer to when you want to know how to use their services many functionalities.

-They just only serve as a platform that you can use to have a base for your business.

Not all beautiful website makers or domain and web hosting registrars are equipped with the means to, or simply don’t provide you a video walk-through on what you must need to learn how to do in order to set you up your online business and have you prepared for long term success!

What You Probably Didn’t Know Of The Social Security Administration

So what I wanted to share with you ladies and gentlemen, that if you happen to be receiving either one, or both of these benefits mentioned above, (the SSDI, and the SSI): You are more than qualified to request to be put in the Ticket To Work and Self Sufficiency Program.

This voluntary program has been designed to help people that want to get back on their feet by helping these people find good jobs, good careers, and better self supporting futures.

You must be between the ages of 18 and 64 in order to qualify for the Ticket To Work program.

If you were to be a participant in this program you would be provided with more choices for receiving employment as well as other support services in order to help you reach your work goals.

Participants in this program can assign their Ticket to an Employer Network (EN) or they can choose to receive services from a Vocational Rehabilitation Agency in the state in which they live in.

Whichever one these providers that you choose to assist in you receiving employment, as a beneficiary, you can receive career counseling, job placement, and ongoing employment support services.

Other services such as workplace accommodation assistance, and transportation may be available to you depending on the offerings of individual providers and the needs of beneficiaries.

A beneficiary can work with an EN that can help them identify what kind of work goals that a beneficiary is looking to achieve, an can come up with an Individual Work Plan (IWP) that both the beneficiary, and the EN can work on to meet those goals.

Other Things You Should Know:

Upon Signing up and being accepted into the Ticket To Work Program, you can, still receive some, and sometimes in some cases, all of the benefits that you are currently still receiving from social security even while you’re receiving payment from your employer!

Although the Ticket To Work program is cool for anyone looking to improve their quality of life, and that want to be able to make at least  a little more money than they are probably currently receiving.

Do you really want to trade your time for a set amount of monthly income in a job in which you will be helping your boss reap the fruits of your hard work?

are you seriously willing to give up that freedom that you have that allows you to take care of yourself, as well as any pending priorities, for a job that takes up most of your time with hardly any opportunity to earn much more money over time?

I know that I sure as heck don’t!

I want more out of life- and so should you!

How I’m Planning To Improve My Life

Allow me to explain why I refused to go the route of requesting to be placed in the Ticket To Work program:

For starters, even before I became aware of the existence of Wealthy Affiliate: an online university for people that are entrepreneur-minded, I’m talking even as far as 2 years before having found it-

I always knew that in my heart I had a huge desire in becoming an entrepreneur, and living a life style that many people only will ever dream about.

I have read and looked into many things to find an indication of what I was to expect of my future and potential, and sure enough:

It’s as if I am that much closer to fulfilling my life’s purpose!

It has probably been 9 months since I had joined a this amazing Online Entrepreneur University for free on May 27.

With the free Starter Membership:

I got to test drive the awesome training made for aspiring affiliate marketers, and I was smart by taking advantage of a discount that they had for me to upgrade to their Premium Membership.

Read My Personal Experience And What I Got From Completing The 1st Level- And What YOU Can Expect: Click Here

I upgraded 7 days later to the Premium Membership on June 3rd as an early birthday gift to myself. And this is why-

In doing so:

I had unlocked all of the 5 levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course among some of the other privileges that I got instantly after upgrading!

Each level in the OEC Course contains 10 lessons that I believe that all of them may contain video walk-through trainings that are hosted throughout the entirety of this course by Kyle, one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

His partner, Carson, is always equally present, but he’s our behind the scenes affiliate marketing expert working with the tech guys that are always finding ways to improve our learning experience here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I had provided a membership chart below so that my readers can get an idea of what other perks they can expect to receive should they choose to upgrade to the premium membership as well:

I got to be honest with you guys about what I don’t know for sure though:

Although I’m 3 months away from it having been a year since I had joined  Wealthy Affiliate-

I’m only still on the 3rd level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course waiting to still complete lesson 6!

I have no doubt in my mind that possibly, all of the levels have high quality walk through videos on each lesson on how to complete certain tasks that we are given in order to complete those lessons in the same way that I had learned to do so up to this point of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course!

After having gone so far in this course, I had decided to change direction and go for completing the Affiliate Boot Camp instead.

