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A Leadsleap Review

Are you looking to learn how you can generate free traffic and leads that can be turned into real refferals? Well this is a LeadsLeap Review that I have chosen to write that in order so that I can help you learn how to do that by using LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha!

My Review Summary Of LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha

Name: LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha

Website: LeadsLeap.Com

Owner: Kenneth Koh?- (according to the website: he’s the admin.)

Founded: 2008


Link Tracker: track the surfing duration of visitors to your affiliate links or third-party links.

PopupXpert: Popup and In-line Widget Generator with hosting.

List Manager: AutoResponder– built in with PopupXpert.

OTO List Builder: a full fledged PHP List Builder Script.

Price: Free:$0Pro: $19/ With Monthly Promo Offer / $27/ A Month (at regular price)

Overall Rank/Rating: 98 out of 100

Do I Recommend This Product/Service: YES!

What Is Leadsleap 4.0 Alpha?

Screenshot of Leadsleap Homepage
(Screenshot of the previous LeadsLeap homepage featured in a LeadsLeap review.)

LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha is(formerly LeadsLeap 3.0) is considered to be an all-in-one lead generation platform that works as a free traffic exchange network that boldly claims that they have created the world’s first- and only link tracker that can also track the surfing duration of actual website visitors that click on your affiliate links.

(see screenshot of their homepage above)

Their link tracker- also known to LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha members as the Real Tracker: can also track the links of third-party sites that are also owned by other LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha members who are actively involved and participating in the LeadsLeap PPC Affiliate Program while using their lead generation system platform!

LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha also provides free tools that you can use to grow your online business like a pro!

Founded and created in 2008- and administrated by Kenneth Koh:

Screenshot of the new LeadsLeap homepage found in a leadsleap review
(Screenshot of the new look of the LeadsLeap homepage featured in a leadsleap review.)

Leadsleap 4.0 Alpha serves as an internet marketing platform that was designed to help affiliate and internet marketers alike.

They provide bloggers, website owners, and brand start-ups with free access to the same web tools and services they use and offer to anyone who does any form of affiliate marketing or blogging within their niche- can have the means to do and achieve the following:

-4 Ways In Which You Can Generate Traffic And Leads To Your Website Or Affiliate Links!

-4 Innovative Business Tools/Services That You Can Use To Grow Your Business!

-4 Different Ways To Earn You Money!

Since traffic generation is their bread and butter- and Leadsleap 4.0 Alpha’s main source of income:

It has been consistently proving itself to be a very helpful, and resourceful website that was created to help affiliate marketers, bloggers, website owners, and other online services and traffic exchange networks establish themselves by offering their members free quality web tools and services that can help anyone grow their business or just to have a means to make money on the side even without a website if they wanted to:

a link/web surfing tracker

a traffic exchange network

a lead generation platform

a list builder

LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha has also come up with a unique and solid incentivized ad viewing system that allows themselves to set themselves apart as an internet marketing service from other “would-be” traffic exchanges-

Or even other ad networks for that matter!

My Plan To Document My LeadsLeap Journey

Being a LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha member myself: I know how complicated the system/platform can be for new members when they are barely getting familiar with it when they first sign up.

HeckI am not ashamed to admit that I’m barely starting to get the hang of this platform myself!

As you can probably tell by now- I take great pride about the content quality that I provide to you as an affiliate marketer, blogger and founder of this site-

So the last thing that I want to do is to make it even more complicated for you to learn and understand how awesome LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha truly is!

I believe that you deserve a leadsleap review that is as transparent, easy-to-read, and as easy to understand, so that anyone that happens to come across this blog post, or even this affiliate marketing blog site for that matter-

Will come to find this leadsleap review to have been as helpful and as satisfactory to help them meet their online marketing business goals and needs-

Even when it comes to helping you find hot new digital products, services, web tools, or even online training that will help you as well as others…

Grow your online businesses!

If there is one quality that you could appreciate about the founder of New Affiliates Guide is that he can totally relate to people that are wanting to do that as well as the people that are pretty much on the way to make things happen for themselves while working on helping others build their online businesses!

