Best Job Without Having A High School Diploma

Hello Weary Job Seekers,

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I know how stressful and dreadful it is to go JOB hunting. Fortunately for most of us, in today’s computer age, a job search is no longer having to get in a car and inquire in person with the following question: “are you hiring?”

Even if you had to inquire in person, there’s always that next hurdle that most people have to deal with: going to a job site even if it’s not for an interview, it’s like getting on a stage and dealing with stage fright! What about wondering if they liked you, or if they even truly mean it when they say that they’ll give you a call when there’s an opening for the position that you applied for? Nerve-racking! Forget it, not for me!

What about for those of us who feel like we don’t have as many career options due to not being able to meet certain education requirements?

The Truth About The Founder: He’s A High School Dropout!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, indeed I am a high school dropout.

Well, I actually managed to go all the way up to the 12th grade, passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) on my first try, which I just barely got to find out through a Google search that it got discontinued in 2015 after a decade of mandatory torture! (wow!)

But I didn’t graduate. That certainly didn’t happen. I didn’t even try to get my GED throughout the years!

What happened?

When I emancipated at 18 years old, I could no longer attend the school that I used to be in and instead of accepting to go to Job Corp, I decided to move to a coed transitional house because before that I spent most of my life in foster homes and group homes.

Fast forward to present day:  I am now a 30 year-old professional slacker- just kidding!

I have actually found my calling as a blogger and affiliate marketer. A little late in finding that calling if you ask me; but here I am using my passion for writing and expressing my joy of having the opportunity to be able to help people discover that they do have a chance to create the life that they most desire for themselves and that’s why I’m here: to help you find that you can create your own online business by creating your own website just like I created

I am going to show you how to do just that!

Ladies and gentlemen, this article is about the best job without having a high school diploma.

What’s It Like To Be A Blogger-Affiliate Marketer?

Is it easy? It can be if you’re passionate about what you’re writing about. You would have to be ok with writing if you want to succeed as an online marketer. Because no matter what you’re going to be writing about, you’re going to have to put in some serious effort especially as a new presence in the online world.

WHAT IS A BLOGGER? A blogger is a person who regularly writes material for a blog or website.

WHAT IS AN AFFILIATE MARKETER?  An affiliate marketer in essence, is an independent associate that may not have any direct connection to another online marketing website, company or brand, that pays the affiliate marketer a commission whenever a visitor completes a certain action. That may be in a form of clicking on link, making a purchase, or even signing up to a newsletter, or a membership to a product service which requires the visitor to submit their information details such as name, phone number, email address, and sometimes even choosing a profile name and password.

For more in depth information on what is affiliate marketing and how it works, please visit the following highlighted link:

What Is Affiliate Marketing And How It Works

What Does It Take To Run A Successful Online Business?

It is stated inside a learning community-platform that I am a premium member of, that your first year as an affiliate marketer is the most critical especially if you’re someone who is just getting started and learning the ropes on how to make money online. I can attest to the fact that a real online business that is going to stick around for a long time, is not a get rich quick scheme!

People ask all the time “how long will it take before we start making money?” And as tiring as it may be to say it because I know it sounds very cliche, the reality is that it depends. It depends on your level of commitment. It depends on how eager you are to learn all that you need to learn in order to achieve whatever financial goals that you have set for yourself even if right now what you desire is nothing but a dream.

I understand that most of you have other commitments that eat up most of your valuable time: you have a full or part time job, family or children to take care of, etc., but if you treat your business as seriously as you take your current job, best believe you will eventually find out that what you have right here is something that will last a lifetime as opposed to earning measly wages and incomes in comparison to what you could truly achieve if your why is much more bigger than your how.

Ditch the traditional job mindset and start thinking like an entrepreneur!

Would you rather trade your time for money and work for someone else?


Would you rather invest your time learning how to run a successful online business that has no limitations on how much you can actually make?

Because the reality it takes the same amount of effort to sell a $50 product that it takes to sell one that is worth $500!