Here’s my reason why:

After I had long upgraded to the Premium Membership, I found out hat the Affiliate Boot Camp was a course that Wealthy Affiliate offered to its members that had started businesses-websites that were in a niche that was related to promoting the Wealthy Affiliate-affiliate program.

I realized this mistake after I have decided to see how the Affiliate Boot Camp differed from the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, to which to my dismay, had discovered that the training wasn’t much difference in either one of these two.

The only difference that I could note was that although they seemed to be the same training- everything from how the content was written and displayed, and how the walk through training videos were created- somehow they just felt different!

As you can see in the chart above, that the 1st Phase (there’s 7 phases) of the Affiliate Boot Camp is also available to Starter Members, so if you’re thinking on starting a website that’s going to be in a niche that is relevant to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate-

Please, do not end up making the same mistake that I have by taking the OECC!

Want to learn about an awesome keyword research and competition analysis tool?

I can make unlimited searches with it as a Premium Member!

It helps me find low competition keywords that could help me rank on the first pages of any search engine for those very keywords!

Well what are you doing still reading this?

Click Here To Read About Jaaxy!

Let’s Break Out Of Our Financial Chains!

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen!

We are now nearing towards the end of this article, and I have written it so that it can be a means to provide my readers a solution to a common problem affecting most of us who expect more out of life!

Go To Wealthy Affiliate!

My name is Jose: just some regular guy that does not consider my disabilities to limit my ability to learn and be willing to improve my quality of life after all-

I deserve to live better!

Why not work towards achieving my crazy yet, very possible goals, while hoping to motivate others in a similar situation as me, to do the same for themselves?

If you have any questions please do feel free to leave them below in a comment and I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can so that you can achieve all of your personal and business goals!

Wishing You Success In Your Life,

Jose Reyes, Founder


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About the Author

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is the founder of New Affiliates Guide.Com

He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

36 thoughts on “Can I Earn Money While On Disability?

  1. Great Content and Information!

    What a concise and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. Disability does not stop anyone from achieving success and wealthy affiliate is a great platform to help out. My cousin who invited me to wealthy affiliate is disabled and he is making good cash on the platform on daily basis. This is a platform where you can learn and earn and I can bet you the benefits are enormous.

    1. Thank you Wealthfather,

      I had to put what I could do do so as to keep moving forward and I’m going to have to have to be updating this post at some point at least once a year so as to keep making sure that my website is good with the search engines so that I can maintain a good ranking since that’s the goal in the first place:

      it’s what gets you the traffic  that can lead you to be generating an income most people only dream about….

      But we aren’t most people, right!?

      stay blessed Wealthfather

  2. There is ability in disability. Yes you can earn money while been considered disable. As a blogger you have all the time in the world to properly design, write your content and mastering your WordPress .

    This post is an eye opener for everyone  who thought of disability as barrier. Personally I don’t see disability as a blockage to doing well as a blogger or affiliate marketer.

    1. How are you Olanike,

      absolutely! The only limitations that exist are the ones that people place on themselves! In this day and age, it is completely unlawful to discriminate a prospective employee based on many things, one of them being because of the interviewee’s disability. But do you really have to settle for a regular job?

      I seen a man on a wheelchair working at Home Depot and I thought to myself, “wonder if that guy would even care to know that he can give himself a better chance at life from what can be accomplished as a result from the training in Wealthy Affiliate- and actually take action?”

      its all in the will and drive of an individual!

  3. I am really inspired by you. With your seeming disability, you have been able to maintain your positivity and resolve to make something meaningful out of your life. 

    I’m also hoping to make good success online as well, and I even feel more inspired after reading your post. I wish you the best in your online business, you’re doing a great work

    1. Thank you Louis,

      How do I respond to that? The way I see it is that I am very much aware of the countless of people are already making a good living making money online, that I saw no reason why I couldn’t either! I mean, I’m grateful that I have writing skills and even a creative side (what better way to demonstrate my talents?) So I figured what do I have to lose?

      so far I’m nearing close to the date in which I joined Wealthy Affiliate last year on, May 27. It’s been a tough journey at least for me but I’m enjoying it because I’m not worried because I know I will achieve the success that I expect to achieve!

      thank you for having left such an awesome comment!

  4. Dear Jose,

    I am pleased to come across your article.

    I have a family member currently receiving SSDI. I thought once you are labelled as ‘disabled’ there are no much of prospect into earning money. Your article changed my attitude. And, now I can talk to my family member about doing some part-time earnings through wealthy affiliate system. Thanks for enlighting us.