I had decided to sign up to LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha while it was still LeadsLeap 3.0, in order so that I can get as familiar with the LeadsLeap system platform myself-

I even went as far as to actually use some of the web tools and services so that I could be able to help you get to know more about:

  • How good and reliable Leadsleap is as a service- and if it actually works.
  • How good are their free web tools and service features- and how effective they are in helping us achieve our online business goals.

I promise that as soon as I feel satisfied enough to move on to the next web tool, or service found within LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha

I will be coming back to hook you up with even more information in future  blog posts that you will be able to read and learn from as well as access it right here- in a leadsleap review that will be here to help you know all that there is to know so that you can know what to expect and succeed in achieving the same, if not- greater results in using this system platform!

How To Get Started With LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha

So now that you understand how the LeadsLeap system works: You need to have the means to be able to start getting traffic, leads, and referrals to your website or affiliate link!

In order for you to start posting Credit Ads on Leadsleap, you are going to have to earn credits in order to do so.

1) Set Up Your Credit Ads

LeadsLeap Credit Ad screenshot

Credit Ad is a free advertising service that LeadsLeap provides to all of their members who want to get quality traffic to their sites.

Yes, although I recall telling you that Credit Ad is a free advertising service that is available to all LeadsLeap members-

it is unfortunate for those of you who will want to set up a Credit Ad- You are going to have to earn those credits in order to be able to post a Credit Ad-

as it is a free advertising service that is only fueled by credits.

Credits can be accumulated for free by being an active LeadsLeap member.

LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha does not sell credits and thus they will buy back any extra, or excessive number of unused credits from you-

That is to show you just how valuable the credits are to LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha!

2) Earn Credits

The more credits that you have, the more traffic that you will end up receiving in return!

There is no limit in the amount of traffic (actual website visitors) that you can receive for your website.

Credits equals real traffic to your website… Not ad impressions!

This is generally good because this means that as long as you have credits: you will get traffic- period!

To learn more about the different ways that you can earn credits in LeadsLeap, read this blog posted by LeadsLeap on March 4 2019 below:

Introduction To Our New Ad Viewer – Surf And Earn Continuously

For those of you who prefer to have your ads be shown 24/7 without the need for credits, they can choose to do so by setting up their Pro Ads.

Pro Ads is a premium advertising service that LeadsLeap provides.

In order to be able to set up your Pro Ads, you are going to have to upgrade your LeadsLeap account!

Note: I have finally chosen to upgrade to PRO on April 10, 2020. I will be including this blog review on my first Pro Ad and will be sharing my progress with you after a month!

3) Write Social Reviews

Social Review is a special review system that was created and developed by LeadsLeap to help you get good SEO traffic.

You are going to have to need to spend some time to come up with, and write a good but short review. It is stated to be one-time effort that is required for you when writing any new social review on a product or service that you have tried-

but doing this for every one digital product or service that you tried- then including your affiliate link within that Social Review will have you bringing in a lifetime of prospects!

Their Social Review pages are ranked highly in search engines: making their Social Review feature- a free source of high quality traffic that you can tap into!

4) Track All Of Your Campaigns Using The Real Tracker

According to LeadsLeap- the internet is full of traffic networks that send you fake bot traffic, and that you should avoid them.

The reason why this seems to be the case is because according to LeadsLeap- most link trackers in the market can only track hits (website clicks and visits), and that they couldn’t really tell you wether you are getting real website visitors or how long your website visitors have been surfing for-

but I have verified for myself that LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha’s Real Tracker can!

You can use the LeadsLeap Real Tracker to track all of your links so that it can help you separate the useless traffic sources from the good ones all the while being able to know where your visitors came from and how long they have been surfing your links.

You can also track links in traffic exchanges, forum lists, etc.

5) Add The LeadsLeap PPC Ad Widget To Your Website

LeadsLeap has a PPC Program that pays their members for bringing traffic to their advertiser’s sites. So if you have a blog, or have a website that you own, you can add their PPC Ad Widget App to your site.