Allow me to suggest you read this amazing blog post by Jerry Huang, a 21-year old 4-figure earner and expert affiliate marketer that is also a fellow Premium Member in the Entrepreneur University that I’m also a Premium Member of

To go to Jerry’s blog post inside the university click the link below:

ARE YOU WILLING TO WORK FOR FREE? (The Secret To Success In Anything!)

P.S- You will find out that you can sign up for free for the Starter Membership with access to the live chat help and 1-1 Coaching for the first 7 days! (The Starter Membership will remain free even after the 7 days!)

I Will Remain A Premium Member For Life!

That’s a pretty bold statement, right? I know that because I stand firm in what I’m talking about!

Let me explain: so how exactly was New Affiliates Guide possible? I owe my coming success to Wealthy Affiliate! I had a friend look up a review on another service that I had invested in and the guy that wrote that review (I forgot his name!) had created and owned his own business/website where my friend found that review from a Google search, was writing about his number one recommendation for anyone trying to learn how to make money online and how to start their own online business (website) for free.

I remember the date I first signed up: May 27th, roughly 6 months ago!

Once inside, I got to find out right away why this guy was so excited about recommending Wealthy Affiliate University to all interested in affiliate marketing that even seasoned professionals would sign up for its rewarding affiliate program!

I know, because it’s my number one recommendation as well!

Just look at the chart below as to what you get as a Starter Member and a Premium Member

Do You Even Entrepreneur Bro?

Damn right I asked you that question! So would you rather waste your life away working for the same fixed income with a chance of minimal growth (like a raise) for the same place with a possible risk of losing that job for whatever circumstance? Or would you rather put in the effort to learn and have a much more rewarding limitless earning potential for a secured future?

Let me know in the comments below!

I would love to finish this article by thanking you for your time, I know how valuable it is and by you having visited my New Affiliates Guide website, it gives me hope and further assures me that I’m indeed heading in the right direction.

If you have any questions in regards to Wealthy Affiliate and need any help on how to complete a certain task, I encourage you to sign up and I will personally mentor you inside the University where you will have an awesome community that will be glad to back you up all the way!

Thank you For Visiting New Affiliates Guide,

Jose Reyes, Founder

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About the Author

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is the founder of New Affiliates Guide.Com

He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

11 thoughts on “Best Job Without Having A High School Diploma

  1. Great information. I am not in this situation quite yet, but as I will be retiring in 10 years, and I have VERY LITTLE retiring money, I need situations such as this, so I can retire and not starve to death. And at some point, who knows? Am I going to make it to retirement without having to go on disability? Hard to say. So, your info is relevant to those with disabilities, and those who COULD eventually have disabilities. Good work! RhondaLeigh

    1. Hello RhondaLeigh,

      How are you? That is a scary situation to think about. I don’t know what else I would do if it wasn’t for all of the training I have received so far, so that I can have a an opportunity to improve my quality of life!

      Once you have the tools and the know how to start an online business every time, from scratch? It’s like as if there truly isn’t a better way to create a passive income- and there’s no earning cap: the only limits are the ones that people impose on themselves.

      It only works if we’re willing to put in the necessary effort in order to achieve the success that most people only dream about.

      Let’s make it happen!

      Thanks for visiting NewAffiliatesGuide.Com

  2. Affiliate marketing and WA is a lucrative deal, to say the least. Not just that, anyone can start a blog and earn a full-time income on it in time. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had any experience working a real ‘day job,’ if you’re a high school dropout, or even an ex-convict. Anyone can do this and best yet, you don’t need experience in the field to get started. I learned more in four months at WA than I would’ve learned in a traditional classroom setting, which only indoctrinates us into the mindset of a traditional job setting. Break away from the masses, think like an entrepreneur, and start your blogging career today. 

    1. Absolutely! Just inside within Wealthy Affiliate’s dashboard, members get to see and share success stories from, and with other members that have achieved to make an income by taking action and implementing what they have learned from the training, and most of all, they made it possible by not quitting!