    Bless you.

    1. Hello ShaniL,

      I thank you for having chosen to visit this article because it gives me the fuel that I need to keep going and doing what I do. is not the only website that I will be working on, I have another one on standby that I know I will crush once I get traction going with what I feel is still a challenging project for me, but here I am!

      you’re definitely welcome! Tell your family member that they are not alone: inside we have a very active and supportive community, and our members thrive most when we function on a pay it forward tradition, as is always the case! 

      It’s time to earn your independence back!

      may your wishes for a life blessings be returned and paid in double!

  5. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. I must be sincere, I was introduced to wealthy affiliate few months ago before I finally joined. Wealthy affiliates is a business that it’s easy to move around either at home or on a trip. I do this business at home with ease. Wealthy affiliate is the best make money online while at home. Good write, best regards 

    1. Hello Adamuts!

      Thank you for having enjoyed my article, I am really grateful for your participation and having dropped by to leave this awesome comment. I can feel your enthusiasm and excitement, and believe me when I say that it’s contagious, because I know that you know how awesome this affiliate marketing university is!

      wishing you a lifetime of success and prosperity!

      stay blessed my friend!

  6. Hi Jose,

    I like your positivity, your enthusiasm to make it in life to be financially independent despite being disabled physically and emotionally.
    Our success really starts with ourselves. We can ask help along the way, but we have to act first so people will know that we are sincere in our efforts to succeed.
    I’m also a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and slowly building my website. We are lucky to have found this platform with amazing trainings and very supportive community.

    I wish you good luck in your success!


    1. Hello Marita,

      Your words are encouraging and motivating so I truly appreciate your support!

      Thank you, the way I see it: if nobody wants to give you an opportunity to excel in life, screw them, you go out and create one for your damn self!

      and if you’re also a premium member inside Wealthy Affiliate, then you must be aware of the endless potential that can be achieved from the training, and community support found inside.

      but let me have you ponder something crazy: how many of your friends and family, wether they have good jobs or not, even if they just have a “regular job”, how many of them that you talked to about Wealthy Affiliate, actually gave themselves an honest chance with the platform?

      Why is that?

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment

      Hope You Make It To The Vegas Super Affiliate Conference!

  7. Hi there

    This is really an informative and inspirational post. I am really motivated by your story. There is no limit to what one can achieve because everything comes from your subconscious mind. I could have easily the contented with the $6.5 per hour job because of my deficiency if I were in your shoes. Joining Wealthy Affiliate and upgrading to my membership to premiun has really improve my life.

    1. Thank you so much for your supportive comment kehinde. It is very true on what you said about there being no limit as to what one can achieve through positively programming our minds using powerful manifestation techniques. Although my readers may not even know what is some of the stuff that Kehinde and others have been commenting on, I assure that I have done so to improve your user experience.

      On the other hand, Kehinde was wise in going premium at wealthy affiliate, not only does he have the ability to get up to 50 websites, he is also able to use and make unlimited keyword research and competition analysis tool that makes our lives easier as affiliate marketers since it helps us find keywords that we can have a higher chance to rank on the first pages of search engines, primarily Google.

      I am currently working on a new article where I will be covering this topic, so let me know if you want to remain updated!

  8. This is a very inspirational writeup considering what you went through and yet didn’t give up. I’m inspired. Taking into notice that never let your disability pull you down is amazing. I would love to know how to apply for the Social Security Benefits so I can refer others with the need to it. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself, I can’t wait to read about your testimonies. 

    1. Hello Michelle!

      your comment was very sweet and uplifting, thank you for making me feel like I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do and it feels great to know that people actually notice that, and respond so that is how I know that I’m heading in the right direction!

      I will definitely, one day, share some awesome testimonials that are sure to help my audience make a sold decision on taking advantage of an incredible opportunity of a lifetime!

      Thank you for submitting your comment and reading my article on whether or not can I earn money while on disability, and for having visited

  9. yes of course you can make money online! The wealthy affiliate program is for all, and there’s no discrimination of any kind… If you can read and comprehend, you can read and understand very well, why not? You can even earn more money than someone who is phisically-abled. You just need to be self motivated about the whole idea of this platform, getting to understand it, and taking action!