Adding the PPC Ad Widget App to your site is the quickest and easiest way to earn credits, make money, and generate leads-

all on autopilot!

in fact there was something that I wanted to share with you guys so that you can see that I am a real LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha member:

The 5 steps that I outlined for you above should give you a clear picture on how to get started with LeadsLeap if you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, or site owner that is interested in learning how you can bring and generate traffic and leads to your website.

I am very confident with the fact that if I had every reason to be excited to write a LeadsLeap Review that you will approve of, it’s because I know that it is going to help me grow my online business-

Then I also have found all the reasons to be very confident in having the pleasure of writing a review on a stand-alone product/service with multiple webtools that is guaranteed to help you grow your online business as well!

The Pros And Cons

The Benefits Of Becoming A LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha Member:

PRO #1: It’s Free!

PRO #2: Allows You To Use Their Tools To Help You Generate Leads And Traffic!

PRO #3: You Can Earn Credits Based On Your Web Surfing Duration. ( It is not a countdown ‘timer’ ad viewing system!)

*You can earn credits every 5 seconds- up to 3 minutes!

The Not So Cool Parts About LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha:

CON#1: It (LeadsLeap) Can Be Confusing For Newbies At First!

CON#2:  You Have To Earn Credits In Order To Post Credit Ads (unless you upgrade to  the LeadsLeap Pro Membership!)

CON#3: There Is Limited Earning Potential In A Revenue-Sharing Program.

Who Can Benefit From LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha?

Leadsleap 4.0 Alpha is great for affiliate marketers, website owners, bloggers, or people that are looking for a free legit way to make money, get traffic, generate leads, and even build a list… On autopilot!

What Kind Of Support Is Offered In LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha?

The support that LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha offers to their members, they do so by having a Support Tab where LeadsLeap members can simply fill out a simple ticket submission form where they can state the problem or issue that they may be experiencing in using the LeadsLeap system.

I personally never had been in a situation where I would need to have to submit one-

but I did check it out just to see what it would look like- I even took a screenshot of the LeadsLeap ticket submission form for you guys to see, for those of you who may be have questions in regards to the support that may be found within LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha.

What Kind Of Pricing Options Does LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha Offer?

Joining LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha is free. Using their webtools and service is also free. But they also offer a Pro Plan for those of you who are truly serious about boosting their online business.

LeadsLeap is not the kind of service that pressures their members to upgrade due to some sort of scarcity like a deadline or limited time deal.

You are never obligated or pressured to upgrade to the Pro Plan!

About The Pro Plan

The price for the Pro Plan is $27/a Month. The average monthly Pro Ad Traffic is 2,236 as of today, according to it’s website.

There are other additional perks that you can have that come with upgrading to the Pro Plan. I just barely chose to upgrade to this plan about an hour ago so expect me to be updating this post periodically as well as to provide any new blog posts that may highlight my journey as an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer.

I am currently working on creating a Free vs Pro Membership Comparison Chart to improve the quality of this blog review post!

My Final Opinion Of  LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha

If you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or an owner of a website- wether you are a newbie with little to no experience, or are an experienced online marketing professional:

adding the LeadsLeap Affiliate PPC Program to your online affiliate marketing strategy all while using their link tracker, their Ad Widget, along with their other free webtools and services that will help you increase your traffic, generate you leads and referrals…

Will help you start earning an income that can become passive income in time if you do the necessary effort required  of you so that you can start seeing results!

LeadsLeap is also a great addition for those of you who have been looking for a legit affiliate marketing program that would not only be a great addition to your personal list of your top recommended affiliate programs that not would it only increase your list of associate-referrals:

It could also help you start a new stream of income to boost your current one!

Overall- I would also highly recommend this to anyone that just wants to have a way to make money online by earning credits for clicking, visiting, and surfing third-party sites belonging to LeadsLeap Members, to which then you are able to exchange those credits for cash!

Simply best put: you do not have to own a website in order to to enjoy all the goodness that LeadsLeap offers!