      There has been a new menu option that has been recently added to Wealthy Affiliate: it’s called Affiliate Program Search, and if you have no idea what niche you want your website to be about, I received you guys to check it out because it’s going to make your life way more easier to look for other amazing Affiliate programs that you can join for more money making opportunities!

      that is something that wasn’t even around when I first joined WA back in May ’18, so new members will have a easier time looking for affiliate programs and maybe even find a way to maximize and scale your business across multiple affiliate programs!

      what More could you ask from an online entrepreneur university like Wealthy Affiliate?

  3. Hey Jose,

    Your story is fascinating! I can only imagine how many others there must be just like you, who didn’t take the “normal” route in life. It is great to see that you have been able to do a lot without having your high school diploma. I find that today, there are so many pressures to follow the pack or take your parents advice, etc. 

    I am impressed that you found writing as a way to make a living. I too find myself wanting to write a book or something someday, perhaps I will start with a blog! Thanks for your great article.


  4. I love how raw and real you are! It allows us to feel a human connection to you for sure!

    I agree, I believe if you are passionate about your niche then blogging can be a very successful job. I also believe that when you are surrounded by other successful bloggers who are willing to help you learn (like yourself), you can be even more promised of that success. 

    I know I am constantly learning and I love hearing everyone’s stories of how they got here.

    Thank you for sharing yours,


    1. Hello Ciara-

      I really love and truly appreciate your comment, this only further validates what I always believed I had within me. This is that kind of self worth and sense of purpose that I want others to find in themselves, and this is something that I want to help my peers discover for themselves!

      I am only merely a guide on how to be an affiliate marketer 😉

      Thank you for visiting New Affiliate Guide!

  5. This is an excellent post! 

    To earn money online as an affiliate marketer, it is not just a quick way to make money online. Like you said in the post. Making money online as an affiliate its takes time, in fact, my mentor told me that he spent almost 4 months before he made his first sale!

    Your article raide my interest when you mentioned wealthy affiliate, which is where one can learn affiliate marketing from the scratch, with excellent training available at your disposal, and with a supportive community that are ready to help you out with any challenges that you may face.

    I am a living testimony for wealthy affiliate, with over 6 months which have made me a fortune! I advice anyone who  may be reading this post, if you are yet to join wealthy affiliate, go straight to the link in this post to register- asap!

    1. Thank you John!

      I’m glad that things are working out for you in just the time the time that you had been working on your business since joining Wealthy Affiliate- Very Impressive! Did you already had some affiliate marketing experience and already had a business that you were working on before joining?

      I have to be honest with my audience, your success is determined by the amount of effort that you put into your business. If you could be consistent in the frequency in which you publish quality posts, the faster and steadier you earn your way to free organic traffic, leading you to making profits!

      however, inside Wealthy Affiliate alone: we have a special platform available only to premium members allowing you to earn money for submitting comments and leaving site feedback!

      if you’ll ask me to do the math, I’ll explain it to you later!

      Thank you for visiting!

  6. The problem with many people including myself, are facing in the business world, is at the rate in which we trade our time for money-

    The time we spent to earn a few dollars ( tokens), from our employers, might actually be the same so that we can use it to build our business, and then reinvest our earnings from that business, back to our business, so that we can scale our business, into a businesses that  give out a six figure income, or more in return!

    Although, not with weak zeal and commitment, When you mention time investment, I quickly support that. 

    This review will really go a long way in transforming people’s business mindset for good!

    1. Hello Stella,

      Indeed that certainly seems to be the case in many struggling entrepreneurs!

      So far, what you had stated, is the actual reality that exists and ever did for anyone else who has started a business and had gotten successful at it. But success doesn’t just come overnight, it takes – here’s that word again: time!

      You have to be passionate- sometimes even angry in the way you do it!

      My advice to my audience is that you should keep your eyes on the long term goals that you are trying to achieve because long term goals bring long term results!

      Working, and planning is preparing for the future. This is why they say that time equals money, because:


      Waking up happy, and ready to continue on growing your business, knowing what it is that you will bei reaping in the end is the primary motivator for those of us that are still out here working and not giving up on our dreams!

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