Best Work At Home Opportunity: The Discovery I Wished I Made Years Ago!

Hey there! You found my New Affiliates Guide website, welcome!

In this post I’m going to be talking to you about the best work at home opportunity that I wished that I could had found out about like five years ago. I had been played for my money and I know how it feels to be disappointed by scams. This is honestly the only affiliate marketing platform I ever felt confident of.

Hi, my name is Jose Reyes, founder of


Before I even got around to creating this website, before I even thought of how my website would be like, I was thinking about how I could best serve you. I got to admit that even way before I got to find out that I could have my own customized website in minutes with just a few clicks, I was still more or less in the dark about how I could set myself up for financial success!

I probably had watched hundreds of YouTube videos on afiliate marketing and affiliate programs, blogging, and even videos on how to create a website. I at one point didn’t know what the definition of niche was, heck, not even what was SEO! I used to assume that SEO was some advanced coding skills that you had to learn and apply in order to be ahead of the competition (I was almost kind of right!).

I realized that no matter how many videos I watched, or blog posts that I would read, if I wasn’t putting to practice anything that I may have learned in all of these things, I wasn’t getting myself any closer to even having something that could hardly be called a starting business.

I was just not applying anything that I was learning because I believed that I needed to put money that I didn’t have in order to run a business online.


How I made the discovery: And I’m glad that I did!

There may come a point in your life when you finally make the breakthrough that you most needed. I am here to assure with all the confidence in the world, that by you having chosen to drop in on this website that you had, come to the right place!

Less than a month ago, I was still doing exactly what you may be doing right now: LOOKING TO FIND OUT HOW I COULD MAKE MONEY ONLINE!

After years of learning about what affiliate marketing was and how it worked, I was more than sure that becoming an affiliate marketer was the way to go!

I was reading a review about another company that a friend found on his phone because I was talking to him about it. I don’t know what made me copy the URL for the website that had that review, but I sure am glad that I did!

The company in question was named The Midas Legacy, which I was glad to find out it wasn’t a scam; but I’m thankful that I read that review because it lead me to something much more better than having investing lessons sent to my house

Wealthy Affiliate: The discovery that changed my life!

Why would I write something like this so confidently about an affiliate marketing training, and community platform?

Because after clicking on a link like the one above, that directed me to a landing page to which I signed up for afterwards, (signing up is FREE!) I got to find out real quick, why Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was the best in teaching even the most inexperienced newbies on how to create and succeed in their own online business!

What I’ve learned upon signing up at WA

For those of you wondering if you require a credit card to sign up, YOU DON’T!

  • There are 2 types of membership at WA: The Starter and the Premium.

I began my membership as a starter, obviously, and after I took the tour of the platform and all the features that it had to offer, I was anxious to begin on my first of the ten lessons of the first level!

As a starter member, you get:

Access to the first level in the WA platform (there are 5 levels.) with 10 lessons. (Beginner Training Course)

To create 2 websites that would be hosted on a free domain

Free website backup

Have your own personal affiliate blog within the WA community

Access to Phase 1 of the 7 Phases of the affiliate bootcamp training

Video Walk Throughs on how to complete the tasks within the lessons

To use the keyword research tool (called Jaaxy) for a limit of 30 searches (for SEO)

2 training classrooms

Affiliate Program (make money promoting WA)

The opportunity to earn while you learn

Access to 1 on 1 coaching and Live Help from other WA members for 7 days after signing up 


You Should See Why I Am Excited About Writing This!

With all the honesty that you deserve, and the benefit of having a total  newbie walking you through his own personal experience in the WA platform, I must say that I wished I had found this amazing community a long time ago!

But of course, things happen for a reason and sometimes you have to go through a few things in order to be able to appreciate all the blessings you receive when they do come your way…

So what did I end up doing after realizing the huge potential of this amazing platform?

It was the 27th of May when I let the curiosity truly get the best of me. I clicked on a weblink that looked like the ones you see throughout the New Affiliates Guide website that you’re seeing right now, and I think I could never get tired of saying this but I’m sure am glad that I did!

I decided to visit Wealthy Affiliate: I probably read everything on the landing page before I decided to sign up for the free starter membership. I filled out my profile, and for the next few days I would try to complete as many lessons as I could during the weekend.

That weekend was driving me nuts! I found myself trying to learn and complete as much of the tasks within the lessons as I could while trying my best to be a part of a birthday barbecue where I kept getting in trouble because I would stay glued to the phone!

So what did I do? It was the 3rd of june when I finally decided to upgrade to the Premium membership. I’m not gonna lie to you, I actually chose to wait until that date before I wanted to go premium. I was already way into the 7th lesson lesson of the 1st level when I did. The main reason why I did is because I wanted to give myself the opportunity to take advantage of the amazing deal that they were offering for the first month for me to upgrade to premium.

It was a whopping 61% off of the original price! It normally costs $49 a month for the Premium membership, but because I accepted the invitation to give Wealthy Affiliate a try, I paid just $19! Even at $49 a month the value and the training, as well as the support that you get out of the WA training is worth many times over!

What I got access to upon upgrading to premium:

All the above! plus:

Private Messaging

Unlimited live help from other members ( we have a very supportive community 24/7 )

The ability to create up to 50 websites! (This is my second one on my own domain)

Access to all 5 levels of the online certification course ( I’m almost to the 3rd level, the money part! 😉 )

Access to all 7 phases in the WA Affiliate Bootcamp

Unlimited searches on the keyword research tool

Access to all live training classrooms ( you can always go them after in case you miss them.)

The privilege to earn 2x’s the commissions on all WA sales!

unlimited 1 on 1 coaching 

12 training classrooms

Unlimited website support 24/7 365!

Access to website feedback and comment platforms

Website analysis

So what are you waiting for? If you always wanted to know how to make it as an affiliate marketer, this is where you need to be! wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for WA!

Your future is now! make your dreams come true!


This website will evolve in time. There is 7+ billion people on the planet and all of them will always need someone to help them gain something at any time. If anything, affiliate marketing is here to stay and it’s only going to grow!

I’m telling you, I can’t stress enough about how precise the WA platform is.

It has been less than a month and Google has already found my New Affiliates Guide website, indexed it, and it’s only going to go up in ranking where people are gonna end up finding my website easier!

If you are a complete newbie and have no idea what affiliate marketing is, and if you are visiting this website looking to learn about affiliate marketing, you are definitely luckier than I ever was years ago!

There are literally millions of products online across hundreds of niches, think of the things you are passionate about because someone somewhere needs you to help them share whatever it is that you would be happy to share with the world because they deserve to know why they should like what you like. If they already share a passion with you, be the one to tell them that you understand their needs!


I want you to know that I am here for you, come inside and see for yourself why I’m going to be successful, and you too, deserve to realize that you can live life on your own terms.

I will be following you once you sign up and fill out your profile because I once needed moral support and even a mentor. I am here for those who need someone because I never had that until now… LET ME PAY IT FORWARD! Join our family!

Your friend and business partner,

Jose Reyes,






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