Jose Reyes, Founder


LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha At A Glance

NAME:  LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha

WEB SITE: www.leadsleap.com

OWNERS: Kenneth Koh

Price: Free! ( There is an upgrade to the Pro Plan available for $27/ a month)

General Rank (Overall Score): 98 Of 100

New Affiliates Guide Verdict: Legit!

About the Author

Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes is the founder of New Affiliates Guide.Com

He has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a little over 2 years and is currently working on expanding his current skill set, knowledge, and mindset so that he can build and grow a successful online business by helping others achieve their dreams as well as their highest potential!

A native resident from Los Angeles, California, Jose has a big interest in personal development and the law of attraction and hopes to one day have successfully been able to expand his horizons and reach as an influential entrepreneur in the online marketing space.

16 thoughts on “A Leadsleap Review

  1. Thanks for the great article, Jose! Affiliate marketers like myself are always on the lookout for more traffic and lead generation tools, so this is one to consider! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello Adam without a picture-

      Thank you for having taken a brief moment to give a simple thanks for sharing this information on this traffic and lead generation tool because so far I am slowly starting to see a refferal pop in every other day-

      So far I have 2 now!

      Thank you for your kind words,

      May you have a wonderful weekend with prepared abundance!

  2. Muchas Gracias, Jose!

    You have made me more sure on this business opportunity and I already have my own link, too.

    What do you think about using a short name version instead of your full name or some catchy name so that people won’t know you?

    It is a battle that I have going on in the mind, so eventually I got this http://trckapp.com/nm8dr626 – I hope you can write something on this battle going in our mind:

    how to choose the better user name.

    I hope I am somewhere there. Cheers!

    1. Hey there Paul!

      I’m glad that this blog post has helped you be more sure about the business opportunity that we have here because I honestly couldn’t have made the most of it not writing a LeadsLeap review about the free surf tracking system- you would understand as it is a great service to promote because you can also generate traffic from it.

      I don’t think that this is a bad idea and I will actually give it more thought about making a nice shirt and maybe a catchy nickname to author my posts!

      I’m going to have to look further into it to see how I can implement that idea into future content but I appreciate that you have brought me something to think about as well!

      Thank you for dropping by and have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks, Jose for this in-depth review of Leadsleap, which must be doing something right due to the program been active for 12 years.

    Paying for traffic has to be a nightmare for anyone coming into the make money niche as there are so many out there just waiting to take your money.

    With this particular program, you have 2 options and whether the free is worth trying who knows, but you have to try first. Just looking at the platform myself and maybe I shall give it a try.

    I would certainly be interested in how your testing of the software works and therefore looking forward to an update.

    Great article and thank you for sharing


    1. Hello Mick- Thank you for dropping by and leave an awesome comment on this LeadsLeap review which is to say that it must be a really effective tool with so many new members signing up everyday to see if this system really lives up to the hype that it gets!

      I definitely couldn’t agree more with you that for that fact to be true because I have had a personal experience where that the traffic that I thought I was receiving were from actual “human clicks”-

      When in fact I didn’t even get a single sign up from what turned out to be a scam traffic generation site!

      I’d say that you give it a go because you couldn’t find something with this kind of value that could generate a lifetime amount of leads and refferals even for free on autopilot once you take full advantage of all that this system has to offer!

      So far I have had 2 refferals, and I just put up a Pro Ad that I still have yet to attach to a Social Review to it to further maximize my campaign!

      I will let you guys know on how it’s all working for me once I start seeing satisfying results that indicate growth and progress!

      Thanks for enjoying a LeadsLeap review that you can count on to tell it like it is!

  4. Hello Jose!

    I first of all wish to thank you for taking the time to introduce me to a leadsleap review, since I too am a beginner affiliate marketer, blogger and website owner. What I wish is to learn about more ways in which I could generate more income from my website, and it seems that I came to the right spot for more information on the matter.

    I like the fact that I am given the choice between a free and a pro plan here, since I prefer trying something out first and then purchase it, and the information you give makes my choices even easier, should I eventually choose to buy the LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha version.

    I will definitely check out the free one for sure at some point.

    Thanks again for the great info here!


    1. Hey, what’s up Alex- thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this wonderful lead generation system that I have yet to see work it’s magic in full action once I have a set amount of ads all running continuously!

      LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha is a lead generation system that is definitely going to be a true life saver for you if you plan on growing and getting traffic for your video game site!

      Hope you have yourself a great weekend!

  5. Great article Jose.
    I’m a pro member myself at leadsleap. You should wait till they have an offer for the Pro Plan $19.90/a Month. The offer appears now and then in the members area. I also have some paid pro members under me so it doesn’t cost me anything, it even brings me a residual monthly income. Reason why I’m promoting leadsleap everywhere I can. With the new list manager features the system is more complete than ever. What I also like are the different ways of earnings with leadsleap like the daily activity bonsus, the ppc widgets which I have on several sites and the affiliate commissions as well. Wish you the best of luck and when I can help please let me know.

    1. Hello Hannet and thank you for having dropped by to drop a really valuable comment and I appreciate it! I will definitely try to keep my eyes out for that offer and I’ll definitely accept any blessings that will come my way as a result of being a LeadsLeap Pro Member! Now that right there is what I have yet to achieve but I’m definitely going to be working towards building my business and then eventually creating my own results!

      That is definitely what I’m going to be doing if I get stuck somewhere and I realize that there is still so much for me to explore inside LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha- Wishing you even more abundance in your business!

  6. I’ve always wanted to use these types of programs to generate more leads but heard lots of negative things about them from super affiliates. You seem to have first hand experience and know what you’re doing. I am going to trust your word and invest an hour a day of my time into this to see if I can generate some leads. Do you think this is enough time? Thanks

    1. Hello Brandon, thanks for commenting!

      Yeah- there may have been a time where using traffic systems had a hit or miss feel when trying them out. I grew to trust and like this one because the ad credit system that they have developed is much more valuable and more effective than those other ones who you have to watch an ad until a timer runs out!

      With LeadsLeap, I didn’t have to do that and in fact- I was able to see for myself that I was being tracked and getting paid according to the amount of time I would spend surfing other LeadsLeap Member sites.

      I personally didn’t have myself that much time to surf sites and get paid the credits needed to run a Credit Ad-

      Because having upgraded to the Pro Plan allows me to not need to do that and just post a Pro Ad that I can have running 24/7.

      You can however get paid ads when people you refer also surf so if you can get yourself a few sign ups while doing some surfing of your own-

      You are bound to make the credits needed in order to do so! At least that’s what I’d do if I was still using the Free account.

  7. Hi Jose

    Wow this is a very interesting review! I am new to affiliate marketing myself so anything that drives traffic has to be good. However, I have a question. If you have to click on other affiliates ads to earn credits, how do you know that anyone actually has an interest in your ad and isn’t just clicking to get credits? (I guess the sales over a period of time will show this.)

    Looking forward to reading more on your site.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hello Jean-

      I truly thank you for showing your interest and having read this review! ‘well I can tell you for a fact that this link web surfing tracker is more than just any kind of ad viewing system. so to have stumbled upon this one is definitely good!

      With the RealTracker- or anywhere that has a link for that matter- if you click on a lnk to an ad belonging to another affiliate- what happens is that LeadsLeap initiates and opens up a separate window within the page that can instantly show you when you are surfing the ad with a green “surfing in progress” indicator to which on the top left corner there are addinitonal ways that you can earn credits as you are viewing the same ads.

      liking and rating an ad, or reporting a spam one, all this can also get you credits that can be put into your leadsLeap account to be able to post Credit Ads- a free service that is powered by Ad Credits to which Ad Credits cannot be bought! you must watch ads in order to gain credits.

      If you just want to skip to be able to post ads that are shown 24/7 and have the full benefit of having to be able to generate leads and traffic while building your list to get even more refferals they do have the Pro Plan which was a no-brainer for me.

      I’m going to be diving deeper into this system in a bit after I do some more research and complete other tasks and streams of income that I’m working on activating- but I will defitiely be happy to share my journey as you end up discovering other affiliate programs that are going to take affiliate marketing by storm!

      Wishing you success for your business!

      Thank you for submitting a quality comment!

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