    1. Hello Donas, 

      You are absolutely right about having to be self motivated if you want to be successful in your online business! I am nearing the mark of being a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, and it is just now realized that I could be making at least some kind of decent money just by submitting comments to other websites, I mean how cool is that?

      thank you for having written your comment, have a great day!

  10. Sorry about your situations. This is really a big encouragement to anyone that reads your article. There are people who are not disabled in anyway but they always find excuses for not succeeding and don’t do anything either to improve themselves but you are disabled, yet you can achieve a lot. In this part of the world where I am, it is very difficult or rare to find a disabled person who is a blogger. I really commend you will power. You are powerful. 

    1. No need to be sorry for me having been born with disabilities! If I appreciate your kind words and although it’s true, I’m fortunate to not have gotten something worse like being blind and not be able to be a blogger! Anything worth fighting for is always met with the desire to be pumped up about what you know and just smash that goal!

      you are a reflection of the way you see me, so what I’m saying is that recognize that you too, are powerful!

      thanks for submitting yourcomment!

  11. Wealthy Affiliate caters for everybody, disability does not stand as a barrier. 

    I am happy you have found your way into this gold mine called wealthy affiliate. Like you rightly stated, they are an online university and their teaching skills are top notch. As one that wants to make money online, whether disabled or not, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be. 

    1. That’s a very solid truth that you had shared about wealthy affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate caters to everyone and anyone looking to learn how to properly begin your own affiliate marketing website, and I believe that I may be more happy to have found this awesome online university for entrepreneurs; because I know that because of the high quality training that they offer is why I know I will be grateful for my success!

      Happy Friday!

  12. Hi there Jose! I just finished reading your article about making money whilst on disability. This is a real inspiration to anyone looking for information on this subject. Your website is great and I feel like I really connected with you as I read the article. 

    I believe in the law of attraction and visualising the end goal is something that I try to do on a daily basis. Although I am not classed as disabled, I do have problems getting work because I have issues with the joints in my legs. Any physical work is very difficult for me but I don’t have very good qualifications either, so getting a good office job is never going to happen.

    I started looking around for “work at home” opportunities some time ago and found it very difficult to find anything that wasn’t a complete scam. 

    But I think in the same way as you, I am eager to learn new skills now and I believe that I deserve a better life. Hopefully the Wealthy Affiliate membership might be able to help with that.

    Thank you for the recommendation!   

    1. Hello Andrew, how are you doing today? Thank you for reading this article and it brings me satisfaction knowing that you have enjoyed it because not only are you helping out in making new affiliates guide, a website that is set on making a difference in people’s lives!

      I’m glad that you felt like you connected with me through this article- I have actually gave it a major work over from the moment you had last read it: So for my readers, I apologize if you don’t see any of the content that he’s talking about because I had long done cleaned it up and made it more shorter and easier for your reading convenience!

      but if there’s anything that you can count on, is that the training that you could receive from WA can help you acquire the necessary skills needed to know how to start a business and these are skills that are going to be following us for the rest of our lives!

      You are most welcome Andrew, just make sure to come back and let us know how you’re progressing in a future article that I will be posting so stay tuned!

      enjoy your weekend!

  13. This is a great, informative, as well as an educative article worthy of commendation. I love a quote I read somewhere: “there is ability in every disability”. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember where! Your ability is only limited by your mind not capacity. I perfectly understand your points especially with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or, Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In fairness to the bodies they are actually trying but the policy is so robust and the legal work is very tedious.
    We can start our journey into the online business world through wealthy affiliate with 99% chance of success! Though it requires effort, time and seriousness to succeed with wealthy affiliate like any other online or offline business. I know this because I have been into this myself for some times now and I have not make millions but I see and believe the prospect! Good thing about wealthy affiliate is that you can do other things as it requires little time and capital!
    Ride on mate sky is not the limit!

    1. Why, thank you so much for posting this awesome comment on this article, and thank you for visiting too, it means a lot to me to know that I was able to clear some points about Social Security because I would love nothing more than to see people get better, to overcome all their challenges, and most importantly, succeed on their own by learning how to start their own online business by becoming a blogger!

      I can’t wait for one day have a beautiful proof to show my audience that if I have been able to achieve all that I had in my life, if I had managed to successfully opt out of receiving Social Security benefits, and create a passive income for myself, then for sure, anyone who currently find themselves in the same boat as I, can definitely achieve what I know will accomplish one day!

