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Updated on June 12, 2020

Welcome to New Affiliates Guide!

This website was created to serve as a guide for people that want to learn how to make money online!

There are many ways in which you can make money online.

But if you don’t have much money so that you can pay someone to set up any kind of online business for you, then affiliate marketing is the definite path for you to take!

You’re probably thinking to yourself something along the lines of:

Well- Jose, nowadays the internet is full people saying that they can show you how to make money online, but at the end of the day, most of these internet gurus just talk about the process of what they have to go through when implementing whatever marketing strategy they use, right?

 And I get it, I mean-

I completely understand that feeling of helplessness that we all go through when it comes to needing some kind of assurance-

something that  you could be confident about if you’re even going to be dedicating your time to something that you can be sure of.

I also understand what it feels like to feel like as if no one truly wants to give you a chance unless they can get money out of you- and I get it:

And I have come to realize that you really can’t blame anyone that claims to have created an online training, or an entrepreneur who shoots live webinars to get you up on game on how any kind of business model that they may follow, works;

Because they too- need to be able to maintain that right to eat and live the lifestyle that they have worked hard for…

They deserve to have students that can actually afford to pay for training that would include an entire learning process… And success just doesn’t happen overnight!

You have to want to show up! You have to be ready to put in some serious work:

The hard work that nobody else is willing to do in order to achieve the success that 95% of people starting a business, fail to do so!

The reason why these entrepreneurs/mentors have their landing pages  set up this way, is so that between all the potential leads that they generate-

They (the leads: potential customers) can sort of go through a natural process of elimination, so that they can reserve their time for people who will actually be ready to take action from the get go!

What most people fail to understand is  that there is something much more going outside of what we experience outside of ourselves…

That my friends, is the exchange of energy!

most people want to get something for nothing. But nobody wants to give away something of value without getting something of equal value, or a greater return on investment-

After all, time is money right?

Let me rephrase and emphasize on where I’m going with this:

What I’m saying is that your time is the most valuable thing that you can have, and give to yourself. The best way that you can invest your time is by investing it on yourself: on learning, on self development, using it to find ways to be even better than you were yesterday!

The most powerful weapon/tool that you can have is is your mind/thoughts/emotions/beliefs

In order to be successful, you have to learn and pick up the habits that successful people have in order to be that which you desire to be. And it starts by learning to pick up the mindset of a champion.

Attitude is Everything… Your Life Depends On It!

Because if you can’t have somebody seamlessly deliver on their promise to show you how to start a successful online business without having to ask for your money to get started, it would just have be a complete waste of time, right?

How could a client/customer be confident that they are going to be receiving the value that they are being offered, if they don’t have the means to which in order to be able to place that value on the quality of any said training?

Forget all those crazy limiting beliefs  that regular people want you to eat up because it’s not going to get you far in life…

Because if you know that something that you created is guaranteed to work, you would be offering new students the opportunity to first, test drive something without having to as much as ask them for their credit card details, right?

That’s so that their customers could see for themselves the immense value of the service (or training) that they offer…

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!


I’ll be honest with you: A year ago I had only some vague knowledge on what is Affiliate marketing.

The truth is that  even to this day, I still don’t have any kind of technical knowledge to create and develop a website whatsoever-

Although I may have exceptional writing skills, you really do not  need to have them in order to be a successful affiliate marketer! ( The website content platform has a spell checker that can also check if your content is  going to be original  in the eyes of Google.)

But my online marketing learning journey sucked at the beginning…

And if I did find a good source that I was sure that I could count on, the usual roadblock that I would face would be that in order to get a better competitive edge, I would have to put up with being persuaded by surprise offers so that I would spend more money than I already had spent so that I can have a better chance of success .

Not only had I lost money trying, I failed trying, and I failed hard!

Being disabled and living off social security disability benefits for eight years was far from fulfilling-


Not only have I tried numerous systems that would shamelessly promote a set-up-a-website-for-you service (click and generate profit)

I have also allowed myself to be dragged down by skeptic friends and family because I felt I didn’t have that support I needed.

I just couldn’t sit here knowing that there are people making passive income doing the exact same thing that I’m currently doing and working as hard as I can!

because that’s the key to success:

It’s not going to work unless you put to use what you have learned, if you even gave yourself the opportunity to actually want to learn this stuff-

You have to take action!

Anyway, I would let days- sometimes even weeks before I motivated myself to watch another YouTube video, or find another review blog about something that I have found out about-

But that was ultimately getting me nowhere!

Fastforwarding to present day:



Founder Of New Affiliates Guide

Honestly, before I created this website, I thought about how could best live my life’s purpose and still give back to the world.

then it became clear:

Not everyone wants to genuinely help someone unless they truly want help themselves by being able to get something out of the exchange:

One of those being that they want to give their time to people who will actually take their business seriously!

So if its not out of true passion, people are only looking to take advantage of people who have yet to be able to tell apart a scam from the real thing:

So why not be a voice for the people who still doubt that there’s something out there that works that can show anyone how to start a business?

This is why it is my job to guide you in the right direction!

the best way that I can be of service to you is by being honest with you when it comes to making sure that you are being reccomended to the most lucrative affiliate programs, tools, and online services that are going to help you in the same way that they are going to be helping me as I grow and branch out to other niches, business strategies, and industries!

I am going to be that future success story!

if I was able to achieve to see results/success that I am going to achieve as a result from the training I’m still enjoying a year later-

You Can Also Achieve It!

Affiliate Marketing: Getting paid handsomely by online brands and businesses to promote their products, by serving as independent publishers/bloggers/promoters/advertisers!

According to Wikipidea: an affiliate is a commercial entity with a relationship with a peer or a larger entity!

No pun intended, but do you see how we’re all connected?

I Want To See You Succeed!

My goal is to help you become a great affiliate marketer. The good news is that you are now in good hands because I can assure you that you won’t be alone from now on if your goal is to become a successful one!

I once needed people to guide me through the mysterious and complex world of internet marketing, and in honor of the members who are also students of the same online entrepreneur university that I have been a member for the past year- for all their amazing support and advice-

I am proud to welcome you to my primary online business: NewAffiliatesGuide.Com!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions regarding this website, my #1 reccomendation for  affiliate marketing training, or any affiliate programs that I may share in this website, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

All the best,

Jose Reyes, Founder


Want to check out the affiliate marketing university that I’m a premium member of?


About the Author

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is the founder of New Affiliates Guide.Com

He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

2 thoughts on “About New Affiliates Guide

  1. Great story Jose, sounds like you are living life to the fullest now. I am just starting out in affiliate marketing myself, and looking forward to reading more on your success. How long have you been working in the affiliate marketing environment?

    1. Hello Leahrae! Hope all is well with your business if you’re barely starting. I have been running this website since almost nearly a month now, about 5 days shy to be exact. And so far it’s the most rewarding experience of feeling like you’re helping others achieve their dreams and that alone is enough to feel accomplished.

      You probably understand that there is always people looking for whatever it is that any affiliate marketer may offerto give a peace of mind.

      Thank you for your kind comment!

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