  14. Hi Jose…

    Congratulation for taking this bold step, . Believe me, you won’t regret being a member of wealthy affiliate. Disability is never a barrier in affiliate marketing infact you can even channel all your energy into making sure that your website is the top ranked website by Google and earn good commissions from affiliate links. I’ll be visiting your website time to time. 

    Warm Regards 


    1. What’s up Sammy-

      Thanks for being awesome, I couldn’t have been more proud of making a decision in my life- specially when it comes to making one that I know is bound to change my life as this part of my journey began when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

      I couldn’t have found a better way that I would have wanted to start my online entrepreneural career!

      Thank you for having been so kind in providing this comment, I will definitely be happy to further engage with you, I will also be open to your suggestions on how to improve this website!

      May Your Business Prosper!


  15. Great info.  I would like to go on your website and read more closely.  My only critique was that your articles seem really long with only a few headings to break them up.  If it was me, I would break them up a little to provide more readability.  Other than that, it looks great, well laid out, and interesting.  RhondaLeigh

    1. Hello there again, RhondaLeigh. 

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I am still currently developing and updating my website while working on creating more content to add further value to it. However I do appreciate your constructive criticism and I do share the same opinion and will look into how I can make my articles, more reader friendly!

      Thank you for having been so kind in being helpful on how I can improve my  New Affiliates Guide website- your guide to affiliate marketing!

  16. The Internet has certainly changed the way people gain career skills, and I applaud Wealthy Affiliate for making it possible for people with a tight budget to get into online marketing. If you do the math, it only cost about $1 per day to learn the skills and maintain a website (or several websites). For me, that’s ridiculously cheap compared to what I paid – almost $600 for a 3 day course – when I first tried to get into online business. 

    If you stay till the end of the year, you might get a chance to reduce your membership fee to $299 during their Black Friday offer. So stay tuned. 

    1. Hello Cathy, thank you for adding your opinion on this article!

      it sure is amazing when you think back on all types of achievements and success stories that have been made as a result of, and from the internet. What I can agree with you is that it’s a relief to know that the cost of having the education, and access to state of the art tools and platforms found at Wealthy Affiliate, is by far the best kind of tuition that anybody could ever be happy to pay when in the long run after having put forth a lot effort into their business, that money- starts paying you back- talking about a real ROI!

      Oh, best believe me Cathy- I have every intention of staying a lifetime member! I will definitely look into the Black Friday offer, which is going to be another point of focus that I will need to think of content ideas for the future.

      Have yourself a wonderful Friday!

  17. Its so interesting to see that a disabled entrepreneur also could also perform perfectly as a blogger, maybe even more than someone who is not disabled. I find this very inspiring and motivating. Also the aspect you wrote in your post about Social Security Administration also really caught my attention as i knew next to nothing about the subject prior to reading your post. Thanks so much for the informative article. It has really been helpful. 

    1. Hello Dapcoach, I appreciate your motivating comment! One’s disability isn’t always one’s limitation on as to how much they could accomplish wether that be a blogger, YouTube influencer, or whatever it is that you guys choose to be.

      although I’m only writing what I found and know about the Social Security Administration from what research I have done about the kind of options available to disability beneficiaries, I am by no means an expert nor an authority, nor am I authorized to answer questions. I’m only here to provide a means for me to be able to take back their lives and have an opportunity to give themselves a better quality of life.

      They couldn’t find a better kind of education worth learning in my opinion, and learning how to run a successful Affiliate marketing business… It’s by far the coolest school that I have ever attented, and best believe I was meant to stay!

  18. Hi Jose,
    After reading about your struggling life, I could not but congratulate you. I am very inspired by reading your article and I believe that it will give me much encouragement to my work. In the last phase of your long career, you have found confidence in joining in the Wealthy Affiliate program. I have already joined this program as a premium member and I can learn many important things as well as earn it. I believe that through this I can be established in the future. Thank you very much for writing this article.

    1. Hello dear reader, how do you do? I apologize if I haven’t gotten your name, but I truly hope that you find yourself at your most exciting parts of your training at the moment. I’m sure you’re taking advantage of all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, you know that what you’re currently visualizing- that’s for you to stay focused on:

      Because your why has to be bigger than your how and I can’t wait to hopefully have a success story to share with proof and all so that my readership can see what is possible with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate!

      Thank you for reading this article on “Can I Earn Money While On Disability?”

      To Your Success,


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